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Product Announcements

June 17, 2013 Collage Maker 3.80
  • Version 3.8 gives you the ability to restore "Snapshots" of your collage as you make edits.   Snapshots are similar to "Restore Points" for your Collage.

  • Fixed an issue that may have impacted non-admin users from registering their Name and Unlock Key information on Windows 7/8.   Fixed a problem with Windows 7/8 so size settings of thumbnails are maintained.   Fixed issue where some photos were not being resampled/smoothed under certain circumstances.
  • June 24, 2012 Collage Maker 3.70 (Revision E)
  • The new installer is digitally signed by Galleria Software so that you can be assured we are a "Trusted" Publisher.
  • Oct 30, 2011 Collage Maker 3.70 (Revision D)
  • Added Facebook Functionality.
  • Added new feature called Auto-Collage Themes
  • Made modifications to the User Interface
  • Includes bug fixes
  • Jan 19, 2010 Collage Maker 3.60 (Revision C)
    Fixed a problem that may have been impacting users outside of the United States.   Most European countries were most likely impacted.   The problem was due to the Regional Settings of the computer.
    Jan 15, 2010 Collage Maker 3.60
  • 1. The "New Collage - Advanced Options" were modified.   You can now specify a collage in mm/cm and easily convert from inches to mm/cm.
  • 2. All the photos and settings in the Auto-Collage are saved so you don't have to select them again after you shutdown Collage Maker.
  • 3. The "New Collage" options are saved so you don't have to select them again after you shutdown Collage Maker.
  • 4. The Configuration Menu has a new option which let's you control how photos are resized.   You may now specify if a photo should be resized to 1.5 MP or 3.0 MP.
  • 5. Collage Maker now performs a smooth resize for zoomed photos
  • 6. Thumbnails in the Auto-Collage may now be rendered as Hi Quality.
  • 7. Fixed a problem when selecting A4 paper size in "Print Dialog Box".   Preview can now show cm as well as inches.
  • 8. Fixed a problem where white horizontal lines might sometimes appear sporadically on Collage Preview.
  • Dec 13, 2009 NEW HOLIDAY TEMPLATES (mostly Christmas and Winter Holiday Themes) are now available for Collage Maker 3.5.   If you are running version 3.0 you can upgrade to version 3.5 at no cost.
    These templates can be downloaded directly from Collage Maker.   From the "Help" Menu select the "Download Additional Graphics.." menu option to get the latest templates and stamps.
    Sep 7, 2009 Collage Maker 3.50
  • Over 80 Holiday and Theme Templates have been added
  • Rubber Stamps can now be moved, resized, flipped and mirrored.
  • More Rubber Stamps have been added
  • Printing feature has been simplified and is easier to use
  • Background Textures can be colorized
  • A Spanish Language Menu is now available
  • A few bug fixes were made in the Auto-Collage feature.
  • A collage rendering issue was resolved.
  • Increased the number of photos allowed in the Auto-Collage
  • Increased the maximum size of the collage
  • August 24, 2008 Collage Maker 3.00 Rel B released.
    Fixed a few minor bugs found in release 3.0 Rel A.  
    August 18, 2008 Collage Maker 3.00 released.
    Includes a new Auto-Collage feature, Grid Templates, Ornate Picture Frames, etc.
    August 1, 2007 Collage Maker 2.06 released.
    Version 2.06 contains some minor bug fixes.
    May 1, 2007

    Version 2.05 has has been modified to work more efficiently with Windows Vista.
    Owners of version 2.03 should upgrade (free of charge) to version 2.05.
    Version 2.05 will also work with XP and earlier verisons of Windows.
    May 14, 2005 FrameMaster 2.14 released.
    The Ornate Frames Selection Box has been enhanced so more frames are visible.   The frame's file name is now also listed so it can be refereneced easily.
    Feb 19, 2005 Collage Maker 2.03 released.
    In some instances, collages were not being rotated properly during printing.   This has been fixed.   Fixed error that occurred during registration.
    Jan 9, 2005 Collage Maker 2.02 released.
    GUI has been updated.   PNG Save feature added.   Photo Replace Feature added.   Enlarge Photo to Fit Collage Feature added.
    Nov 30, 2004 Web Album Creator 3.05 released.
    Made a bug fix to the Slide Show feature.   Files that contained spaces were not being displayed correctly in the Slide Show.   Fixed "stack overflow" that occurred for some users who had directories with a large number of files.
    Oct 11, 2004 Web Album Creator 3.04 released.
    Some minor enhancements were made to the GUI.   The directory tree has been modifed to display the special Windows folders such as "My Documents", "My Photos", etc.
    June 26, 2004 Collage Maker 2.01 released.
    This version has added "Zoom" capabilities.   Print features have been enhanced.   Some operations have been optimized for better performance.
    March 5, 2004 Collage Maker 2.0 released.
    Collage Maker 2.0 is a major rewrite.   Please look at the "What's New?" section of Collage Maker's Help File for more information.
    July 19, 2003 Web Album Creator Pro 3.03 released.
    Minor enhancements.
    June 9, 2003 FrameMaster 2.13 released.
    You can now set the JPEG compression level.   User preferences for frames are now saved permanently to disk.
    Apr 16, 2003 Web Album Creator Pro 3.02 released.
    Minor changes made.   During FTP, you can view a debug window with all the FTP commands that are sent to the server.   This can assist the user in troubleshooting the upload process.
    Jan 20, 2003 Web Album Creator Pro 3.01 released.
    Fixed bugs related to the album generation.   Graphic formats such as TIFF, PCX, PSP, BMP, etc. can be included in the photo album just like the JPEG files.   These graphic formats will be converted to the JPEG format in the Output Folder.
    Jan 11, 2003 Web Album Creator Pro 3.00 released.
    Many new features added.   User interface has been improved.   FTP uploading has been simplified and new FTP component is now being employed.   A "preload" feature has been added with speeds up retrieval.   A "Fade-in" effect has been added.   Resize, compression, resample, and watermark capabilites can now be used when building albums locally or on CDROM.
    Nov 14, 2002 CollageMaker 1.3 released.
    Printing function has been revamped.   Memory problems that were occurring during printing should be greatly diminished.  
    Sep 22, 2002 CollageMaker 1.2 released.
    Some minor bug fixes were made.
    Sep 9, 2002 FrameMaster 2.12 released.
    Minor enhancements made.
    July 3, 2002 Web Album Creator Pro 2.82 released.
    Thumbnail generation has been revamped.   Individual thumbnails are now generated for the "Thumbnails-Only" photo albums.   A realistic drop-shadow effect and a buttonize effect have been added.   Style Sheet (.CSS) capabilities have been enhanced.   You can now attach sound files to the photo album.
    June 12, 2002 Web Album Creator Pro 2.81 released.
    Added "Home" button to web pages.   Added new navigation buttons (VCR Controls) for web pages.  
    May 29, 2002 CollageMaker 1.1 released.
    Added support for WMF (Clipart).   Added support for photos with transparent backgrounds.   Halos can now be applied to photos.
    March 25, 2002 Web Album Creator Pro 2.80 released.
    All modes (Local, CDROM and Remote) now generate files using relative path addressing.   Graphical buttons have been introduced.   You now have the ability to link to a style sheet (*.CSS).
    March 7, 2002 FrameMaster 2.11 released.
    Fixed problem with pattern fill and masks on some machines.   Subtle changes to the interface.
    Feb 4, 2002 CollageMaker 1.0 released.
    CollageMaker allows you to build photo collages with unprecedented ease.
    Dec 28, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.78 released.
    Added resampling (smoothing) algorithm to create nicer looking thumbnails.   The resampling algorithm is also used in the uploaded photos which are resized.   Proxy settings were added for those users using a proxy.
    Oct 15, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.77 released.
    Simplified FTP process.   Added support for large font users.
    Sep 1, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.76 released.
    Better handling of larger photos (such as photos from digital cameras)
    June 4, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.75 released.
    New features added to web-ready large photos for the web.   You can now add a watermark to the photos.   You can create photos with soft edges.   A Detail Log has been included.
    May 22, 2001 FrameMaster 2.10 released
    Added Rubber Stamp (similar to PSP tubes) feature.   Added new capabilities for masks, including the ability to select a "blend" color and the ability to add a drop shadow to the mask.
    April 29, 2001 JPhotoViewer 1.0 released
    JPhotoViewer is an lightweight applet that is used for photo presentations.
    March 26, 2001 FrameMaster 2.01 released
    Made some minor enhancements.   Made some minor bug fixes.
    March 12, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.71 released.
    Added ability to compress images before uploading them to the web server to speed up web access.   Added ability to insert custom meta data.
    Jan 20, 2001 FrameMaster 2.00 released
    Made major changes to the GUI.   Enhanced the mask capabilities.   Added perspective effect.   Added ability to resize canvas.   Added custom rotation.   Added brightness/contrast controls.
    Jan 7, 2001 Web Album Creator Pro 2.65 released.   Web Album Creator Lite introduced
    Fixed ftp issue with Windows 2000/NT.
    Jan 6, 2001 FileSpider Beta released.
    FileSpider is a search utility (webbot) that locates "live" files on websites.
    Dec 30, 2000 FrameMaster 1.53 released
    Revamped greyscale masks so they behave in manner similar to Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop.
    Dec 2, 2000 Web Album Creator 2.64 released
    Added an FTP Wizard. Added more backgrounds and albums.
    Nov 24, 2000 FrameMaster Version 1.52 released
    Added ability to resize ornate frames.
    Oct 27, 2000 Web Album Creator 2.6 released
    Revamped user interface: added button bar, made changes to the Catalog Editor.
    Oct 15, 2000 Web Album Creator 2.5 released
    New features include: a Catalog Editor, FTP profiles, relative paths, navigation controls, and background images.
    September 9, 2000 FrameMaster version 1.51 released
    New features include: cropping, resizing, rotating, zooming, undo capabilities and support for more graphic formats.
    Aug 5, 2000 Web Album Creator version 2.2 released
    Aug 3, 2000 FrameMaster 1.1 released
    Added ability to include third-party overlays and masks
    July 30, 2000 Web Album Creator 2.0 released
    June 29, 2000 FrameMaster 1.0 released
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