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Laravel 4.1 Released – Installs In 30 Seconds Flat!

Laravel 4.1 is out, and it now has a funky new installer too. Here’s a quick one-liner to install the installer ready for your next new project.

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How to use Blade in CodeIgniter (and just about any PHP (un)framework you can think of)


Update (14/04/2013): While this worked awesomely when I wrote it in December, that was a long LONG time ago in Internet years. Blade has since moved to another repo and the codebase has changed dramatically, so the details on this …

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What bugs me about MODx, and why

Learning Curve for Popular CMS

I tweeted earlier saying I’d had enough of MODx, was never gonna use it again, and that it was a “pile of fricken shite”. The second part isn’t strictly true as I’ve still got a client that worships it, but …

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Integrating Amazon’s Simple Storage Service With OpenCart

I’ve been working on a client’s site to integrate Amazon S3. They’ll be selling PDF back-issues of magazines, most of which are over 100MB so instead of shelling out for a dedicated server they wanted to use Amazon S3. [...] And so, I was granted the task of getting OC+S3 to play nicely together.

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Different payment responses from the PayPal payment gateway

Pulled this PHP snippet from a script in Magento. Could come in handy next time you work with payment gateways, PayPal especially.

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