From Cameroon to Sierra Leone – recycled plastic paving tiles take off…


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Recycled plastic paving tiles are a relatively new technology, and one that is growing in popularity in Cameroon following some initial training workshops and support to emerging plastics entrepreneurs to develop this new market.

Living Earth shared the experiences of plastic paving tile production with the entrepreneurs with whom we’re working in Sierra Leone, and there was a huge demand for training in this activity.

Building materials, in particular cement, are increasingly expensive in Sierra Leone and the idea of an alternative building material that also used up the plastic waste, currently blighting the roadsides proved to be very popular.

In March 2014, Pierre Kamsouloum, a Cameroonian plastic paving tiles expert, travelled to the city of Makeni in Sierra Leone to teach waste entrepreneurs the new skill.  The two-week intensive training was very successful, and plastic paving tiles will soon be on the market in Makeni.

For more information visit the Waste to Wealth website.

Pierre and the plastics training participants in Makeni

Assembling the tools

Making the tiles in Makeni

Hard at work – cleaning the mould

The final product