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The restoration of an Elliott 903 at the National Museum of Computing

These pages will record the work undertaken at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) to restore to working condition an Elliott 903 computer.
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Elliott 900 series resources:

The best online source of information about the Elliott 900 series of machines is the Computer Conservation Societies "Our Computer Herritage" website.

"As Collected"

The 903 was collected from a private house in Bedford on Saturday 20th November 2010.  It had been dismantled into its component parts some years ago when it was put into a loft for storage.  More recently it had been stored in a downstairs extension to a house where due to a leaking roof (which went un-noticed for some time) some time some parts of the machine had been standing on a wet carpet. 

The operator's console was stored on its side so the front panel itself is in good condition. Operators Console Only the left hand side of the cabinet will need some "rust removal" attention.

One of the 18 Post Office type switches won't stay in the down position so that will need replacement, but other wise there is only cosmetic "wear and tear" to the printed graphics around the most frequently used buttons and switchs.

More images of the machine and its collection will be added shortly.

Rust Survey

Last Saturday I started to photograph all the rusty parts of the 903.

Rust on the end of the console boxThis is the left hand end of the console which was in contact with the wet carpet. 

Flaking paintThis is the left, bottom edge of the CPU chassis.  The rust from the bottom has got under the paint and it is starting to flake away.

Bottom of the CPUThis is the bottom of the CPU chassis which was in contact with the wet carpet.

The corrosion has reached up onto the top of this panel (see below)

CPU boards stuck in their slotsThis has made the boards impossible to remove until something is done to free them in their slots.