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In the heart of Chiang Mai
For Peace, Health & Well Being
Tantra Chiang Mai
Yoga Beginners Course
5 Day Introduction
Monday 23rd May
Inner Sexual Alchemy
Sunday 12th June
Males & Females
Chi Kung Healing
5/10 Day Course
Monday 23rd May
Yoga Classes Chiang Mai
Tai Chi Chiang Mai
Reiki Chiang mai
Reiki Level 1 Course
Saturday 21st May
Reiki 2 - Reiki 3 - Reiki Healing
Yoga & Meditation
Tuesdays & Thursdays
5.30pm to 7pm
Tai Chi Course
Mon to Fri 10am to 11am
Weds 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Tai Chi Chiang Mai
Chi Kung & Tai Chi
Certified Courses
Reiki Healing Chiang Mai
Reiki Level 2 Course
Sunday 22nd May
Private Reiki Healing
Spirulina Thailand
100% Organic Spiruilina
100% Raw Organic Noni Juice
Astrology Chiang Mai
Astrology Readings
Personality- Compatibility
Relocation & Year Ahead
Empowering you to realize the power of your own healing potential
Body & Mind Healing
Chiang Mai Thailand
Yoga Beginners Chiang Mai
Chi Kung Chiang Mai