Complete Menu Solution

The goal of the project is to create a simple, universal and extensible navigation tool. It’s main power in ability to process any unordered list and create clear navigation in a form of:

  • vertical menu
  • horizontal menu
  • tree menu
  • slide menu
  • dropdown list box
  • ajax-ready menus

And a lot of others. see the demo.

With this tool you can realise any of your navigation wishes, by using only CSS definition and menu initialization options. And everything, that cannot be done with the standard features could be implemented using menu plugins.
Plugins are powerful enough to add any kind of animations, or re-create menu parts keeping menu working as desired.

Main features

  • most of tasks could be complete using only CSS and menu settings
  • flexible menu settings, with or without any plugins
  • highly extensible with any kind of plugins
  • browser compatibility: IE5.0+,6.0,7.0, FF1.0+, Mozilla 0.9.3+, Opera 7.2+, Safari 2.0+ and much others.

Important links



Last available release

SVN Trunk folder, might be unstable.

Official releases


ICQ status
My status
Email: ilya [at] lebedev [dot] net

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