These freely available Worldviews Network programs explore interconnections between the resilience of social-ecological systems across cosmic, global, and bioregional scales. They were originally produced with partners across the United States, presented as live immersive presentations of scientific visualizations followed by facilitated community conversations.
Each of the pages below contain a program kit, consisting of a script/storyboard, downloadable installers for Uniview, resources for learning more about each topic, and a list of the credits for the productions. For more about how to use these resources in your own production, see the Process section of this web site.

A Global Water Story

Water Resources, Forests, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Explore how the availability of water in different regions affects life on our home planet and how a changing climate is impacting farms, cities, and the infrastructures supporting human civilization.
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Forests, Beetles, and the Cycles of Life

Water Resources, Forests, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Explore the past, present and future of our forests by traveling through space and time to understand the connections between local forest ecosystems, global forest biomes, and our cosmic neighborhood.
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National Parks in a Changing World

Water Resources, Forests, Land Use and Land Cover Change

Explore the challenges posed by the widespread, complex, and accelerating nature of 21st century environmental change to the conservation and management of National Parks and their invaluable natural and cultural resources.
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The Search for Water: Replenishing Watersheds in the Texas Drought

Water Resources, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Visualize connections between oceans, climate, ecosystems, and drought to examine the importance of drought mitigation efforts for the wellbeing of current and future generations.
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The Hidden Ocean: Visualizing the Conditions for Life

Ocean & Marine Resources, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Examine the many ways in which the ocean makes life on Earth possible, including how human well-being and the global economy are intimately connected to the health of ocean ecosystems.
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Valley Oaks: An Ecological Journey Through Time

Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge, Land Use and Land Cover Change

Take a journey from the canopy to the cosmos to explore the history and ecology of one of California’s most iconic and threatened tree species, the Valley Oak.
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Earth, Migrations, and the Human Effect

Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Land Use and Land Cover Change

Explore the relationship between the human activity, animal migration patterns, and the cycles of Earth’s biosphere.
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The Lake Effect: Creating a Resilient Future

Water Resources, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Explore the past, present, and future of humanity’s relationship with the Great Lakes watershed, one of the largest fresh water systems on Earth.
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Where Condor Meets Eagle

Traditional Knowledge, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Explore how visualizations can be used to catalyze discussions of how community health, environment, cultural traditions, and cosmologies unite the First Peoples of the Americas.
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Living Maps: From Cosmos to Community

Transportation, Land Use & Land Cover Change

Journey from the edge of the solar system to the Appalachian mountains to visualize the extraordinary conditions that support the quality of life in the southern Appalachian bioregion.
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Resilient Landscapes: The History and Future of Black Hills Floods

Energy, Water, & Land Use

Explore the importance of understanding the history of flooding in the Black Hills to see how appreciating the large-scale cycles of ecosystems can help prepare for the future.
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