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Below you will find the 626 brave souls that let us know about their use of Sphinx Search. Rest assured there are more in the queue patiently waiting their turn to be processed and even a greater number who have yet to let us know about their use of Sphinx. If you would like to join this prestigious list and more importantly tell the world about your use of Sphinx, please let us know by filling out our Powered By Questionnaire.

This list of Sphinx users is sorted primarily by Alexa rank (at the time of submission) and then categorized into industry classifications. For the curious, try hovering your cursor over the site/company names... magically a window will appear with a snippet of information regarding the site or about the reason they choose to use Sphinx for their Search

Some Highlights:

Biggest Instance(s):

Infegy - uses Sphinx to index 22+ billion Twitter, Facebook, and assorted of blog posts to serve insightful social media monitoring and analytic queries. The speed and precision of the Sphinx engine enables Infegy's customers to efficiently measure online sentiment and trends.

Boardreader - maintains one of the largest message-board & user-forum posting collections with 16+ billion documents indexed across 37 machines. The unique tuning capabilities of the Sphinx engine enables Boardreader's customers, despite the enormity of their collection, to derive relevant meaning based on such things as topics.

Busiest: Craigslist.org and Avito.ru are tied. They both run over 300 million queries/day.

Craigslist accomplishes this with 15 clustered Sphinx boxes, and at peak times only ¼ of their total capacity is utilized.

Software & Open Source »


Joomla, popular open-source content management system project, managed to improve search through their 700,000-post forum.

Alexa Rank: 375

Visit Joomla.org

Digital Point

The largest webmaster forum, toolset and marketplace on the net.

Alexa Rank: 617

Visit Digital Point


SocialBro is a twitter analytic tool allowing users to gather accurate information about their community using different search criteria.

"We use Sphinx on Linux and MySQL for search in a database of 22M of users: name, bios and for different languages. It has helped us to offer a search engine quicker and useful."
Javier - COO

Alexa Rank: 12,129

Visit SocialBro


Softkey is a popular online software store that is powered by Sphinx!

Alexa Rank: 18,167

Visit Softkey


They are the MySQL performance experts, and often recommend Sphinx Search as an alternative to MySQL Full-text search.

Alexa Rank: 44,511

Visit Percona


We choose Sphinxs because it's very easy to scale and use. We use Sphinx for indexing our 20 million active ads and our 60 million archive ads. Our website is one of the top classifeds site in Spain (www.habitamos.com) and we have a classifieds network in Latinamerica name Adoos, who is one of the most visited free local online marketplaces for real estate, jobs and vehicles . Every day we connect thousand of buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, employers and jobseekers. Here are some of our key figures: over 15 million monthly visitors, over 100 million monthly page views, over 20 million active ads, over 1 million daily searches.

Alexa Rank: 54935

Visit Habitamos.com


Value added services for Mobile Devices.

"We use sphinx not only as a search engine, but also as a smart db to give us the possibility of quickly implementing a lot of nested filters."
Michele Bracci

Alexa Rank: 55,495

Visit Motime.com


Hashdoc is an online platform that helps people discover and share documents relevant to their interest and profession in an easy and rewarding way. They say that they chose Sphinx, "because it's powerful, open-source, and has good community."

Alexa Rank: 329,656

Visit Hashdoc


FuseMetrix, a web based office systems provider, uses Sphinx for email searches. They have a range of clients who have anything from a couple of hundred emails to many millions, and Sphinx makes 'em "blinding fast"!

Alexa Rank: 671,722

Visit Fusemetrix.com


I heard about Sphinx last year. All my sites run in Sphinx now. That's how great it is!

Alexa Rank: 692,054

Visit SurveySatrap.com


Ivinco, focuses on frontend development and deployment of the Sphinx Search Engine.

Alexa Rank: 722,602

Visit Ivinco

Linkbuilding Berlin

"Sphinx makes life much easier. I am very happy with the new 2.1.1-beta and have already started working with it. I really like that Sphinx is open source because this allows us to solve problems together. Thanks Sphinx team !"

Alexa Rank: 823,196

Visit Linkbuilding Berlin

EAGO Badmoebel

The EAGO Badmoebel team (a webshop for Bathrooms) is, "very happy with the new Sphinx version!"

Alexa Rank: 848,723

Visit EAGO Badmoebel


Searchable software directory featuring over 50000 shareware and freeware downloads for Windows.

Alexa Rank: 1,182,694

Visit Freshfolder.com


ANXeBusiness Corp. (Anx.com) provides managed network, transaction delivery, and product lifecycle management products and services in the United States and Canada.

"We index our blogs, our static content, webinars, podcasts, etc. Everything has its own index that users can choose to filter by."

Barry - ANX Developer

Alexa Rank: 1,454,523

Visit ANX

Logzilla LLC

LogZilla utilizes Sphinx for their scalable, multi-vendor, Enterprise Class syslog event viewer for centralized network event and problem management.

Alexa Rank: 1,518,958

Visit Logzilla LLC

Atlas Multimedia

They exclaim that Sphinx is "a very good program, thanks to the developers!"

Alexa Rank: 2,551,788

Visit Atlas Multimedia

HPPG: High Performance Photo Gallery

"I'm very happy with the Sphinx project. I have been using it for about 2 or 3 years."
Remigijus Kiminas

Alexa Rank: 3,047,548

Visit HPPG: High Performance Photo Gallery

Lavista Relatiegeschenken

"Thank you for the Sphinx solution! We have been using it very much for a long time."

Alexa Rank: 3,678,638

Visit Lavista Relatiegeschenken


The my-Warehouse shop system delivers an advanced e-commerce experience for shop operators and their customers. They report that, "Sphinx is the best choice for a seamless integration with MySQL. It provides a really speedy search experience with awesome results!"

Alexa Rank: 5,787,622

Visit My-Warehouse

Ascent Keyboardlabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We have chosen Sphinx because our application needed full text search and the data size was too large...

Alexa Rank: 6,268,117

Visit Ascent Keyboardlabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


ReflexLens.com uses Sphinx to facilitate the selling and purchasing of camera equipment in Italy.

Alexa Rank: 10,420,875

Visit ReflexLens.com

Enterprise Information Systems Plc.

EIS's, Docflow system (Globus documents) is Powered-By Sphinx 0.9.9. The results of users queries include found files (with shown excerpts) and they are planning to use Sphinx for searching in object attributes (database queries MySQL).

"We've chosen Sphinx for it's speed and price =)."
Ilya - Enterprise Information Systems

Alexa Rank: 12,343,667

Visit Enterprise Information Systems Plc.


Uses Sphinx for their website and not for their distributed instances.

The software automates embroidery workflow. It records the exact thread colors used for a specific customer and design, and brings that history back with a single click. It tracks an order from entry through color coordination, and then schedules the orders on the embroidery machines.

Alexa Rank: 16,395,656

Visit EMBTRAK.com


The sales application I use has no sufficient indexes to perform quick queries by parts of invoice number or parts of client data. The data is passed to Sphinx which indexes it with infixes. Number of invoices is about 50K, the application performing Sphinx queries responds immediately. This is deployed on workstations running Windows XP. Each workstation has its own Sphinx service and Sphinx database.I am satisfied with moving from the sequential processing of all records in memory (which was slow) into keeping the data in an indexed Sphinx database.

Alexa Rank:



I use WordPress sites and their search function is terrible. But with sphinxsearch (2.1.1-beta) things run much faster and smoother with better and more accurate results. Thanks guys.


Alexa Rank:

Visit MoneyPantry.com

National Furniture Supply

Sphinx has greatly improved search!

Alexa Rank:

Visit National Furniture Supply


I chose Sphinx for the project PantherMedia (also in the "powered by" list) over 6 years ago. Since choosing Sphinx, I don't want to be without it. I recommend to each person who needs high performance full-text search. This why I also started years ago to implement it to the crVCL PHP Framework as third party. Greets from me to Andrew and Barry. Best regards from Munich/Germany-- Ricardo (Forum User IcemanX)

Alexa Rank:

Visit CR-Solutions.net


OS: LinuxHW config: various. Could be either physical or virtual. A typical config is 2+ cpu cores, 4+ GB RAM, 1+ TB diskIndex size: depends on the actual installation size, could be N * 10 GB (or even more).I chose sphinx because I needed a high performance search engine. I especially like the SphinxQL interface, and the community.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Acts

SEO Community Berlin

We use Sphinxsearch on our Website and are glad to use such a professional open source software. An expedient onsite search is so important for websites. While using Sphinxsearch we noticed an enormous improvement of our search results on our site. The search experience of Sphinx is magnificent.

Alexa Rank:

Visit SEO Community Berlin


Sphinx for full text search and faceting!

Alexa Rank:

Visit EmlakDevri

Alfarish Inc.

It is very good

Alexa Rank:

Visit Alfarish Inc.

Dimex Online

We were advised by our web programmers to implement and use Sphinx. We choose Sphinx because of its high performance and stability. Also, it is very simple to use and manage. Managing the database becomes really simple with Sphinx

Alexa Rank:

Visit Dimex Online

Dimex Online

We were advised by our web programmers to implement and use Sphinx. We choose Sphinx because of its high performance and stability. Also, it is very simple to use and manage. Managing the database becomes really simple with Sphinx

Alexa Rank:

Visit Dimex Online



Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit Acunetix

alaufa inc.

windows 7

Alexa Rank:

Visit alaufa inc.


Used sphinxsearch for 30 million items on search data for users on bcz.com site. Improved from vanilla mysql search by using less CPU time and sped up searches by at least 10x.

Alexa Rank:

Visit BCZ.com

Business Search Inc

We are completely satisfied about the software Sphinx as it makes the search results in our website go on warp speed. Why did we choose for software Sphinx? Because it helps our readers look through our website in a matter of milliseconds! Even when we used the operating system Max OS X, the speed and reliability were still top notch and the hardware configuration was easy to set-up. I must say, the index Size/Query performance was better than expected too. 10 over 10!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Business Search Inc

REBEL internet

We are completely satisfied about the software Sphinx as it makes the search results in our website go on warp speed. Why did we choose for software Sphinx? Because it helps our readers look through our website in a matter of milliseconds! Even when we used the operating system Max OS X, the speed and reliability were still top notch and the hardware configuration was easy to set-up. I must say, the index Size/Query performance was better than expected too. 10 over 10!

Alexa Rank:

Visit REBEL internet


We do use Perl Dancer's Web Framework together with Sphinx to have fulltext queries done in no-time. Together with the Perl module "Sphinx::Search", the Sphinx engine is very easy to use. Up to 150k queries per day are requested by StrawPoll every day.

Alexa Rank:

Visit StrawPoll

No Company, Home test server

Experimental search engine on the internet.
FreeBSD 9.2, FreeBSD 10.2, Intel Q6600, ram: 8Gb, hdd: 80Gb-320Gb.
Doc in base: 1500000, Index 9GB.

Alexa Rank:

Visit No Company, Home test server

Microsoft Professional Support

We use Sphinx for our internal KB which contains over a million entries related to microsoft office/windows update. It greatly reduced our search time and improved efficiency.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Microsoft Professional Support

Travel & Hospitality »


minube.com is a large 'Social Travel' site, with more than 2 million visits to the website and more than 650.000 app installed with presence in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Germany and China.

They use Sphinx 2.0 for many things:
-Search in our POIs, cities, zones... database
-Generate spots for maps or mobile apps based on distance
-They also use it as a middle database to generate pages based on some criteria as city, tags... as result they reduce the number of mySQL slaves to a half and forgot about the problem of having to invalidate and regenerate caches for the website.

Alexa Rank: 5,958

Visit minube.com


"Sphinx provides us with a great search solution, which supports both full-text and geographical searches. Our site produces tens of search queries and hundreds of system calls every second. Sphinx operates on more than 20 gigabytes of data and does not choke. We have been using this mystical product for some years already and it has never let us down."

Alexa Rank: 23,762

Visit eSosedi


At huren.nl (a provider of information about rental properties in the Netherlands) "Sphinx is used to filter rental goods and create the needed drop down lists. We use Sphinx to keep the MySQL table indexes low. It is easy to use."

Alexa Rank: 77,044

Visit Huren.nl


"We've been able to qualitatively change the search experience we provide for our users here at tripping.com by adding Sphinx to our stack. The site is now super snappy and you can pull up results in milliseconds regardless of whether you're searching for rentals in a small city, a state, or an entire country. It's been a real game changer!"
--Girts from tripping.com

Alexa Rank: 80,485

Visit tripping.com


"Sphinx is mainly used to filter trips and create the needed drop down lists. This was way to slow in MySQL, since the needed indexes on certain tables would drastically degrade write performance on the table. Now we use Sphinx to index the table and are able to keep the MySQL table indexes low. Sphinx is easily setup, has distributed capabilities (easy scaling) and a big plus: open source. Bug / problem response times are excellent and the community behind sphinx is also helpful."
- Ronald Swets

Alexa Rank: 98,289

Visit Tjingo


We run Sphinx on Cent OS platform. Sphinx is highly configurable, and really fast with indexing our database.

Alexa Rank: 221,216

Visit Sufrati.com


A Turkish tourism company that is happily using Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 853,533

Visit Yorungetur


VindEenReis is a dutch language online travel and booking search engine.

Alexa Rank: 1,175,137

Visit VindEenReis


Spanish online camping reservation/search services.

Alexa Rank: 1,487,434

Visit Campingsclick.com


They use Sphinx for Geo-indexing. Given a location's latitude and longitude, they are able to use Sphinx's geo-indexing capability to quickly retrieve all the hostels within a particular kilometer radius.

Alexa Rank: 2,126,712

Visit PackerShack


Our product OwnerRez, which helps vacation rental owners manage their properties, is an online SaaS product running on Windows 2008 servers, built in .NET and using MySQL as the database. We're hosted with a cloud provider, and our development style follows a barebones commodity design - everything should scale easily, systems should never have to wait for other systems to complete, everything should be fast.

We needed a full-text search engine so that our users could search their booking, quote and inquiry data with a simple "Google style" one-box. The idea was that a user could have a name or email address, drop it into the one-box and pull up all the records that matched in a fast clean way. MySQL was the default go-to for fulltext search since that was the DB and the dev team could shoehorn search into it fairly easily.

Problems abounded. It was slow, the indexes were finicky and we lacked confidence in the cloud provider's ability to scale well with it. We wanted a more out-of-process search experience where the indexes were not completely dependent on the DB. Sphinx was highly recommended by respected bloggers in the industry. As we looked around, we saw more and more to like. Large entities (Craigslist, IBM) use it, so it appeared to be durable.

Sphinx's installation is very lean and lightweight. The entire install process is a few MBs with a batch file. The index spec files are easy to write. We can get real-time performance by reading/writing to the RT indexes. We can completely control what we put in the indexes irrespective of the database. We can filter search results as a part of the search (as opposed to post-processing). And it is really really fast. Our average search time dropped from ~100 ms to down around ~15-20 ms.

So picking Sphinx was a no-brainer. It's been up and running live for a few months now, and the results have been great. Users love the speed and versatility of searching by text and the impact has been minimal on our servers. We have 250,000+ records that are being searched, with an extra 3-5 filters running on every search, and the results are lightning fast. We're experiencing a lot of growth in our user base, and it feels good to know that we won't need to babysit our search system when we double or triple in size this year."

Alexa Rank: 2,557,286

Visit OwnerRez


Blavel, a site to post travel blogs and photos, implements location autocompletion by AJAX-searching over 6,600,000 geographical location names. (In addition to site search that indexes a bit less objects.. for now.)

Alexa Rank: 4,085,825

Visit Blavel.com


iWannaVacation enables the vacationers to find the best vacation rental deals on the Internet without having to go to multiple websites.

"We chose Sphinx for its tight integration with MySQL and of course its performance."

Ed - CTO

Alexa Rank: 7,768,611

Visit iWannaVacation.com

Immo Kusadasi

A Turkish home sale and rental website.

Alexa Rank: 8,907,570

Visit Immo Kusadasi


BookMyBest compare prices for more than 200,000 hotels worldwide from 22 providers. They use Sphinx 2.0.1 with MySQL(Percona) 5.5

"We use Sphinx because it's popularity and easiness to use. Moreover we've been able to move to InnoDB tables after switch to Sphinx as we don't need slow MySQL fulltext search anymore." - Alexander R

Alexa Rank: 25,744,632

Visit BookMyBest


Operating system: Centos 6.4

Webserver: Nginx + Gunicorn

Index Size: 3G

We experimented with Elasticsearch before shifting to sphinx. We found elasticsearch to be unstable. It became unreliable during peak times. We wanted a search solution which offered tighter integration with MySQL database. We have close to 7 million source destination pairs in our index and found that sphinx is most stable solution out in the market.

Alexa Rank:

Visit distancesfrom



Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit Acunetix

Ilim Turizm

Operating system used: Linux
Hardware Configuration: Memory Address
Index Size/Query Performance: 1000+
Choosing Sphinx: Because, Our website is providing service to international. Full benefit to Our search experience is using Sphinx Search system.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Ilim Turizm


For a huge database of travel information, reviews and itineraries we use Sphinx to speed up the proces. An essential tool for our customer service.

Alexa Rank:

Visit TUI

Motorhome Republic

The search capability of my other website is much faster. Maybe because it is a specialized system.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Motorhome Republic


Myfunvacationproperties.com provides property listings including, but not limited to, sales, rental, commercial, and residential properties.

Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit Myfunvacationproperties.com

Web »

globalizad.com, tu red social de anuncios clasificados

globalizad.com is a new start-up, dedicated to the classified ads world. It's a different point of view of this type of business, because globalizad.com borns like a social network, to connect people who wants to sell their products and people who wants to buy.We use Sphinx for our searches and for the future to search in our POIs, cities database. We also will use Sphinx to generate spots for maps based on distance

Alexa Rank: 923,001

Visit globalizad.com, tu red social de anuncios clasificados


One of the biggest subtitles sites, containing more than 330,000 subtitles, is using Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 2,316

Visit Opensubtitles.org


FindTheBest is an objective comparison search engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and decide what's best for you. Ultimately, FindTheBest allows you to make faster and more informed decisions by allowing you to easily compare all the available options.

Alexa Rank: 2,429

Visit Findthebest.com


chow.com, a CNET site dedicated to cooking, is now powered by Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 3,115

Visit chow.com


Dir.Bg, the biggest Bulgarian portal, uses Sphinx to search through, well, everything.

Alexa Rank: 5,350

Visit Dir.bg


One of Russia's Largest Job Sites.

Alexa Rank: 6,217

Visit Job.Ru


Narkive is a news group archive site.

"One single server having more than 200k+ queries/day without any lag, searching among more than 600M messages. I'm surprised I could do it in this easy way."
Cavion - narkive

Alexa Rank: 7,594

Visit narkive


PROMODJ uses Sphinx. It is a service that allows you to publish your mixes, tracks, video files, pictures, broadcast all your creations as a podcast and promote your events.

Alexa Rank: 7763



"We are one of the biggest job search portals and there are millions of CVs in our database. Without Sphinx we could not handle this much traffic."

Alexa Rank: 9524

Visit ElemanOnline


Oyunkolu is a flash gaming site that has a high query volume. We require the fastest possible search solution which is why we chose Sphinx (it responds in nearly 0.000 seconds).

Alexa Rank: 9,746

Visit Oyunkolu


Kiva (Microfunds) a non-profit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

They run sphinx (0.9.9) to power one of their most important pages, 'Lend' (kiva.org/lend) as well as their 'Updates' page(kiva.org/updates). They use Heartbeat for automatic fail-over, and rsync their indexes to the fail-over machine.

"We originally decided to use sphinx because 1. full-text search in MySql was slow and 2. we wanted to reduce load on our MySql database. Sphinx enabled us to support facet subtotals, which was a cool new feature for our Lend Tab results."
Tim - Senior Software Engineer

Alexa Rank: 10,568

Visit Kiva

Trade Bit

Platform to publish and sell digital goods like ebooks, music or pictures.

"We host over 40 Mio. downloadable products of more than 25,000 merchants. All page
generation on tradebit is fully dynamic, powered by Sphinx Search for: geo-targeting, related
products, behavioural targeting and plain search. This amounts to 100,000s of search requests daily."
Ralf Schwoebel

Alexa Rank: 11,294

Visit Trade Bit

Megagroup Ltd.

At megagroup.ru, Sphinx is used for fulltext search of content in 32,000 client sites (September 2012).

Alexa Rank: 12,394

Visit Megagroup Ltd.


BrownBook, an open business directory, serves up 2.5 million docs.

Alexa Rank: 17,291

Visit Brownbook.net

Just A Pinch

Just A Pinch Recipes uses Sphinx to provide a network of helpful tools and resources to make preparing a delicious meal easier than ever before.

Alexa Rank: 18,201

Visit Just A Pinch


GamersHell.com - Largest Independent VideoGaming Website

Alexa Rank: 18,925

Visit Gamershell.com

Emlak JET

"We are using Sphinx for our freetext search scripts. www.emlakjet.com is the leading real estate web site of Turkey."
Okan Ari

Alexa Rank: 20,935

Visit Emlak JET


Online search directory for small and medium sized businesses.

"By far the best full-text engine we have used, especially vs. MS SQL's implementation."
Tim Scheer

Alexa Rank: 22,051

Visit Ezlocal.com


USCity.net is a local or location based service locator that is powered-by Sphinx.

"As our DB (MySQL) grew past 5 million rows searches were taking to long the average search was taking 2 sec. We had a choice between buying new hardware or a redesign, when looking at way to improve our queries I run across sphinx, after 4 days of testing I said what the hell lets try this in production, it took 1 day to set it up and roll it out. All search issues resolved."
William - CTO

Alexa Rank: 23,678

Visit USCity.net


Regator, a blog aggregator and directory with a little over 1M posts (and adding 40K/week) sometimes called fast and responsive by its users, has a secret sauce - several different features (beyond simple search) are Sphinx-based.

Alexa Rank: 26,349

Visit Regator.com


PadMapper.com is an apartment hunting site with a unique approach. It plots apartments on a map with informational overlays. Letting one filter for exactly what they want.

"Sphinx has been incredibly fast and reliable. I'm able to use it in ways that I wouldn't dare to use other fulltext search engines I've tried."

Eric - Founder

Alexa Rank: 27,724

Visit PadMapper


"The possibility of multi-value-attributes, the libstemmer and the ease of use are outstanding! Thanks for your great work!"
Stefan Rick

Alexa Rank: 31,355

Visit Tellows


"We've used Sphinx for a few years now. Tweedehands.net is the 2nd largest classified ad website in the Netherlands with over 900,000 users. We have over 700,000 active classified ads indexed (>10 million classified ads have been processed over time). Sphinx makes it possible for us to make our search engine extremely fast while using only one web server for search. Using MySQL FullText-search, we used to need more hardware capacity in order to achieve reasonable performance."

Alexa Rank: 35751

Visit Tweedehands.net


Serkey.com is a search engine for communities of developers that indexes over 4 million message from developer forums.

Alexa Rank: 37,903

Visit serkey.com


YTMND, a popular meme site (and a word somewhat easier to type than "juxtaposition"), runs Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 41,017

Visit Ytmnd.com


"We are very happy using Sphinx to power the search results at StartUpHire.com, a niche job site for startups. We've been using it for over a year, and have found it to be very fast and accurate. Thanks for a great product!"
Anthony Sheetz

Alexa Rank: 42,687

Visit StartUpHire.com


iCheckMovies helps you keep a personal list of movies you have seen and liked. They chose Sphinx, "because it's lightweight and really, really fast. Furthermore, it's easy to set-up and use. Also, most of the other search engines out there run on Java and we don't like Java in our environment ;)"

Alexa Rank: 47,924

Visit iCheckMovies.com


"Our forum is based on one of the first releases of phpBB but has been modified beyond recognition over the years. Sphinx was relatively easy to set up and it has been running for over a year now without any trouble. The forum has over 2.900.000 posts."
Olav Helleso-Knutsen

Alexa Rank: 48,031

Visit Esato.com


Using Sphinx to search 3,000,000 subtitles.

Alexa Rank: 48,777

Visit All4divx.com


Actiecode.nl uses Sphinx to enable it's customers to search their (many) coupons and discounts in a fast way, at this moment our developers are working to implement Sphinx on our newest websites.

"Switching from our old MySQL full-text search to Sphinx greatly improved our performance and overall site speed."

Jochem - Managing Director

Alexa Rank: 49,727

Visit actiecode.nl


They use Sphinx to power their Forums.

Alexa Rank: 53,707

Visit Tip.it


A full-service ticketing company that provides event organizers, promoters and venue managers with innovative solutions that allow them to sell tickets online, over the telephone and at their box office.

"We use it to search our tens of thousands of events, venues, and organizations. It powers our main event search (see our homepage) allowing us to provide our ticket buyers with relevant events."
Nate Good

Alexa Rank: 56,307

Visit Showclix.com


The biggest cityguide in Denmark.

Alexa Rank: 63,562

Visit Aok.dk


One of Poland's Largest Job Search engines. Another happy Sphinx user!

Alexa Rank: 64,620

Visit Nuzle


Vinogusto helps you to find the right wine for any occasion. Vinogusto is a wine community where you choose and discover wines, review wines, producers, wineries, merchants and restaurants. You manage your own wine reviews and meet other wine enthousiasts

"We want to let you know that www.vinogusto.com (European wine guide leader based on users reviews) is now using Sphinx for most of our searches. It works very well and the site is faster than ever. Thank you for this wonderful tool."
Samuel Martin

Alexa Rank: 71,370

Visit Vinogusto.com


Callupcontact.com has over 5million visitors, we use Sphinx Search to find nearby business profiles using the search engine's fast geospatial calculations. It saved our website from constantly crashing when we moved the calculations away from MySQL to Sphinx. Searching through 5million business profiles, it consistently and reliably returns results with in 100ms.

Alexa Rank: 76341

Visit Callupcontact.com


Job Search site.

Alexa Rank: 84,094

Visit Jobinventory.com

Plan to Eat

Plantoeat.com is a meal planning website that uses Sphinx to search through over 300k recipes in their MySQL database. They had used MySQL with Ruby for filtering and searches. After hitting some performance problems (at 4-8K records) and limitation in terms of relevance, they turned to Sphinx...

"After a few hours with Thinking Sphinx / Sphinx I realized I would be getting speed and simplified code as well advanced full text searching and algorithms. The facets feature is particularly helpful." Clint - Owner

300k records - 0.027 seconds searching all records.

Alexa Rank: 87,795

Visit Plan to Eat


Chatten is an online chat site in Dutch with 600K users and millions of pageviews.

Alexa Rank: 96,516

Visit Chatten.nl


QuotesDaddy.com, a large online collection of famous quotes with over 1,000,000 entries in the database, notifies that switching to Sphinx for searching improved overall site performance many times (literally).

Alexa Rank: 105,507

Visit Quotesdaddy.com


JRank is a new type of site search engine. It's fast, easy, accurate, and requires no installation on your web host. To date, JRank has indexed over 40 million pages! We built it on popular, open-source tools to leverage the best of existing search technology. Try searching some User Articles with JRank.

Alexa Rank: 108,832

Visit JRank


Eureka Science News is an automated science news aggregator. Besides 'just' searching, Sphinx is used to create 'dictionary' pages about most topics on the site, and to generate stopword lists for their custom clustering and categorization engine.

Alexa Rank: 112,862

Visit Esciencenews.com

Mr. Lavoro

Job Search Engine.

Alexa Rank: 116,503

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Gulf Jobs Market Ltd - Jobs, News and Information for Jobseekers in the Gulf.

Alexa Rank: 134,523

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"We're a small HR consultancy that runs its own Job Portal, located at www.hipo.ro We use Sphinx to index and search our CV database which, although small (~1GB, our indexes are barely above 100MB), provide some interesting search difficulties (a lot of joined fields, pseudo int ranges for smart filtering etc)."
Vlad Fratila

Alexa Rank: 144,936

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Florida Mug Shots.us

"After getting sphinx up and working our 'slow SQL Query log' basically went empty. Queries for sorting that previously took 5 seconds went to .02 and searches that previously were not possible are now possible and executed in sub second times."
Robby Wiggen

Alexa Rank: 171,830

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Recipe Puppy

Recipe Puppy is an ingredient based recipe search engine running sphinx 0.9.9)on a single linode 4096 virtual server running ubuntu 8:10. On this same virtual server sphinx is running alongside apache, php, mysql, and memcached which run recipepuppy.com.

The index contains 800k+ recipes and 7 million+ ingredients. Sphinx handles an average of 20 queries per second. The average query is 5 words long, and I am using a custom sorting algorithm based on multiple fields. I am using the php sphinx api to perform the queries. Really couldn't be happier. Re indexing is quite slow(several days), but only because of the mysql queries involved.

Alexa Rank: 198,039

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ReviewGang.com provides aggregated critic reviews for bollywood movies and uses sphinx to power the movie search.

"The best part is the metaphone morphology which provides accurate results even for intentionally misspelled movie titles."
Manu J

Alexa Rank: 218,497

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We currently have over 70 billion rows of public governmental and economic data indexed on Amazon EC2 with query times ranging from 20ms to 500ms.We chose Sphinx because it is simple to operate and our benchmarking showed it is faster than it's competitors.

Alexa Rank: 222840

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A product review site pulling information from various outside benchmarks, individual test, and market overview.

Alexa Rank: 227,009

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SearchAmericanJobs.com is a job search engine. Here's what they told us, "I thank the Sphinx team for building such tremendously powerful software. We are also about to install Sphinx on all our international job board. I recommend this Software with A+ rating."

Alexa Rank: 235,834

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JobBaloon.com is a job search service available in 18 countries around the world. Millions of jobs in one place. Find your own dreamed of job with JobBaloon.com.

Alexa Rank: 264081

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It's an atlas of illustrated plant species intended for a wide range of users - both for amateurs and professionals - botanists, ecologists, and geobotanists.

Alexa Rank: 271,674

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"Anychem is a chemical search engine. "We started our business from scratch in 2010 with Sphinx 0.9.9, Anychem works with industry data that needs to be searched, filtered and grouped. In our case (such as news, companies, products, supplies, and demands). Sphinx's powerful native distributed searching, RT indexing features really helped us. Index Size/Query Performance: 3GB+/0.001 second"

Alexa Rank: 272,563

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Yourlist.com is the Internet’s first 100% free shopping list search engine and it's powered by Sphinx.

"Sphinx is fast, and simple."
Ryan - Developer

Alexa Rank: 286,259

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"uquery.com is a new search engine focused on the emerging market of iPhone & iPod Touch applications. We have listened to many requests of the community and the frustration of being able to search and find applications on the iTunes AppStore. With 263,907 applications available on the AppStore, it was becoming tremendously difficult to find the right application. We are using Sphinx with MongoDB to power uQuery.com search results." Marcio Castilho

Alexa Rank: 300,148

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Isbul.net is Turkey's largest jobs and careers forum.

Alexa Rank: 300,588

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"With Sphinx, we seek similar sites. We chose this tool to search for websites because it finds similar sites fast!"

Alexa Rank: 301,627

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The Informr

We use sphinx for full-text searches and as a replacement for mysql when we have to use complex queries (joins, many filters, complex sorting etc.). - OS: CentOS 5.5- Hardware: VPS, 1G of RAM (mysql + sphinx box)- About 350Mb index size- 0.001 - 0.002 sec/req mostly, complex queries 0.02 sec (fullscan with limits)We chose Sphinx because it offered great performance, advanced features, fulltext + attribute search + ordering, suitable api, low maintenance requirements, separate server process, realtime indexes (if required), can work via mysql (also as plugin).Sphinx has delivered huge speed increases for queries and lowered server load.

Alexa Rank: 317544

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Global real estate portal. This is an independent media site, the main task of which is to help buyers and investors to navigate a wide range of existing proposals on the market, providing an opportunity to contact the sellers of objects directly, without intermediaries.

Alexa Rank: 328,444

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We use a dedicated server with Linux for the Sphinx service, users are now able to find what they need up to 25% faster than before.

Alexa Rank: 353,679

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Transaction Commerce

At transactioncommerce.com you can "buy and sell a business in one click". Here's what Luca S. had to say about their use of Sphinx: "My indexes size is about 75Mo and the perfs are amazing. I use Sphinx because it is a powerful search engine, very customizable and it is simply the faster I've tried. Thanks a lot for your job."

Alexa Rank: 355,264

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"I've chose Sphinx because of the big names that uses it, so it must be good. I switched from Google Custom search to Sphinx and its so much better. A lot more customization, greater control on the indexed pages. For our site, much more accurate."
Jerry - Founder

Alexa Rank: 396,489

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File Search Engine.

"Thanks to its (Sphinx's) fantastic flexibility and specific customization it can meet the highest industry standards."

Alexa Rank: 418,527

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Sphinx is helping to reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills by providing search at Trashnothing.com. They chose Sphinx for it's speed and low memory usage.

Alexa Rank: 420,052

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Orbit Hangar Mods

"Searches are amazingly fast and the engine is capable of meeting all my requirements. I had originally used MySQL's built-in functions for doing this, but was disappointed with the available options and performance. Sphinx really picked up the slack and is returning more accurate results than any other search engine I've tried."
Jeff Wheeler

Alexa Rank: 434,036

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"We choose sphinx over postgresql full text search because we needed a fast and 1 step way to mix geo and fulltext queries sorted by several key factors. Sphinx just gave us all the tools to do this in one step. We're able to get all the documents' ids we need to show to our users in one query, implementing searches much faster."
Christian Hentschel - Co-Founder

Alexa Rank: 499,434

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Follow.lu, "the yellow pages of Luxemburg", uses Sphinx to power their search. Here's what they had to say: "Good experience, good performance."

Alexa Rank: 510,828

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Camteria.com features live webcams of many places from around the world. They use Sphinx because of its extremely fast and convenient indexing and search capabilities. They also like Sphinx's "fantastic @geodist sorting".

Alexa Rank: 547,332

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TIS is a major Russian commerce and information service trading platform that uses Sphinx to bring together buyers and sellers.

Alexa Rank: 567,378

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We required a full text search engine that offered performance, relevance and customization to fit in with our requirements. Sphinx achieved this. Currently our our indexes are updated throughout the day with over 90,000 new records per day and 35,000 updates to existing records. Sphinx is fast and relevant.. exactly what we required.

Alexa Rank: 568,864

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Export-Japan.com, a B2B site for companies interested in doing business with Japan, indexes data from around 6000 Japanese companies with English websites with great success.

"The database was much more of a hassle to tune than Sphinx ever was."

Alexa Rank: 577,199

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aSmallWorld, gated online neighbourhood for its 770,000 users, utilizes Sphinx for different kinds of (secret) searches.

Alexa Rank: 654,232

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Esciudad.com is a website that offers job and cars searches oriented toward the Hispanic community in the United States.

"I've choose Sphinx because the indexes in MySQL was huge and the scalability was very poor." Alejandro - Founder

Alexa Rank: 735,543

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RSS Spider

RSS Spider is a vertical search engine which indexes over 5,000,000 RSS feeds.

Alexa Rank: 990,832

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Memorial site of the Great Patriotic War. Uses SPHINX engine to search more than 400,000 cards.

Alexa Rank: 1,017,178

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LJSeek, which specializes on searching through public LiveJournal entries, indexes 220 million posts from 6 million users.

Alexa Rank: 1,079,118

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The site is used by leading companies interested in sustainable and ethical *supply chain management*.

Alexa Rank: 1,146,491

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GameSamurai.net, developed by Pixel Grade Studios, is a new alternative on the free gaming scene. They use Sphinx 2.0.1 to provide acurate and organic game search results both in the instant search and in the search pages.

"Sphinx helped a lot with growing my web traffic since it gave people better results, showing them at the top exactly what they were looking for." - Vlad O. of Pixel Grade Studios

Alexa Rank: 1,147,008

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Jobma is a video based recruitment platform. Jobma uses sphinx for fulltext search on their MySQl database. Also, the power of sphinx speeds up the search query on Jobma's large user database.

Alexa Rank: 1152153

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"We offer crucial information about relocation to foreign
countries. At the moment we offer information about France, Spain and the United States. Within this year we plan to append Sweden, Italy, Canada and Australia. We are also working on a web application for visitors to get in touch with realtors. For realtors, our website will become an important advertising tool. We currently have about 3000 unique visitors a week and it's still rising."
Frits Garrer

Alexa Rank: 1,198,656

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NNSeek add search capabilites to about 60 million Usenet posts.

Alexa Rank: 1,386,676

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"Jobbay.ca is a vertical job search engine indexing thousands of Canadian employers. Even when we originally had the website on a Ubuntu PII box with merely 128MB RAM, the performance of Sphinx was extremely well. As our data and traffic increase dramatically, Sphinx still holds the fort very nicely. Way to go Sphinx!"

Alexa Rank: 1,433,072

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Chiefmall is a search engine tool to look up contractors in the USA and to post jobs to them. It currently indexes every contractor in California and in 8 other states, totaling in about 420,000 documents, and using Sphinx to implement geo-searching over those. More technical details are available here.

Alexa Rank: 1,464,761

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Descuentocodigo.es is a website that helps users find discounts for online shopping. Why did they choose Sphinx? They say that "there are some good references around which convinced us to use Sphinx."

Alexa Rank: 1,486,573

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"I love Sphinx!!!"

Alexa Rank: 1,498,532

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Webofant is a vertical search engine that indexes 13,000,000 documents crawled from Switzerland websites.

Alexa Rank: 1,718,045

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Based on wordpress, netroby is a professional PHP project and project development team that is focused on Web development technologies.

Alexa Rank: 1,787,489

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Ocular Concepts

Ocular Concepts is a web and graphics design company that uses Sphinx for search in many of the blogs and websites they've designed.

Alexa Rank: 1,806,705

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"During the development of my phonebook system, I came across problems performing full-text search with speed in a table with about 19 million records. After finding Sphinx, I had all my problems solved."
Thiego de Alemeida

Alexa Rank: 2,027,890

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A Dutch company that makes Chamber of Commerce information publicly available using Open Source software.

Alexa Rank: 2,110,455

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"My site phrasesinenglish.org/PIE/ uses Sphinx with data from the British National Corpus (100 million words / about 6GB of tables). I will also use it with large corpora (1-2 billion words) derived from the Web. Thanks for an exceptionally well-performing product!"
Bill Fletcher

Alexa Rank: 2,312,498

Visit Phrases-in-English.org


Exploitsearch.net crawls the source databases/websites and parses the contained data. Once the data is collected and parsed, it is inserted into the www.exploitsearch.net database and becomes available for searching. To this end they are running Sphinx 2.0.1-Beta on Debian and connecting to MySQL.

Alexa Rank: 2,476,540

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Quick Dog

Classified ads search engine in Ukraine indexing ~3 millions ads. Sphinx is used for both frontend search and for data processing at backend such as duplicates detection.

Alexa Rank: 2,622,822

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Vaa Host is a web hosting provider that provides Sphinx to their clients.

Alexa Rank: 3,501,999

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Cloud Mining.net

System to automatically build a faceted search interface and search engine from any data.

Alexa Rank: 3,777,396

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Peter of Wordowl, a comic search engine, reports that Sphinx scales nicely in all directions, running really well on his modest virtualised server.

Alexa Rank: 4,075,986

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Jobatus a Spanish language job search site that uses Sphinx 2.01-beta.

"We chose Sphinx because, after comparing, we think that is one of the best open source solutions to index and search data. We have used MySQL Full Text before and (with Sphinx) the performance has improved a lot." Christian - Developer

Alexa Rank: 5,829,070

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"Cligs.ee is an Estonian events site. It is a Ruby on Rails app that uses the Thinking Sphinx to connect to the Sphinx daemon. Works great!"
Aleksandr Lossenko

Alexa Rank: 6,503,373

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"Our company 3smil has been using Sphinx for four years. We prefer Sphinx for our clients. The most positive aspect is the fast work flow, which enhances our effectiveness and the effectiveness for our clients. Search queries with Sphinx take less than one second, where the MySQL search needs a lot of more time. Sphinx is using high quality multiple filters. This is a big advantage if our major costumers are using extensive data bases."
Daniel Muller

Alexa Rank: 6,759,648

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"We at ngindex are using sphinx to index and search 15 million plus table records and 3 million plus text files and it works great."
Adam Clarke

Alexa Rank: 8,765,026

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At actulegales.fr Sphinx helps by searching daily legal notices that have appeared in the French press.

Alexa Rank: 9,133,083

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Agenda.nl is an online music, theatre, movie and nightlife agenda for the Netherlands. It's build in Ruby on Rails and uses the Thinking Sphinx plugin.

Alexa Rank: 9,641,164

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Bevsuite, LLC

We use Sphinx on Windows 7 for development / testing, and on Centos for production.Sphinx has been very helpful, as it allows us to greatly reduce SQL load, and to return more relevant results much faster than we could by simply using MySQL text searches. Not only is Sphinx powerful, but we were delighted to find how simple it was to get set up, and how no maintenance has been required thus far. Sphinx is also great at implementing metaphone and soundex, thus allowing for search results to include relevant results regardless of misspellings. Lastly, I would like to thank the Sphinx team for such great support. I have never experienced such quick and knowledgeable responses from any other help forum. Thanks! Ben Strong

Alexa Rank: 10,346,566

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"Gartoo allows home seekers across from the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain to find properties quickly and smartly. We search thousands of houses and flats every single day."
Ruben Martinez

Alexa Rank: 11,177,828

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" Sphinx indexes its large collection of text messages with ease, where MySQL full text search was beginning to struggle."

Alexa Rank: 11,604,324

Visit 82ask.com


Web Directory and Search Engine.

"The database I use is MySQL, which is great, but my data grew to 2 million records and it was choking...very slow response. My queries with 2 million records before Sphinx were taking upto 30 sec. response, but... all that has change for the better with Sphinx."
Ricardo Maldonado

Alexa Rank: 12,343,183

Visit Wadoo.net


This specialized engine has a live index of 20 million cheat codes.

Alexa Rank: 16,415,028

Visit code-crawler.com


Duneier.net is a search engine designed for searching shared files. Their search results are powered by Sphinx full-text search engine. They report absolute satisfaction.

Alexa Rank: 18,136,468

Visit Duneier.net


OpenPhrases.com, free SEO tool for keyword search and analysis, is indexing its 30-million keywords database with Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 20,485,766

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"LF24.pl is a company search engine. Sphinx helped us to provide blazing fast searches (most searches are completed within 1 milisecond) to our users."
Piotr Watras

Alexa Rank: 20,768,637

Visit lf24.pl


TopCompanyJobs.com is an international job search engine. Currently there are 370,000+ jobs covering 150+ countries all over the world. Despite running on a (very) modest old server, Sphinx performs well.

Alexa Rank: 20,807,736

Visit Topcompanyjobs.com


"Optobee is a fun new way to find, compare and get the best prices on all the products you love." They've chosen Sphinx "because it is a native technology (no Java, .NET etc.) and because there is a book written by the author."

Alexa Rank: 20,842,846

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Using Sphinx on a company directory to enhance searching among 120,000 companies.

Alexa Rank: 20,880,033

Visit Foretagskatalog.com


JobOyster.CA is a site that searches Jobs across Canada.

"We're using Sphinx after previous success on our other site, DealBert.net. Our site is using MySQL but we found that MySQL's fulltext was too slow for searching our meager 50k records, especially when we tried to add refinements by running group-by queries to get refinements.

I had previously worked with Endeca on other projects, but could not afford it for dealbert so I was looking at the open-source alternatives such as Sphinx and Lucene.

I found Sphinx very easy to use and very fast, and its support for refinements worked great for us."

Alexa Rank: 21,410,406

Visit JobOyster


Sphinx powers the product search feature for Pricescompare.biz. There are over 2 million products indexed, cross-referenced by various filter types that differ per product category.

"I choose Sphinx because it is simply the best choice for indexing a MySQL database and having it be quickly searchable. Also, the ability to utilize various queries helps make the site a lot better. Speed and accuracy are the main factors for using Sphinx."

Brent - Owner

Alexa Rank: 22,522,380

Visit PricesCompare.biz


search[code] is a code specific search engine. API documentation, code snippets and open source (free sofware) repositories are indexed and searchable.

"Our requirements are unique in that we needed a query language we could map regular expressions to, and Sphinx gives us that with its powerful syntax. Sphinx was also chosen due to indexing speed and low RAM footprint."
Ben - Founder

Alexa Rank: 28,381,592

Visit search[code]


"We have successfully implemented Sphinx for our CMS and it is working great on our own portal. It searches a lot of data for the city of Mumbai."
Lijeesh Majeed

Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit mubaikar.com


About Lento.pl: TOP 3 site in category: Free Classifieds in Poland. Over 2 million real users. Index size: over 500k ads 50 qps. Sphinx was the fastest solution, over 2 times fastest than MySQL in fulltext. Easy to use attributes."

Alexa Rank:

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Metrekare.com is a very recent start-up experiencing rapid growth. As a marketplace for real estate, Metrekare needs to be on the ultimate level of technology, and Sphinx is the partner we chose for search.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Metrekare.com


We required a versatile search solution that could operate efficiently at high load and not limit our users experience. Demand Jobs is running on a cluster of servers all running Centos. The main server has 32GB dedicated ram shared between Apache, MYSQL and Sphinx with secondary query boxes for faceted search and Job data indexing. All servers also run on Solid State drives to provide better read/write rates.Query performance is very good on high load with no real resource impact at all. Another useful feature of Sphinx we have recently implemented is using multiple Sphinx instances on the same server which allows us to expand the use of server resources for other tasks.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Demandjobs.co.uk

Chelona Technologies

The Sarkisozum team reports, "We probably have small index compared to other serious installations but it has nearly 1 million song lyrics with 60.000 artists and it improved our web site's search quality significantly. Also now we are able to give full text search opportunity on lyrics to our users. The most important reason for us to choose Sphinx was, easy configuration and built-in MySQL connection/data import support. Now we are also developing a Question/Answer site with a huge database and we will use Sphinx with this project too. Thank you for such great software and making our work easier."

Alexa Rank:

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Divendo Search

Divendo Search is a meta-search engine of classified ads. The Divendo Search team says this about their Sphinx setup: "Each agent/node serves (searchd) and creates (indexer) his own data. If it falls, we lose 1/6 of the complete data. If data become corrupted, we can build all the indexes from scratch in less than 6 hours. We have planned (near future) to replicate data into several nodes and detect the availability of an agent using Haproxy."

Alexa Rank:

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We run a number of vertical job search engines and each one uses Sphinx as an integral part of our infrastructure. And Jobblu.co.uk is no different, Sphinx by fair is the easiest to implement and manage when it comes to open source search solutions currently available. With excellent support with MySQL we have been able to spend more time on coding the rest of our site and improving our overall user experience.

Jobblu is developed to run on a single dedicated server which currently has a hardware spec of:

CentOS Linux 6.4
Intel Xeon CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz, 8 cores
32GB Ram
4TB Raid 1

Our current index size is 1 million jobs with 100,000+ new jobs added to our index each day. We have implemented a Delta + Main index solution.

Sphinx is very adaptable and as we have proven can be run on the smallest budgets but not compromise on functionality.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Jobblu


We are using sphinx as a high level search and filtering services for all that we do at laimoon.com. We have thousands of jobs, courses and content pieces that bring career guidance to thousands of people in GCC. Sphinx really helps us speed up the process of matching the right jobs courses and profiles based on keyword searches. We use an amazon instance with Sphinx to handle indexes and queries.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Laimoon


OldBookmine.com is an e-library which contains a huge resource of old books. Just as a "Mine" is used for excavation of valuable materials from Mother Earth, OldBookMine cherishes enormous opportunities for bookworms, book lovers and researchers to excavate invaluable contents for knowledge and fun! At OldBookMine, we have a large array of books categorized appropriately under various sections so that book lovers can easily locate books of their choice.

Alexa Rank:

Visit oldbookmine


- Centos 6.5 - 4GB RAM, 2xVirtual CPU- 13 million rows, ~0.1 sec query time with relevance matching I have tried Solr and other search servers but with its ease of use and simplicity Sphinx was the ultimate winner for my project. It brings results with a blink of an eye. I am so happy with the results.

Alexa Rank:

Visit LetsGetCool


We use centos 6 x64 in Intel Core i7 CPU 950 with 48GB RAM. Index ~ 10 million pages. Rate=100,000 queries/day.Each query with quite complex ranging. We tried solr and sphinx. We chose sphinx for much better performance.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Bigbozz


OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Hardware: Multiple quad-core servers with 4 GB RAM
Index Size: 1,000,000+ jobs indexed.
Query Performance: Queries typically run in a few milliseconds.
Choicebit is a leading job search engine, which uses Sphinx's incredible speed and relevance to help connect people with over 1 million jobs and careers!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Choicebit

Internet Marketing SRL

Sphinx is a really great sollution!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Internet Marketing SRL

203 Web Group AB

- We are running everything on FreeBSD 9.2 and 10.0
- Most boxes consists of 2x Intel E5-2640, SSD drives in raid5 and 48gb of ram. We are running them with dist indexes partitioned over alot of chunks
- About ~10 million recipes collected worldwide, query speed ranges from 0.1s to 0.5s depending on the query and the amount of matched recipes. We delivery about a million recipe search results a day (The actual sphinx queries to provide that result is more or less x4)
- There simply isnt anything that can compete with sphinx speedwise, low footprint, although FreeBSD support has been flaky at times, sphinx now runs like a rock on it.

Alexa Rank:

Visit 203 Web Group AB


GlobalizAd uses Sphinx to provide 'social network classifieds'.

Alexa Rank:

Visit globalizAd


Jobshiringnearme.net is a all-in-one job board search engine that pulls job postings from the best jobs sites with one search. The full-text fields makes handling high keyword searches with reliability and speed.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Jobshiringnearme.net


CentOS release 6.4 (Final)
Index Size ~170 mb

We chose Sphinx because he is looking for data fast enough
Through this article, we chose the Sphinx.

Alexa Rank:

Visit hdwpics



Alexa Rank:

Visit Turkmmo


The biggest game forum in Turkey

Alexa rank : 32,117

thank you sphinx

Alexa Rank:

Visit Turkmmo



Alexa Rank:

Visit Pepa


OS: CentOS 7 64-bit
Disk: SSD
MySQL: 5.6.21

Alexa Rank:

Visit Valinv


Webliste.ch is a vertical search engine that indexes 25,000,000 documents crawled from Switzerland websites.
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
Why: Sphinx is since many years the best solution!
btw: You can delete the webofant.ch entry - it is included in Webliste.ch
regards Peter

Alexa Rank:

Visit WINFORMA Witschi


Poncy.ru - russian online services, sphinx used in some utils, as:
poncy.ru/crossword ,poncy.ru/sonnik etc.
(Ubuntu, intel core i7 ). Sphinx shows very good performance and stability. Thank you.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Poncy.ru

Peppa Pig

Great tnx

Alexa Rank:

Visit Peppa Pig



Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit Acunetix


Debian Linux
It greatly improved out geolocation searches as well as made additional filtering we didn't have before possible. For our products we have ~14M products indexed and full text searches are very responsive.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Drive-On-In

Stepping Up

Steppingup.eu provides a powerful search tool for all jobs (550k) published on all government employment sites in the EU.

"I chose Sphinx because it is fast at both querying and indexing and has most of the features that I need. I can customize the source code myself to get the tweaks that I need without loosing much of the awesome performance."

Peder - Founder

Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit Stepping Up


OS: CentOS
Hardware: Quad-Core, 4GB DDR3 RAM.
Index size: Just over 1,800,000.
Query performance: Excellent

We use Sphinx to search for postcode and address details around the UK and every other solution we have tried has been very slow in comparison.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Maid2Clean


Operating system used:
centos 6
Hardware Configuration:

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz

Núcleos : 32

Caché : 20480KB


16x 16384MB


2 x 240 GB2 x 2000 GB
Index Size/Query Performance:
size: 441.0 MB

read: 30925.7 kb/call avg, 20.3 msec/call avg

write: 476.1 kb/call avg, 0.4 msec/call avg
Why did you choose Sphinx and how has it improved your search experience?
Consideramos otras opciones para conseguir un indice dinámico, pero Sphinx resulto más veloz para las búsquedas 'FullText' que requeríamos, y su implementación en nuestro sistema con python / django fue el mas sencillo.

Alexa Rank:

Visit clasf.es

Goedkoopste Zorgverzekering 2015

Because Sphinx is absolutely the best open source search server

Alexa Rank:

Visit Goedkoopste Zorgverzekering 2015


Sphinx api

Alexa Rank:

Visit Dusoyun


windows 10

Alexa Rank:

Visit Infomunca

Cari Network

Operating System Centos 6.7
MySQL data On SSD
Sphinx Data on Sata Disk 3GBx2 Raid 10
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
Number of Data about 48.430.580 records, size on disk 91GB
Data is for this site:

We also have one on another server with same hardware spesification
Number of Data 33.314.625 Records Size on disk 56GB
For this website:

We have try put Sphinx Document on SSD and it's more than 10x faster.

Thank you.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Cari Network


Duneier.net is a search engine designed for searching shared files. Their search results are powered by Sphinx full-text search engine.

Alexa Rank:

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Sphinx gives us the best option to maintain all the data and show the future customers the data they need when they are searching for a car. It holds thousands of details related to cars and shows the best details for each customer.

Alexa Rank:

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Alexa Rank:

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Unix, Aws linux, nginx server, php language application, retail listings, query performance is really quick, im using sphinx because craiglist was using this service

Alexa Rank:

Visit grupocentrico


Its a search engine for auctioning items worldwide. We chose Sph for its great performance on long queries with facets.

CentoOS6 x64
RAM 2GB, CPU 2.4Ghz (4 cores)
2Mio smallish documents

- We needed RT indexes. We add/delete/update 100K documents daily. Sometimes truncating + reindexing the whole thing (when refactoring our software).
- We do faceted search (4 facets), Shinx rocks at that department
- We run long queries with groups, stopwords, different fields, exact phrases

The query below on 2Mio docs runs in 0.287 secs (including 4 facets):
(@(title,tags,catalog_title) ' (!"rug" !"xxnotoldmasterxx" ((old master)|("albrecht durer")|("della bella")|("flemish painting")|("luca cranach")|("pieter bruegel")|("van cleve")|("van kessel")|("willem key")))') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (italian school oneseven)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (albrecht durer)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (alessandro allori)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (bronzino)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' ( ((brueghel)|(bruegel)))') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (canaletto)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (claude lorrain)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (david onezeroier)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (francesco guardi)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (godfrey kneller)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (joli antonio)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (luca cranach)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (!"memling gol" memling)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' ( ((peter lely)|(lely)))') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (peter ruben)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (pourbu)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (van kessel)') | (@(title,description,tags) ' (willem key)')

Alexa Rank:

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Verhuur Plezier

We use the database informatie to what is the best option to show our users. It is working really good to see find this options.

Alexa Rank:

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Dieet Universiteit

We use the database informatie to what is the best option to show our users. It is working really good to see find this options.

Alexa Rank:

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News & Information »


Running on a single host in Joyent public cloud. Host configured with 15GB RAM / 4vCPU. Index is approx 200,000 documents with nearly 4 million attributes. Using https://github.com/gigaOM/go-sphinx plugin to connect WordPress to Sphinx. We chose Sphinx because of its high performance and straightforward implementation. Performance for both full text and attribute queries is far better than MySQL (as expected), but the result allowed us to build really rich search and browse for our content inside our existing framework, rather than having to build a new framework just for search. This was a critical factor in both time to market and the overall feasibility of our search efforts.

Alexa Rank: 3851

Visit Gigaom


"Sphinx has powered HubPages search since 2008 and currently performs 700+ queries a second on indexes totaling more than 36 million items." Larry Freeman

Alexa Rank: 182

Visit Hubpages.com

The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic (azcentral.com): Daily newspaper for the Phoenix metro area. Includes State, national, and world news; opinion; weather; sports; entertainment; business, computing, travel, and lifestyle features.

Alexa Rank: 3,880

Visit The Arizona Republic


"Why we chose Sphinx and how has it improved our search exp: We faced a very hard issue of trying to handle a complex faceted search on a very large dataset. Our MySQL queries were taking over 300 seconds to load, and for a consumer website, that is unacceptable. We investigated several hacks and trial solutions, nothing worked - we finally stumbled on the technology of Sphinx. Sphinx reduced the 300+ second search to less than .5 ms - amazing! It has great support, active forum, and awesome O'Reilly book for initial setup. etc. etc. - site was slow, sphinx made it fast."

Alexa Rank: 7,844

Visit FindTheCompany


Duedil provides fast, accurate and highly-connected business information aggregation. They have around 2GB of indexes with an average query time around 0.06 seconds.

"We started using Sphinx because Mysql was too slow, and not very good at Full text searches. We're happy with the flexibility and speed Sphinx gives us." Lawrence - Lead Developer

Alexa Rank: 10,412

Visit Duedil


Youblisher.com is a free hosted service for turning PDF into flipping, magazine-style documents. For convenience, Sphinx is used to search through 30,000 documents with nearly 3 million pages.

Alexa Rank: 13,585

Visit Youblisher.com


Helsingborgs Dagblad is the largest local newspaper in Sweden. It has over a half of a million published articles, and that archive is searchable.

Alexa Rank: 27,544

Visit Hd.se


Tagza is a social bookmarking site where people discover, share, vote and discuss interesting and remarkable content they find on the web. They report: "Sphinx was chosen because the database was too large to handle normal text searches. The server was literally melting before we used Sphinx, this was ~3 years ago... and still counting :) "

Alexa Rank: 38,552

Visit Tagza


Information, an independent daily newspaper from Denmark, indexes 180,000 articles stored in Drupal CMS using Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 48,692

Visit Information.dk


Using Sphinx to search a database of Russian lawyers, judges and court decisions (including 27.6 million documents, over 35 thousand judges, and over 65 thousand lawyers) "RosPravosudie" aims to create a judicial system that is more responsive to civil needs.

Alexa Rank: 75,701

Visit RosPravosudie


Since recently, Geograph British Isles project uses Sphinx for all the kinds of searching - through about a million of images taken so far, lots of articles, a growing forum, the username and gazetteer searches, and even query completion. Whoa.

Alexa Rank: 82,723

Visit Geograph.org.uk


iHigh.com is the High School Internet Network.

"We've been using the current stable release of Sphinx since 2008 on FreeBSD to index a large MySQL database via the PHP API. It is, by far, the most solid, best-performing search engine around. It integrates so easily with existing databases."

Alexa Rank: 93,799

Visit iHigh.com


NewWorldEncyclopedia.org, an effort to augment Wikipedia with values and greater editorial oversight, replaces standard MediaWiki search with Sphinx plugin.

Alexa Rank: 120,063

Visit NewWorldEncyclopedia.org


Seznam.name uses Sphinx to search RSS feeds.

Alexa Rank: 142,368

Visit Seznam.name


Top Ten Plus is an entertainment blog based on top 10 lists around the globe. "I love using Sphinx on my website and its running smooth. Highly Recomended"

Alexa Rank: 201,797

Visit TopTenPlus


"Using Sphinx for querying ~1.6 Mio news and headlines mostly from Austria. Wikatu just started and is a local news-search. Chose the great Sphinx because it's the best :-) Used it since about 2007 with other projects and was deeply impressed by the great performance - querying much larger data sets."

Sphinx 0.99
Debian Squeeze
MySQL 5.1.49
Intel Xeon X3430 @ 2.40Ghz
4GB Memory

Alexa Rank: 333,537

Visit Wikatu


FutureToday (the leader in Russian Graduate-recruitment) uses Sphinx at http://fut.ru. They happily exclaim: "Sphinx is our preferred choice because of it's performance and flexibility, our customers love it... Long live the Sphinx!"

Alexa Rank: 396,539

Visit FutureToday

Nha Dat

Nha Dat is a site that serves (via Sphinx)news regarding the Vietnamese housing market, while promoting healthy and secure transactions.

Alexa Rank: 459,815

Visit Nha Dat


UltraClarity is using sphinx search to provide full text searching capabilities in the content of all documents published through the Clarity Greek OpenGov Program (currently hosting more that 7 million public documents).

The Clarity Program is a revolutionary application for the Greek Public Sector. All citizens are able to access the public documents, laws and official decisions of government agencies, public institutions and independent public authorities from a single website. The problem is that this website does not have advanced full text searching capabilities.

Sphinx was used because it can provide a high performance full text search index of all documents. Ultraclarity is retrieving all content from clarity using their API and performs added value services such as:
* full text search using sphinx
* text extraction from pdf documents (also using OCR)
* a fast and intuitive interface.

The system runs on a single Xeon 4-core server with 8 GB of RAM. Debian stable is used as the operating system. The application is built on nginx, php-fpm, cakephp, percona mysql and of course sphinx search.

The index size is over 7 million documents in the Greek language and growing steadily by 5-10.000 documents per day. Unique visitors of the system are over 1.500 per day, performing 10-12.000 pageviews.

UltraClarity would not be possible without Sphinx search. Its performance, integrity and stability is unparalleled.

Alexa Rank: 758,753

Visit UltraClarity

List of Companies

"We use sphinx for all our group's sites fulltext search & 'related' objects searching needs. In our opinion, sphinx is so far ahead there is no competition."
Simon - Director

Alexa Rank: 812,003

Visit List of Companies


Allabranscher.se is a business directory specializing in company and corporate information in Sweden.

"We needed some kind of search engine when we realized mysql didnt perform well on our huge table of companies. After looking around and having heard of Sphinx before, we picked Sphinx over Solr and never looked back. Our search experience has improved in ways we didn't even thought was possible before using Sphinx, the speed, the flexibility, all the neat features such as stemming, different matching modes, different ranking modes, filters etc."

Robert Andersson - Allabranscher.se

Alexa Rank: 881,143

Visit Allabranscher.se


Metalika.ua is a Ukrainian site serving commercial, analytic and background information on the metal, while monitoring it's relevance and credibility.

"Sphinx is used (with Postgres) to filter the not so short aggregated price lists (up to 200K positions all together) from many firms (as main payload). Also it is used for searching on other content types: textual info about firms (who posted prices), couple of news/ articles and some other text documents."
Alexander - Developer

Alexa Rank: 1,030,737

Visit Metalika.ua


Searchable Czech news aggregator indexing over 1,500,000 articles (+1,200 daily). Sphinx Search is used not only for fulltext, but also for taxonomy purposes. E.g. so called "topics" are predefined searches with many options.

"I decided to use Sphinx Search for its speed, simple usage and rich features. Also, I have good experience with Sphinx from other projects."
Vojtech - Founder

Alexa Rank: 1,343,783

Visit NoveClanky.cz


After MySQL Fulltext Search began to bog down their server, 4nieuws.nl chose Sphinx and in no time their server load was cut in half!

Alexa Rank: 2,233,926

Visit 4nieuws.nl

Car Dealers in America (Drnew.com)

Car Dealers in America (drnew.com) provides the most comprehensive list of the car dealers in America and uses Sphinx because of its superior performance

Alexa Rank: 2,399,880

Visit Car Dealers in America (Drnew.com)


BDFCI is an online Database of French Cinema with over 400,000 films, 700,000 personalities!

"I choose because it was the only way for me to have the best dynamic phonex/fulltext engine. Now, my visitors don't need to the exact name of a movie, and they have a true and good result... That's what they need!" Arnuad - Webmaster

Alexa Rank: 2,769,734


Hayat Bilgisi

Hayat Bilgisi uses Sphinx to power their is a Turkish wiki website.

"It was impossible to use mysql in our project. We thankful to sphnix solved our core problem."

When searching through 5 GB of data they see results returned in 0.070~ sec./query (including grouping, sorting hard, full scan).

Alexa Rank: 2,853,617

Visit Hayat Bilgisi


Цppettidr.se collects hours for Swedish shops, department stores, barber shops, restaurants and much more in one place!

"After using Sphinx for another site (www.allabranscher.se) I could not help but to use Sphinx for www.oppettidr.se as well. There's only 3000 records in www.oppettidr.se database, so speed performance was not the key issue here, but simple leveraging all of Sphinx search features such as matching, ranking, stemming, filter and more."

Robert Andersson - Owner/Lead Developer

Alexa Rank: 3,093,894

Visit Oppettidr.se


TeleForwarding is a specialized provider in the field of international (toll-free) telephony. They made the move to Sphinx and have a better search experience because of it.

Alexa Rank: 3,506,070

Visit Teleforwarding


Utilizing several indexes (the biggest being 9Gb) Infolegale happily uses Sphinx!

Alexa Rank: 9,697,129

Visit Infolegale

Direito 2

Direito2.com.br is a Brazilian legal news site.

"I was using the MySQL MyISAM Full Search for while, but, after 2M documents, the search start to be slow. After 4M was impossible for many users. I tried to find some tool and I found Lucene like, but all are complicated to install and use. The integration with MySQL was de 1st step and the SphinxSE was final."

Ruben - CEO

Alexa Rank: 9,770,455

Visit Direito 2


ManualShark.org is a service for free user guides and instruction manuals. Sphinx has to index and search over 65,000 manuals and guides totaling nearly 5 million pages.

Alexa Rank: 9,828,892

Visit Manualshark.org


Paralameter is repository of Slovakian Parliamentary debates using Sphinx to highlight the best and most interesting discussions and statements.

"We used sphinx because of the available ODBC interface (direct communication with models stored in database)."
Dusan - Parlameter

Alexa Rank: 19,520,928

Visit Parlameter


PresseTrends.com is a brand new press service for searching through the German, Swiss and Austrian newspapers. In anticipation of higher search volume, Sphinx Search was chosen. There are hundreds of newspapers with over 5 million articles.

Alexa Rank: 21,950,791

Visit Pressetrends.com


Foonews, an international newsgroup gateway and search engine (currently covering Italian, Spanish and French groups) indexes 14,000,000 posts using Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 26,255,544

Visit Foonews.net

Multidata Services Inc

MSI uses Sphinx to search through 1.2+ M records with 5+ M MVAs. It represents the Arab world's largest archive of Arabic Periodicals, growing at the rate of 4000 new records each month from over 20 countries, and with data going back to the 1970's

"(Sphinx)Speed up full-text searches from MSSQL from 20 seconds to 0.2 seconds." Rudy - Developer

Alexa Rank: 29,366,293

Visit Multidata Services Inc


Server is RHEL5, hardware is linode vps. Index size is around 500k places of simple metadata (full name, location type, county, state, postgres database ID for full data). Sphinx is used for an internal research tool, using the search API (through python) to allow fast lookup of place names and types (how many places start with "san", how many cities are there in california, etc). This is used for researching and pre-calculating information we surface on our pages. Queries are all lightning fast, and the real keys are the extensive search syntax, simple installation and efficient performance. Thanks guy, keep up the good work!

Alexa Rank: 1000000000

Visit biggestuscities.com


Oppettider.net reports: "We're the quickest (thanks to Sphinx!) option when you need to find the open hours (opening times) of stores and services. With Sphinx we easily handle thousands of searches and search results within the second.- We have thousands of records, indexed in a very nice and compact Sphinx index, with search taking about a millisecond on our SSD-filled servers- After trying Sphinx, we could not go back to not using it."

Alexa Rank:

Visit Oppettider

Nexdu Yellow Pages

We have multiple databases for each country with max rows of 400k and multilingual search, I chose Sphinx for great performance and best of all, it's open source. The relevance ranking that Sphinx provides improves our site's search functionality a lot.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Nexdu Yellow Pages


We use MySQL replication and Sphinx in our system.

Alexa Rank:

Visit bireleman


CentOs / 3.30GHz / 2GB RAMOur index is over 3 GB with ~330,000 rows in 15 languages! I found and accepted Sphinx after a long research and tests and comparing with other engines. It is easy to config and install and very flexible. Helped us in many cases; like search in all languages.Its fast and reliable.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Al-hassanain

Erne International

Operating system used: Windows 8.1
Hardware Configuration: Acer
Index Size/Query Performance: Property Turkey

Alexa Rank:

Visit Erne International


Awesome and Fast

Alexa Rank:

Visit Tesetturya.com


Twistnik is a search engine for Twister (decentralized peer-to-peer analog of Twitter).

Debian 8 Jessie

Alexa Rank:

Visit Sijeko


Twistnik is a search engine for Twister (decentralized peer-to-peer analog of Twitter).

Debian 8 Jessie

Alexa Rank:

Visit Sijeko

Optimally Organic Inc.

Optimally Organic, Inc. is a family held and funded corporation dedicated to producing the highest quality Organic Health Products on the world market, at competitive prices and at the performance levels their customers require. The health of their customers is their 1st priority and they never cut corners to increase profits. They understand the importance of purity and the steps that must be taken to maintain the integrity of raw organics.Visit website today to get premium quality and ethically sourced whole food supplements in the world at www.optimallyorganic.com.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Optimally Organic Inc.


The Patent Data Search website is the latest in patent search. This new search website powered by Sphinx provides the most up to date patent library available in the US outside of the USPTO office. Their search tool provides an easy to use interface and simplifies the patent search experience.

Alexa Rank: No Data

Visit PantrosIP


I love Sphinx!

Alexa Rank:

Visit FinanceTur


Our website offers car companies to search for the last car details, which they need for several things. The system of Sphinx makes it possible to offer the best user friendly system for consumers and car companies to pull out the latest actual car details. The system offers more than 1.5 million details in the index size and is still growing every day.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Kentekencheck.nu

Media »

BBC Archive Development

Debian Linux, multiple pairs of Sphinx / MySQL back ends and Apache / Perl / Dancer / Template Toolkit front ends. All running behind a Varnish cache layer (which doesn't help Sphinx). There's some more background here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/posts/Genome-behind-the-scenes

Alexa Rank: 64

Visit BBC Archive Development


Imagine Hulu plus Netflix at Youtube scale. Youku is China's largest professional (and user generated) video content provider. They use Sphinx for heavily faceted search on their internal video management system.

Alexa Rank: 68

Visit Youku


A digital documents library that allows users to publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents in various languages.

Alexa Rank: 285

Visit Scribd.com


HubPages is a social content community where everyday experts communicate their knowledge while earning an income. Sphinx has powered HubPages search since 2008 and currently performs 700+ queries a second on indexes totaling more than 36 million items.

Alexa Rank: 548

Visit Hubpages.com


Metacafe is a community based video sharing web site that specializes in short-form original entertainment where users upload, view and share video clips.

Alexa Rank: 1,025

Visit Metacafe


"Using Sphinx for two years with great results."

Alexa Rank: 2,039

Visit Indowebster


"Using Sphinx to power our full text search engines and also replacing heavy mysql queries. Thank You Sphinx!"
Ilkan Celik

Alexa Rank: 3,011

Visit Izlesene.com


Baomoi.com is the No.1 online news aggregators in Vietnam with 1.5M daily pageviews.

Alexa Rank: 3,861

Visit Baomoi.com


"We recently started using Sphinx to power our Color, Palette and Pattern searches. It's incredibly fast and will scale much better than mysql!"

Alexa Rank: 4,034

Visit COLOURlovers


neowin.net, Windows news website, 7.0 million posts in the forum.

Alexa Rank: 4,874

Visit Neowin.net


Popscreen.com, the world's first video prediction engine, helps users discover videos that are making headlines and understand the stories behind them.

"We were looking for a speedy and scalable solution for our video search and recommendation engine. We found it in Sphinx!"

Kevin - Co-Founder/Chief Architect

Alexa Rank: 6,351

Visit PopScreen

Sooper Articles

"Sooper Articles provides a free business marketing platform to niche authors. It helps them reach a potential target audience around the world. There are more than 1.5 million authors who have contributed 2 million high quality articles and the number is still growing. Sooper Articles started using Sphinx search in 2010. The primary focus was to provide powerful a search system and find repetitive contents in the article database. Unfortunately, MySQL full text search was very slow and took approximately 40-60 seconds per article. Sphinx search helped us to reduce this time to 10 seconds per article and our website visitors are very happy with our custom site search engine."

Alexa Rank: 7,878

Visit Sooper Articles


Online Music Platform.

Alexa Rank: 10,890

Visit Goear.com


"The point is that Sphinx is better than mysql fulltext -> faster and better results. We have results like this from our forum returned 1000 matches of 2504 total in 0.001 sec which has 79568 topics and 1387746 comments."
Richard Housham

Alexa Rank: 12,969

Visit Ephotozine


"It only took me 2 hours to install and implement Sphinx into codeigniter PHP framework by calling the PHP API."

Alexa Rank: 14,069

Visit PDFcast.org


Naslovi, most popular news search engine and aggregation site in Serbia with 50.000+ daily visits switched to Sphinx for its speed and the quality of results.

Alexa Rank: 19,163

Visit naslovi.net


"GraphicLeftovers.com is a growing royalty free stock image marketplace that uses Sphinx Search on the backend. We index titles, descriptions, and tags, and we use the extended matching for more popular images, more popular artists, and how recent an item is."
Daniel Errante

Alexa Rank: 39,484

Visit Graphicleftovers.com


Free Photocommunity and Stock Agency for royalty free image. Queries: 1.24k per min
Total Size of all Indexes: 28G
Avg. search time on biggest index (size: 2G): 432 ms over 3 million records with 25 attributes.

Alexa Rank: 41424

Visit PantherMedia


Using Sphinx to search 3,000,000 subtitles.

"I'm realy happy with Sphinx. Its so fast and easy to use. Never had problems with it and will use Sphinx forever."

Alexa Rank: 48,777

Visit All4Divx

Le Monde Diplomatique

Le Monde Diplomatique is a French media outlet/newspaper established in 1954.

They're using Sphinx 2.1.0-dev (r3163) on Linux/Debian + MySQL
They have ~50k articles and connect through the Sphinx API (and SphinxQL for tests).

"Sphinx has allowed us to accelerate (100x) our home-made search engine." Philippe - Webmaster

Alexa Rank: 73,708

Visit Le Monde Diplomatique


WASAlive scans more than 150K news providers and has a database of 8M news entries. Searchable instantly.

Alexa Rank: 77,664

Visit wasalive.com


Elbo.ws, Music Blog Aggregator, reports discovering new Sphinx uses for its 400,000-post archive on a regular basis.

Alexa Rank: 82,862

Visit Elbo.ws


Audioveda.ru is a Russian spiritual enlightenment site linking users to audio lectures via Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 171,201

Visit Audioveda.ru


VXV, local Argentinian video hosting, provides search through its 35K videos collection to over 1M unique monthly visitors.

Alexa Rank: 211,947

Visit Vxv.com

Simply Audiobooks

"We just converted our website to use Sphinx from a MySQL fulltext search."

Alexa Rank: 215,595

Visit Simply Audiobooks


Cantorion.org provides users with free sheet music, scores & concert listings via Sphinx.

"We use Sphinx to search about 20,000 documents in 18 languages (including Cyrillic and East Asian scripts). The data comes from a MySQL backend and we saw an 100x speed increase when we moved from directly querying MySQL FULLTEXT indexes to using Sphinx indexes."

Ed - Founder of Cantorion

Alexa Rank: 241,570

Visit Cantorion


Semnasem is a Russian social media website and a happy Sphinx user.

Alexa Rank: 351,155

Visit Semnasem


Get-Music.net and Get-Lyric.net are search engines over 260,000 songs and 1,200,000 song lyrics respectively.

Alexa Rank: 425,526

Visit Get-music.net


"We are using a heavily modified version of Sphinx. I think we are probably the largest Sphinx installation out there with some 1,000 search nodes partitioned into 64 different notes with over 500 million records from a db that is approximately a terabyte in size. We also use Hadoop to generate Sphinx indexes. Our response time is on the order of 40ms."
Pete Kocks

Alexa Rank: 672,678

Visit Truveo


"I use sphinx on two of my projects: http://getcomicstrips.com and more recently http://captureshot.com Sphinx is really good and fast. Thank you very much!" Olivier Yiptong

Alexa Rank: 690,474

Visit Captureshot


Sphinx search engine works very quickly with large volumes of data, it is a very powerful, fast and functional engine.

Alexa Rank: 804,802

Visit Moviefast

Press Association Images

Paimages.co.uk is using Sphinx with approximately 16 million media textual metadata assets. They use the Perl Sphinx API to talk to the Sphinx service and are seeing sub-second filtered ordered searches.

Their Senior Developer told us:
"We have been trialling with Sphinx since early beta versions and have discovered that the performance for full text searching it has over MySQL is huge. So I created our search API on top of it and haven't looked back since."

Alexa Rank: 814,238

Visit Press Association Images


"We are using Sphinx 1.10 to index and search through text representation of the documents and presentations. We use Debian Squeeze with MariaDB and SphinxSE and some SphinxQL and Sphinx API functions. The query performance is great, that's why we've chosen Sphinx :)"
- Georgy Angelov

Alexa Rank: 1,280,184

Visit Slides.bg


The Music Lyrics Database, which carries over 220,000 song lyrics, implements most of its functionality by using almost every single Sphinx feature available (uses extended queries, live attribute updates, main/delta index partitioning, you name it).

Alexa Rank: 1,354,942

Visit Mldb.org


Vidmak is a Turkish video site.

Alexa Rank: 4,155,099

Visit Vidmak


"We are using an external PHP API to fetch results from Sphinx. We are students from Turkey trying to develop a video search service by adding videos to our database via our web crawl bot. We are very happy to use Sphinx :)"
Erdal Mercan

Alexa Rank: 5,601,534

Visit Kendincos.net


DistroDocs.com is online library that allows anyone to save and share documents online.

"We use Sphinx Version 2.0.4 with OS Linux Ubuntu and database MySQL. Connector USE Sphinx API. We get great search result, easy to use & installation, incredible and realible fast."

Idris - Distrodocs.com

Alexa Rank: 6,898,954

Visit Distrodocs.com


Showroom34 is an internet platform that exhibits and hosts e-showrooms. Sphinx helps them to facilitate the exchange between clothing suppliers and buyers.

Alexa Rank: 8,344,578

Visit Showroom34


"We based our Search API on Sphinx that we found much more reliable, customizable and quick than the build in functions in MySql."
Vincenzo Mandile

Alexa Rank: 11,771,503

Visit Sharedj.com


mpHits is a Chilean site powered-by sphinx 0.9.9 that makes music available in different mediums to fans.

Alexa Rank: 13,438,197

Visit Mphits


"Callsto.fm needed a search engine that could be centrally located, easy to manage, and (most importantly) be super fast. Sphinx did all that and more. I'm thrilled with the performance. We're only indexing 10,000+ records, but we expect exponential growth, and I have no doubt that Sphinx will handle it perfectly."
Richard Jones

Alexa Rank: 14,101,498

Visit Callisto.fm


VideoFF enables Turkish users to watch the latest music videos with lyrics.

"We are using sphinx for site search and related videos. Simple and fastest search solution that response time is 0.000."

Emrah - VideoFF

Alexa Rank: 14,531,635

Visit VideoFF


Widepress is an international news search engine which indexes more than 10 million news articles in 5 languages (French, English, German, Italian and Spanish).

Alexa Rank: 20,916,243

Visit widepress.com


Imagetrail.net is a search engine for professional stock photography. It indexes mutliple agencies and then combines duplicates by looking at the metadata and the thumbnails. It employed MySQL full text search before, but with database coming to 1 million images searches for even moderately frequent words hit 3-6 seconds. They're back down to under 1 second now. Guess why.

Alexa Rank: 24,216,189

Visit Imagetrail.net


Proza, an Ukrainian online art magazine provides Sphinx-based search over thousands of its articles.

Alexa Rank: 24,327,937

Visit Proza.com.ua

Peppa Pig Youtube


Alexa Rank:

Visit Peppa Pig Youtube


Separate 8Core 32GB RAM SSD CentOS 6 x64 to run MySQL and Sphinx.
Our index currently consists of ~25 million entries, and is ~3.2 GB size.
We chose Sphinx because it's fantastically easy to use, yet very powerful!

Alexa Rank:

Visit RCDDigital


Sphinx search engine works very quickly with large volumes of data, it is a very powerful, fast and functional engine.We have been trialling with Sphinx since early beta versions and have discovered that the performance for full text searching it has over MySQL is huge. So I created our search API on top of it and haven't looked back since.

Alexa Rank:

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Dutch Consultants

Sphinx has improved our search experience on the hardware of our computer systems. Without Sphinx we wouldn't be able to reach this kind of efficient working style in our company. Many thanks to Sphinx Search.

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.I get sphinx of corse have a good response time

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E-Commerce, Shopping »


Avito.ru, the #1 classified-ads site in Russia, utilizes Sphinx to deliver lightning-fast search of more than 200 million ads and around 300 million queries/day

Alexa Rank: 285

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Sahibinden, Turkey's local eBay, initially adopted Sphinx to improve its fulltext search.

Alexa Rank: 447

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"I just thought I'd let you know that over at Envato (http://envato.com) we're very happy with Sphinx. We currently use it for all 7 of our marketplaces: ActiveDen, ThemeForest, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, VideoHive, CodeCanyon, and 3DOcean. We search around half a million records and serve about 10 million requests a week - Sphinx handles it with no problems."
John Barton

Alexa Rank: 822

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OLX Philippines

We have been using SphinxSearch since 2006, our Founder/CEO coded Sulit.com.ph all by himself and at the time, it seemed to be the best option. Sulit.com.ph later rebranded to OLX.ph but the underlying platform/technology was retained. We could consider SphinxSearch as the core of OLX Philippines, being a free classifieds website, our users' primary intent in a buyers' perspective is to search for items they are looking for.

Total Index Size: 780MB

Query Performance (According to New Relic Sphinx Plugin during Peak Hours)
Deltas: 18K Queries/sec
Distributed: 28K Queries/sec.

Alexa Rank: 2018

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Leading trading platform for buying and selling goods and services in Russia.

"We have almost all samples coming not from the database, but from Sphinx."

Alexa Rank: 3,833

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"We run sphinx on top of a Postgresql database containing millions of records. Sphinx sped up full-text searching by about 100x over the built-in version in Postgresql, enabling us to use full-text searching and the powerful query language Sphinx provides to help connect consumers with the content they are seeking!"
Dan Birken - Director of Engineering

Alexa Rank: 4,044

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BesList is a product and price comparison engine that indexes over 7,000,000 products.

Alexa Rank: 4,102

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Sphinx provides search to users of Lamoda.ru which is Russia's largest online store, representing more than 500,000 products and 700 authentic brands of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Alexa Rank: 4,113

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Nhat Nguyet Service and trading Co., LTD

5giay.vn, a popular Vietnamese E-Commerce site, chose Sphinx because of its performance, stability and scalability.

Alexa Rank: 5,646

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Zbozi, a product search and price comparison website by Seznam.cz A.S., indexes 20M e-shop items from 6K e-shops in the Czech Republic. There are 1.8M incoming search requests per day, peaking at 150K per hour. Additionally, there are 12M of so-called "short search" requests per day.

Alexa Rank: 5,926

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Rongbay is the online classified listing platform, the biggest one in Vietnam with about 3 million records, 20,000 advertisement messages each day, and (as of late 2008) average of 100,000 visits a day.

Alexa Rank: 7,604

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Enbac is a popular Vietnamese online auction site.

Alexa Rank: 9,012

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Delcampe.net is like an ebay for collectors. They let their users search on 70M items where they have 36M running sales + 34M early closed sales and are serving approximately 750K search/day.

Alexa Rank: 14,887

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Auction website for Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, BiH, Slovenia and Montenegro.

"We currently have around 70,000 unique visitors per day, 1 500,000 pageviews per day. Sphinx receives around 133,000 queries per day."

Alexa Rank: 16,181

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Chena Ventures

We use Sphinx in our Classified ads site which serves over 100 thousand unique users from all around latin america, brazil and spain.

Alexa Rank: 19,278

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Moved over from MySQL Fulltext. Indexing over 3.5 million auctions, their titles, descriptions and many other attributes smoothly and happily!

Alexa Rank: 19,337

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Shoplex Inc.

We use sphinx for coupons and merchants search (including query auto completion). The query performance is much better than mysql fulltext. We've run sphinx for two years, we use crontab to run incremental index (nearly realtime). Sphinx is working very well with PHP, MySQL under Linux environment.

Alexa Rank: 25,452

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Onewayshopping LLC is feature-rich shopping guide that provides online shoppers with helpful information to assist in their purchasing decisions. The search engine offers free and unbiased information on products and merchants, including price comparisons, availability and other merchant information.

Alexa Rank: 28,661

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Onewayshopping.com is one of the fastest growing online comparison shopping services. Their goal is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find, compare and buy products from thousands of trusted stores on the web. They report: "We choose to use Sphinx due to its ability to quickly and effectively search millions of products on our site and give the best search results."

Alexa Rank: 28,661

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Techport.ru is a website powered by Sphinx that specializes in of household appliances.

Alexa Rank: 35,241

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Duocgia is a Vietnamese real-estate site which enables investors and users to purchase property quickly and efficiently.

Alexa Rank: 48,664

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My Natural Market.com

"I am very impressed with Sphinx. Search results returned in 0.000-0.002 which is MUCH faster than MySQL " LIKE '%keyword' " or even fulltext index. And the best part is that it returns relevant results even on some misspells."

Alexa Rank: 58,579

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Fashionchick uses Sphinx, together with SphinxSE plugin to power browsing through millions of products, brands and shops.

"Previously, we used (slow) MySQL fulltexts, which do not scale at all. Overall, our business improved by using Sphinx, the user experience is just some much better than it was a year ago." Arno

Alexa Rank: 61,900

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Chophien.com is a Vietnamese E-commerce site that uses Sphinx for their search.

Alexa Rank: 65,382

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"We are an online marketplace for Asia-focused digital artists. At MotionElements (ME), you can save time and be creative by buying modular, high quality elements. Also, you can make money by selling your existing elements through ME. We support keyed live footages, 2d / 3d animation, 3d models and other stock motion elements."
Mark Sun

Alexa Rank: 66,844

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ARTFLAKES specializes in selling posters, art print, greeting cards from international artists and designers. They run Sphinx 0.9.9 on Gentoo with MySQL as the data-source. They utilize Sphinx because outside of its great performance, it enables them to implement a great filter mechanism without additional code.

Alexa Rank: 70,820


Wowway Labs

Findyogi.com uses Sphinx to provide intelligent comparison of products to assist your buying decision.

Alexa Rank: 72,130

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An online shop for car parts, indexing 250,000 parts with more than 5,000,000 MVA values attached to them, heavily using filtering and group-by and getting excellent performance out of that.

Alexa Rank: 85,507

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"Thanks to Sphinx, the performance is quite amazing. We are able to run 100k queries a day on a single USD 200 server. Our DB is 16GB heavy and none of our problems are related to Sphinx."
Arvin Zuberbuehler

Alexa Rank: 95,942

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"We use Sphinx to index and search through almost 400,000 cards and 10,000 card categories. Search times are sub-second so it works great."
Bryce Foster

Alexa Rank: 107,546

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Berg Group is one of the largest providers of wholesale auto parts in Russia and they are using Sphinx to provide lightning-fast search for their users.

Alexa Rank: 124,560

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Using Sphinx with over 25M records indexed daily, it powers the review section of the site.

Alexa Rank: 126,188

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Uitmetkorting.nl provides products and services at a discount to thousands of visitors daily. They report: "There are some good references around which convinced us to use Sphinx!"

Alexa Rank: 149,588

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Bezplatno.net - the biggest classifieds site in Bulgaria with over 1 million monthly users serving 20 million impressions.

"As the site grew we were losing performance with the database operations doing too much I/O operations and spiking the CPU.We decided to choose Sphinx for its scalability and exceptional performance on searching."

Svetlin - Head Developer

Alexa Rank: 155,858

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"Our company uses your product in our search. Thank you very much. Sphinx is very excellent.and does a very good job." Fu

Alexa Rank: 156,891

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WhoSellsIt is a search engine for product cataloques and brochures.

Alexa Rank: 180,469

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"We evaluated different solutions including MySQL full text search and Lucene and found Sphinx to be the best option for us. After DB has increased 100 times we still don't see any performance problems with full text search."
Pete Wilson - CTO

Alexa Rank: 185,707

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Buch Freund

"We moved our search index on www.buchfreund.de from native MySQL MyISAM fulltext index to the Sphinx fulltext engine, which works very fast and brilliant."
Stefan Glasser

Alexa Rank: 195,361

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Reviewspot is a big Dutch review website. Consumers can rate webshops and websites. They can write their own reviews and comment on reviews from other visitors.We have Sphinx running on a Microsoft Windows Server 2010 64 bit OS connected to a MS SQL 2010 database with the server having 12 G memory and Xeon E5420 processor. We have more than 200,000 question, 1 million answers and 150.000 reviews indexed by Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 216,868

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Discount Electrions

Version: 2.0.4
OS: Linux
Index Size: 5455 docs, 3.6 MB
Connectors used: Sphinx API

"After seeing how many relevant searches were returning zero results, I decided we needed a elegant search solution - fast! I downloaded sphinx on to my local WAMP instance and had it running in a snap. Instantly I was blown away by the search results compared to the clumsy MySQL %LIKE% selects. I spent the following nights replacing our search system with Sphinx. Now our product searches are fast, relevant, and reliable. I haven't looked back since."

Austin - CTO

Alexa Rank: 217,008

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WillyFogg is an international product search engine. Sphinx helps to index 17,000,000+ products.

Alexa Rank: 226,180

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Mediam.ru uses Sphinx to facilitate the buying and selling of bulk goods!

Alexa Rank: 235,805

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Sphinx is very stable and reliable, since we've been running Sphinx we have had no issues with speed and uptime.

Alexa Rank: 250,959

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Alloy Group Ltd.

"We use sphinx for search on our django-powered project Platform.Alloy, whose work can be seen on alloy.ru, narashvat.ru, findrealty.ru and others. The main site is alloy.ru Thank you and good luck!" Vasiliy Bolshakov

Alexa Rank: 253,441

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"Its so great that we do not have to rely on the slow mysql text search and page fullscans."
Vladimir Marchuk

Alexa Rank: 259,438

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Kupoholicarke is a Croatian shopping center that is powered by Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 282,464

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"As a new company it's important to be able to scale fast and Sphinx enables us to do exactly that."
Morten Bo

Alexa Rank: 283,876

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Olay Emlak

Olay Emlak is a Turkish real-estate site.

Alexa Rank: 284,242

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The Shoogle team had this to say: "Sphinx allowed our search engine to perform significantly faster, our traffic doubled after the implementation. It accommodates much more search traffic without any changes in hardware. It's just that fast!"

Alexa Rank: 297,687

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Store-Locator.com is a service for locating stores world-wide. Currently over 35,000 stores are listed including 3.5 million items attached to it. Sphinx is used in future anticipation of higher search performance needs. While MySQL easily could handle the current few thousand daily queries, Sphinx's easy and cost effective installation convinced them to use it from the very start.

Alexa Rank: 315,879

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Discountoffice.nl uses sphinx to enable it's customers to search their office supplies product catalog.

"Switching from MySQL full-text search to Sphinx greatly improved search performance and accuracy."

Joost - Software Architect

Alexa Rank: 323,174

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Tiendy.com is a web-shop creation company that uses Sphinx as their search system for more than 500 shops.

"We use Sphinx because it is fast, robust and uses low resources."
Manuel - Founder

Alexa Rank: 334,034

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Bizlia just started using Sphinx. They are an online directory of local businesses where users can find, buy and recommend local shops and restaurants.

Alexa Rank: 344,094

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Absorbent Printing uses Sphinx to search through online catalog containing more than 4,500 promotional products and corporate gifts.

Alexa Rank: 349,388

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Absorbent Ink

Absorbent Printing uses Sphinx to search engine for their e-commerce site, to search through online catalog containing more than 4,500 promotional products and corporate gifts.

Alexa Rank: 349,388

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Real-com.net provides localized goods, services, and discounts all from one site.

They use Sphinx 2.0.1 on FreeBSD 8.1.
Data source: MySQL 5.5. SphinxQL.
There are over 2 million documents (1GB+ on hard drive).
Query time avg: 0.06 sec with 8-10 qps.

Alexa Rank: 397,523

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"Search times are so low we haven't done extensive profiling but they are definitely in the couple hundred millisecond range. We are impressed that Sphinx is able to perform so well even given very minimal hardware and RAM."
Tom Davies

Alexa Rank: 400,383

Visit Teenormous.com

SalesRack Inc.

Salesrack.net is an eCommerce/price comparison site. Here's what they told us, "We know Sphinx very well and the strong community helps!"

Alexa Rank: 403318

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1Korting.nl is a dutch coupon and discount site."In the past we had a very bad experience for using our search functionality. Since we started to use Sphinx the results are amazing and the performance is very good."

Alexa Rank: 430,235

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"The search times couldn't be faster..."
Kris Kennedy

Alexa Rank: 457,167

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Using the engine to search over a million cars has allowed EasyAutoSales.com to shorten what was 15-30 second delays down to milliseconds.

Alexa Rank: 467,678

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Patrol Store

They use Sphinx in "Patrol Store" (www.patrolstore.com), an e-commerce site that sells Police Equipment. They've created an extra thesaurus system under Magento CE's search architecture. Simply put, because of Sphinx, they report that, "it was a nice and easy task resulting in better search results."

Alexa Rank: 471,673

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Prijsvergelijken is a Dutch price and user review comparison site.

"We use Sphinx because we have had a bad performance and we couldn't influence search results. With Sphinx performance is very good and we contoll our search results." Coen - Prijsvergelijken

Alexa Rank: 477,133

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Evenemang.se is one of Swedens largest online event guides. As Sphinx is so fast we generate data sets for most views on Evenemang.se from querying Sphinx and then fetch details for the various data in the data set from MySQL. We also use the geo distance search in Sphinx. We run Evenemang.se using Ubuntu 12.04 on a machine with two Intel Xeon Dual Core processors. The index is currently just under 1 Gb. Response time for queries are less than a millisecond even under load.

Alexa Rank: 499443

Visit Evenemang.se


Klettshop24.de is a German site that uses Sphinx to search through a wide selection of Velcro products.

Alexa Rank: 551,378

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Tudomuaban.com is a Vietnamese E-commerce/Free classified add site in Vietnam that happily uses Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 573,814

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Eveos is the German B2B Marketplace for events and incentives, conferences, equipment and technology, personnel, venues and service providers for events.

Alexa Rank: 662,733

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Upshot Commerce

The Upshot Commerce Platform provides a suite of enterprise-ready features to start or migrate ones cross channel, convergent commerce efforts.

"It's (Sphinx) helped us to take load off mysql and allows us to tweak the sphinx.conf to get better results for each customer."

Alexa Rank: 751,704

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Using Sphinx with a database containing over three million records. They report: 'with Sphinx we can search the entire database in no-time. The search system on our website works like a charm. Sphinx is easy to install. Even without experience, the Sphinx API and documentation made it easy to implement this powerful search server into our website. Sphinx brings absolutely everything we need at Bestekortingscode.nl".

Alexa Rank: 808,664

Visit Bestekortingscode.nl


Sphinx greatly improved the speed and accuracy of coupon searches at sslash.com.

Alexa Rank: 837,534

Visit sslash.com


We are using Sphinx as it's very stable and the speed is amazing.

Alexa Rank: 894,363

Visit Couponpapa


GetPen.ru is an e-commerce shop in Russia specializing in writing utensil and it's powered-by Sphinx Search.

They use Sphinx mostly because of...
1) lightning fast installation and setup
2) ease of use
3) huge installations such as craigslist and so on
4) quality of search

Alexa Rank: 898,424

Visit GetPen.ru

fortunando s.r.l.

"We use Sphinx to compare merchants and their prices and also for many other internal operations. We choose Sphinx because of its high performance and stability. Moreover it's very simple to manage and it is very easy to integrate with PHP."

Alexa Rank: 932,513

Visit fortunando s.r.l.


We were advised by our developers to implement Sphinx. As I am the commercial director with little knowledge of technical issues, I cannot get into the details. However, I have heard our developers say they are very happy with Sphinx, so I would recommend it to every web entrepreneur.

Alexa Rank: 1,139,967

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"We're running a sheet music shop and it's working like a dream for us. Its integrated with the Prestashop cart system and running really well - couldn't be happier! So, thanks for all the hard work. 64,000 products and counting but we're planning to roll out Sphinx to do neat things like categorisation using wordforms in the future."
Xavier Riley

Alexa Rank: 1,185,446

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E-commerce German Product Search.

"We had some problems by managing over 30 Million Products, with sphinx it is just so easy to handle it. Thank you!"
Moritz Drews

Alexa Rank: 1,224,854

Visit einfachbilliger.com


"We use Sphinx compiled from tarball, including the native PHP client API. It seems that this is much faster than using php-perl-sphinx (a binary PHP extension). ... We've added you to our credits. Thank you for Sphinx!"
Mukund Sivaraman

Alexa Rank: 1,233,392

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It has been online for more than five years. While about 42% of the site's visitors are in the US, it is also popular in Germany. It is located in the US. Zzoop.com's visitors view 1.1 unique pages each day on average.

Alexa Rank: 1,276,378

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Pawel Mucha Technologie Informatyczne

"When 1.10-beta was released we decided to give it a try as a standalone database. It was about 10 times faster. Now we connect to it by MySQL protocol and use SphinxQL." Pawel Mucha

Alexa Rank: 1,297,811

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Rechtsbijstandverzekering.net compares prices of legal insurance providers to offer visitors a clear and honest overview. Next to comparing prices, we compare the pros and cons of the different providers.

We were advised by our web programmers to implement and use Sphinx. We choose Sphinx because of its high performance and stability. Also, it is very simple to use and manage. Managing the database becomes really simple with Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 1,356,900

Visit Rechtsbijstandverzekering.net


FreeTorg is a B2B/B2C trade portal. Search is performed against 450,000+ trade leads.

Alexa Rank: 1,545,964

Visit Freetorg.com


"In our internal tracking system we have about 250,000,000 rows in our MySql db that I put in a Sphinx index, and its ever increasing. My life would simply be much harder if not for Sphinx."
Christian Albinsson

Alexa Rank: 1,597,645

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Onevali.com.au uses Sphinx 2.0.2-beta to power both their Search Engine and Featured Products. Sphinx is a fully integrated component on their Global Online Marketplace platform they've been noticing some very impressive results.

"We chose Sphinx given its reputation and community which was very necessary for us before making such a core change to our platform."
Mary - Onevali.com com.au

Alexa Rank: 1,747,376

Visit Onevali.com.au


Preisomat, the German price comparison service with over 6,000,000 prices, is powered by Sphinx Search and is performing very well.

Alexa Rank: 1,959,061

Visit Preisomat.com

Get It

"We choose Sphinx to stay consistent across all of our web properties. It provides us with full text search options and outstanding performance."
- Jacob Peebles

Alexa Rank: 2,303,216

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Online shop with 3,000,000 antiquarian books from different sellers.

Alexa Rank: 2,615,691

Visit Biblioman.de


Dealbert.net (beta) is a free, real-time online deal search engin

Alexa Rank: 3,136,815

Visit DealBert.net


QuickerBuy.com is free integrated trading platform which takes advantage of many shopping oriented distribution opportunities (eBay, Google, Bing) to help users sell their products. They use Sphinx 0.9.9 to deliver 100 ms query performance because the performance is very fast, and it is stable.

Alexa Rank: 3,170,321

Visit QuickerBuy.com


ProductPlace.net is a product price comparison site offering free service to consumers worldwide with over 50,000,000 products in the database from over 1,000 online merchants from USA, Canada, the UK, Australian, Germany, France, Italy, etc... and growing. Sphinx enabled ProductPlace.net users to find products and compare prices instantly. We are very satisfied with the performance of Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 3,243,189

Visit Productplace.net


BuyFinders.com switched to Sphinx in order to provide fast searching on more than 25 million products, updated daily. With Sphinx installed, full text searches that took more than 30 seconds now process in less than a second.

Alexa Rank: 3,585,335

Visit Buyfinders.com


PRIJSZOEKEN.nl, allows for cheaper online shopping by pulling in deals from hundreds of Dutch webshops. Sphinx enables users to search over 1.5 million products from 300 shops in the Netherlands.

"Our website was growing very fast, PHP's fulltext search became too slow with our large database (MySQL). Sphinx handles everything very fast, our sales increased a lot after the implantation of Sphinx in our website."

Peter - Owner

Alexa Rank: 3,715,889

Visit Prijszoeken.nl


At people-video-review.com, Sphinx searches a database of video reviews provided by real people.

Alexa Rank: 3,922,084

Visit people-video-review.com


VDP (Vehicle Data Processor) is a German auto-parts distributor.

"After ferret(acts_as_ferret) and tests with acts_as_solr we moved to sphinx. Because active RoR (Ruby on Rails)-Support for the gem, "very easy" to install(daemon) and support for rails(from 2.xx - 3.0.x via github) , and a great performance(~342.000 public products)."

Jens - Developer

Alexa Rank: 4,963,654

Visit VDP

Winterjassen Online

Winterjassen Online is a Winter Jacket shopping website from the Netherlands and they use Sphinx! They announce: "Its works very well."

Alexa Rank: 5,087,802

Visit Winterjassen Online


Importers of power cable products.

Alexa Rank: 5,166,056

Visit Capdien


Smartpon uses Sphinx to power their coupon search engine.

They choose to use Sphinx...
1. For speed improvement
2. Features: Did you mean aka Aspell
3. Relevance improvement

Alexa Rank: 5,228,894

Visit Smartpon


Bombon is a Ukrainian children's clothing e-commerce site. They are using Sphinx 0.9.9 with MySQL 5.1.58 to search their online store.

Alexa Rank: 5,441,786

Visit Bombon


MyPriceRite is a leading price comparison shopping site that allows online shoppers find the best deals and lowest prices.

"All I can say is that the incredible performance and speed of Sphinx has catapulted our user engagement. We have over 4 million documents on our database and search results are returns at the speed of light!!"

Alexa Rank: 6,252,152

Visit MyPriceRite


This is a Turkish Real Estate Portal that uses Sphinx to provide lightning-fast results.

Alexa Rank: 6,673,283

Visit sahibindenemlak.net


Zomerjassen allows users to compare the prices of summer coats. About Sphinx, they say its "just great to work with!"

Alexa Rank: 8,114,556

Visit Zomerjassen


Prodopedia.com houses StandardCat, a products and services encyclopedia.

Using lighting fast, multi-dimensional search technology (Sphinx), they aggregate large-scale, standardized, and validated content from global manufactures and suppliers.

Alexa Rank: 8,290,963

Visit Prodopedia


CellularMall is an online retailer of unlocked GSM cellphones and cellular accessories. They are 'Sphinxing' their online product catalog.

Alexa Rank: 8,450,214

Visit Cellularmall.ca

Buzzers (Techunits.com)

Buzzers.co.za is an e-commerce site built by Techunits a web-development firm. They are currently running Sphinx 2.01 (beta) with MongoDB & MySQL.

Techunits.com had previously used ZendLucene for search, however "as our databased Increased to 3.5M datarows, so Lucene performance was not upto expectations. So we shifted to Sphinx. Sphinx improved the search results in terms of query time as well as result quality." -Sougata P. CTO of Techunits

Alexa Rank: 9,288,104

Visit Buzzers (Techunits.com)


Price comparison service for books and DVDs, with about 1 million rows in the database.

Alexa Rank: 10,236,938

Visit knigi-diski.ru


DinPris AS, a leading shopping comparison service in Norway, and one of the very first heavy SphinxSE users.

Alexa Rank: 12,838,482

Visit dinpris.no

Emption Corporation

Emption is a comparison shopping website, which utilizes Sphinx for search. With Sphinx, Emption currently searches and compares over 10,000,000 products.

Alexa Rank: 17,779,995

Visit Emption Corporation


Salestarts.com researches millions of products and thousands of retailers so that users do not have to.

"Sphinx is an excellent and very fast search engine and a breeze after Lucene, We use it to index our database of products and discount searches as well as filters and sorting."

Alexa Rank: 18,695,850

Visit SaleStarts.com

Car Dealers in Atlanta

Car dealers in Atlanta is the one-stop shop for car buyers in Atlanta looking to purchase vehicles from reputable dealers.

"We choose Sphinx because people told us that is best software to use"

Alexa Rank: 19,781,514

Visit Car Dealers in Atlanta


Pickii finds the best reviewed products at Amazon and uses Sphinx to power the site's search across several hundred thousand products. Not a huge dataset, but site users often comment that the search function is lightning fast and returns useful results.

Alexa Rank: 23,353,510

Visit Pickii.com


Merkenwinkels.nl, a subsidiary of No Search,is an online Dutch fashion portal with over 500,000 products from 4,500 brands and 120 shops.

"(We choose Sphinx) Because of the growth in products over the last year, we decided to use Sphinx. Its fast way of searching has helped our business grow and serve pages faster to our users. The community and resources offered by Sphinx helped us improve and create even more complex indexes."

Sjoerd - Developer

Alexa Rank: 28,373,996

Visit Merkenwinkels.nl


This is just the first breed of new verticals from the biggest classifieds operator in Greece.

Alexa Rank: 29,014,964

Visit Automoto.gr

Cop Shop UK

We are a police & military equipment site running on the Magento platform, we chose Sphinx simply because it's light-years ahead of the built-in search function, the search results returned are significantly improved and much more relevant.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Cop Shop UK

Quality Data Products

Sphinx is a life saver, We have a magento e-commerce site and we started to use Sphinx to improve our search results. The Results Are Incredible! We are very pleased, the software is easy to install and can be integrated with magento using module. Go with Sphinx today, your customers will be happy to find what they are searching for on your site.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Quality Data Products

Bokborsen AB

Ubuntu running on a virtual server only used by Sphinx. 2,6 miljon ads for used books. Sphinx has greatly improved the search- and response time on Bokborsen.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Bokborsen AB


Lugi.vn is a vietnamese eCommerce shop that uses Sphinx.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Lugi.vn


We are using Sphinx because of searching performance. Mysql fulltext search is slow for us but your great software really fast.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Bizde.com


- Centos
- Intel cpu/48gb
- Index size: 16Gb
- Good performance / yes

Alexa Rank:

Visit Beslist.be

Wagga Shop

Created my price comparison engine for Malaysia market (http://bijakmall.com) during my free time for the last one year. I tested SphinxSearch on Window 7/XAMPP and it worked great! Installation and API is very simple and easy to use. Query was very fast for 600K database during testing.

Alexa Rank:

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Goods search

Alexa Rank:

Visit Bigum


Experience, excellent ....

Alexa Rank:

Visit Kupoholicarke


We are using Sphinx because it's working fine and fast! Searching in the database with Sphinx is a piece of cake! Brilliant stuff and above user friendly.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Vouchercode.nl

Various Brands

It is a very powerful internal searching tool, very good for SEO and Usability reasons for every online shopping point!
Congratulations for this great tool!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Various Brands


Immobilier tamansourt

Alexa Rank:

Visit marrakech

Zorgverzekering 2016

Very easy to use and instal

Alexa Rank:

Visit Zorgverzekering 2016


Alldrone.nl is a Dutch drone comparison blog and we're very grateful for this professional open source software. Very happy with it!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Alldrone.nl

Online Internetwinkel

We use Sphinx to index and query a lightning fast database of more then 10 million records! Without Sphinx this was not possible.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Online Internetwinkel

Chirp Internet

We're running a LAPP installation using Debian GNU/Linux on a Linode VPS in Frankfurt. The database holds details on ~450,000 books. The search is very fast, and a big plus for Sphinx was being able to cater for special characters in search strings and results including German, French and Romanian.

Alexa Rank:

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We implemented Sphinx on our coupon and discount website Acties.nl to improve the speed of our general search. Sphinx made it possible to remove many slow MySQL queries, which improved the speed of our website drastically. Our developers are also satisfied, because the software was very easy to implement.

Vince Franke - Managing Director

Alexa Rank:

Visit Acties.nl

Yalwa GmbH

Sphinx has improved the speed at which our search result pages are generated by a factor of 10.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Yalwa GmbH


We use sphinx to decrease DB load, as well as to allow for easier and more logical matches with our users' searches.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Buytopia.ca


Geld24.nl is a comparison website for financial products. We use a large database of products and details such as loan rates, interest rates.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Geld24.nl


Fashion-DB uses Sphinx to enable searching through 500.000+ products. Supplying users with lightning fast experiences is what we do.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Fashion-DB

MS Support

Mslivesupport uses Sphinx 2.2.10, together with SphinxSE plugin to power browsing through millions of users of data records.

Previously, we used (slow) MySQL fulltexts, which do not scale at all. Overall, our business improved by using Sphinx, the user experience is just some much better than it was a year ago.

Alexa Rank:

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We successfully implemented Sphinx for our Free Classifieds website. It searches across more than 100k ads from all citys in USA.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Bazaro


Sphinx handles all the searches on the website in a high speed, with no problem. Especially great for holidays and busy times.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Esigaretervaring


For a database of financial information, and reviews we use Sphinx to speed up the proces. An good essential tool for our service.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Yellew

Sooda internetbureau

We are using Linux Server. We choose Sphinx as an open source product because we heard good things about it :) We use it on a few projects and we are very happy users.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Sooda internetbureau


Operating system:
Debian Wheezy

Hardware Configuration:
Intel® Core™ i7-6700, RAM 16 GB DDR4 RAM, Hard Drive 2 x 4 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm

Index Size/Query Performance:
total 10946 docs, 1270319 bytes
total 4.868 sec, 260924 bytes/sec, 2248.31 docs/sec
total 3 reads, 0.001 sec, 788.0 kb/call avg, 0.3 msec/call avg
total 14 writes, 0.002 sec, 337.1 kb/call avg, 0.2 msec/call avg

Why did you choose Sphinx...:
SphinxSearch is a very simple and fast and we used it before in other projects.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Ogit


We use Linux together with Sphinx for a few months now and we noticed an improved search performance. When using filters the speed is still incredible fast. It's scalable, stable, fast and ..open source!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Verzekeringvergelijk.nl


I chose for Sphinx because of the good reviews!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Fuva

Pilot Mart

Linux, Dedicated Server, MSQL Database, used the SphinxSE connector to speed up queries for product sku details. I was having trouble with basic SQL calls through Java and it was slowing my site down!

Alexa Rank:

Visit Pilot Mart


KortingscodeLab.nl is a coupon site for the Dutch market. You can use coupon codes for more than 500 Dutch & Belgium webshops.

Sphinx has helped us with the performance of this website. Our users can benefit of our website speed and user experience with the help op Sphinx search. We really appreciate this software.

Alexa Rank:

Visit KortingscodeLab

Social Networks, Blog, Forum »


"Sphinx powers Tumblr's search. Tumblr is a blog network that will soon exceed a billion pageviews per month. We currently run three Sphinx servers in parallel, using continuous reindexing with three delta indexes and one main index per server. (They round-robin the posts to determine which server indexes which posts.)"
Marco Arment

Alexa Rank: 24

Visit tumblr.com


Netlog uses Sphinx to serve content to their Social Network composed of 70 Million Users in 25 different languages.

Alexa Rank: 357

Visit Netlog


It's a bigger IT blog in Russia and post-USSR.
Search powered by Sphinx (http://habrahabr.ru/search/?q=sphinx)

Alexa Rank: 423

Visit Habrahabr


gutefrage.net is a free advice community search that allows users to find and give helpful advice.

Alexa Rank: 491

Visit Gutefrage.net


"I just wanted you to know that bloglovin.com utilises sphinx to power it searches in our lists of more than 2 million blogs. Without Sphinx, this would be a lot harder to do."
Patrik Ring

Alexa Rank: 811

Visit Bloglovin.com


WikiMapia, Google-vs-Wiki mashup which aims to describe the whole world, uses Sphinx to search through 4,000,000+ user-submitted place descriptions.

Alexa Rank: 1,271

Visit Wikimapia.org


Decided to use Sphinx because of the performances and it is open source.

Alexa Rank: 1,883

Visit CanalBlog


GoldenLine is a Polish social networking site that connects professionals with varying interests, positions and business purposes.

"Our biggest index used for searching the inbox has over 70 mln documents and is over 50 GB. Our biggest real-time index has over 20 mln documents and is queried with SphinxQL." Sebastian - Goldenline.pl

Alexa Rank: 2,391

Visit GoldenLine.pl


"folkd.com is one of the bigger social-bookmarking and social-search websites with over 10 million bookmarks. We switched from lucene to Sphinx and never looked back."
Bastian Karweg

Alexa Rank: 2,414

Visit Folkd.com


Offers profile listing, discussion groups and a place to arrange free accommodations around the world.

Alexa Rank: 2,562

Visit CouchSurfing.org


Ravelry is a knitting/crochet site that is about to hit 2 million users.

"Sphinx is awesome... We're using everywhere - some interesting uses are:"
*for faceted search (http://vimeo.com/13827153)
*for forum search (66 million forum posts!)
Casey - Ravelry.com

Alexa Rank: 4,165

Visit Ravelry


"Our forum, http://www.exbii.com has been powered by Sphinx for ages now. Why we chose sphinx: We chose sphinx because default vbulletin search is very very slow and brings the db server to it's knees." Siddhesh

Alexa Rank: 4,206

Visit eXBii


Blogcu is a free Turkish blog service that uses Sphinx to search through many blog entries.

"Sphinx improved both quality and speed of search results."
Cuneyt - Senior Developer

Alexa Rank: 4,232

Visit Blogcu.com


Webmastersitesi.com uses Sphinx to search their large forums which provide Turkish webmasters an opportunity to discuss a wide verity of applicable topics.

"We could not imagine this fastness before."
Umat - Manager

Alexa Rank: 4,933

Visit Webmastersitesi


Simple Machines are successfully using Sphinx to power the search engine on their forums.

"Our community database has over 2.0 GiB worth of messages on our community forum. Sphinx itself runs on a slave SQL server using "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz" with 8 Gb of ram. The slave server handles all our server intensive tasks such as backups and frees up resources for our main database server. As you can see, Sphinx itself is a very important piece of our site. A MySQL fulltext index would be horrendous and cause so many slow downs it
would be unbearable to use on our site search."
Jeremy D

Alexa Rank: 5,182

Visit Simplemachines.org


phpBB, one of the leading forum software projects, employs Sphinx to search through its 2.6 million post community area.

Alexa Rank: 6,358

Visit Phpbb.com


"We currently have around 250million records and that's not counting tags, links, etc... The main reason we are using sphinx is its speed."
Pavel Baranov

Alexa Rank: 6,826

Visit PeekYou.com


BlogCatalog.com blog search (indexing about 1.8 million posts and growing by about 20,000 a day) is now Sphinx powered, see it in action.

Alexa Rank: 8,108

Visit Blogcatalog.com


MakeupAlley is a happy Sphinx user! They are one of the largest social networks and information portals for beauty, health and lifestyle. On MakeupAlley.com you can connect with thousands of consumers through message boards, 100% user generated product reviews, MUA mail and other interactive tools. When asked about their use of Sphinx, they report: "We are running two virtual centos systems each running a copy of sphinx. We love the ease of use, reliability and speed of Sphinx."

Alexa Rank: 8,716

Visit MUA Inc


RCGroups, the most active R/C community on the Internet, 10.6 million posts, Sphinx powered.

Alexa Rank: 10,867

Visit RCGroups.com


Now indexing over 2,000,000,000 documents (yes, that's two billion, and it was 1 billion a year ago), BoardReader forum search engine is the biggest Sphinx installation that we're aware of. (Pedantic mode on: in terms of data size, there are busier installations in terms of queries).

Alexa Rank: 14,016

Visit Boardreader.com


"We've been using Sphinx for about 10 months now to search through 3.5 million posts and it works great. Before Sphinx, dealing with searches was a nightmare."

Alexa Rank: 28,486

Visit Redandwhitekop.com


"Allmystery has about 6.000.000 board posts and about 500.000 blog posts Germany's biggest mystery community. Our hardest problem in the last years was implementing a fast and easy realtime search. We were so lucky when we discovered Sphinx Search. The performance is impressive! Thank you for your awesome software!" Dennis Kort

Alexa Rank: 31,344

Visit Allmystery


GeeksToGo.com, free computer help and tech support forum, 1.3 million posts, 250K members. Recently moved to a new server, and didn't install Sphinx until about noon. Here's the resulting load graph.. by far the biggest single change in terms of forums performance.

Alexa Rank: 34,323

Visit Geekstogo.com


Vingrad, a major Russian programming portal, now uses Sphinx to search through its forum.

Alexa Rank: 34,595

Visit Forum.Vingrad.ru


"We index over 120,000 places (17 MB), and almost 250,000 events (54 MB). We run our entire stack (nginx, passenger, mysql, sphinx, starling, memcached) on s single server. It's a quad core Xeon with 8GB of RAM. Sphinx typically uses less than 60 MB of RAM, and very little CPU time when compared to MySQL or our Rails instances."
Mike Brennan

Alexa Rank: 35,855

Visit RateMyArea.com


OMGPOP started in 2006 as iminlikewithyou and has been making real time games ever since. Millions of members log in every day to play games, hang out in chat, share photos on picture club and meet new friends. Their leaderboards are powered by Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 37,677

Visit OMGPOP.com


GirlsAskGuys.com is the #1 website dedicated to men & women behavior, their interaction with each other and their different views on any and all topics.

We have been using Google Mini for as our search solution which doesn't give much flexibility for search on structured data. We found Sphinx which is a solution where not only we don't have to pay extra hosting fees but also gives us the control on how we want to search the data with filters and attributes.

We have Sphinx running on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64 bit OS connected to a MS SQL 2008 database with the server having 12 G memory and Xeon E5420 processor. We have more than 400,000 question, 2 million answers and 1 million comments indexed by Sphinx.

Rotating reindexing is very fast and updates the index without any visible performance effect on the system. We keep the index very fresh and get results within miliseconds.

Alexa Rank: 40,164

Visit GirlsAskGuys.com


PbNation is a site dedicated to the sport of Paintball.

Alexa Rank: 41,735

Visit pbnation.com


Laconica is an OpenMicroBlogging platform, and it uses Sphinx to search profiles and messages. The instance at identi.ca, provided by the makers of Laconica, currently searches over 2M messages.

Alexa Rank: 43,028

Visit Identi.ca


bokt.nl has a search facility for its 28.0 million-post forum dedicated to horses.

Alexa Rank: 43,678

Visit Bokt.nl


Diskusjon.no, Norway's second largest discussion board with ~10 million posts, 120K members and 6-10K new posts daily, is now also search-powered by Sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 46,905

Visit Diskusjon.no


Assistly utilizes Sphinx for search so that it can provide what the company calls Òawesomely responsiveÓ customer service. They are a hosted, cloud-based customer service platform that scales from small business to large enterprises.

Alexa Rank: 47,965

Visit Assistly


"We've had sphinx in production for just over 1 year this month on our search and are EXTREMELY happy with it..."
Ramin Keene

Alexa Rank: 56,468

Visit Stockopedia


DPChallenge, a site dedicated to digital photography contests, searches through its 1.5 million post forum and 0.5 million image gallery.

Alexa Rank: 88,995

Visit DPChallenge.com


TeenSpot, 1.9 million member teen community, has (rumours have some 10+ times figures) improved member search using Sphinx, even though its not always fulltext.

Alexa Rank: 95,078

Visit Teenspot.com


Informationsarchiv.net is a Q&A; site using Sphinx for search. The site has a single index to search topics and articles. Related topics and related articles are calculated using Sphinx as well.

Alexa Rank: 106,116

Visit Informationsarchiv.net


Italian blog search engine, using Sphinx for faceted search over about 3,000,000 posts.

Alexa Rank: 114,463

Visit it.blogbabel.com


Adding another language to those which Sphinx speaks in, forumowisko.pl indexes 930,000 posts in Polish.

Alexa Rank: 118,134

Visit forumowisko.pl


They are an investing forum serving Singapore, Hong Kong and the U.S. They report that, "the built-in search from MyBB is slow and resource hungry, so I decided to use Sphinx. So far so good. Kudos."

Alexa Rank: 118,640

Visit Valuebuddies.com


mIRC script resource site with scripting tips, articles and downloads.

Alexa Rank: 119,142

Visit Hawkee.com


I heard about Sphinx from a friend of mine and once I started using the system, I knew I had a real friend!

Alexa Rank: 124,586

Visit BlogStash

Netmoda Internet Hizmetleri A.S.

Netmoda is a fashion-related site, devoted to helping people remain up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. They chose Sphinx because it is so stylish.

Alexa Rank: 135,791

Visit Netmoda Internet Hizmetleri A.S.


Indexing a bit more than IPB 3,000,000 posts in a bit less than 3 minutes from scratch (in no time, if flying using delta).

Alexa Rank: 151,791

Visit Skylinesaustralia.com


"ErrorHelp.com is powered by a slightly modified sphinx-- it's a very essential part of our error search techniques. Thanks for all your great work!" Matthew Casper

Alexa Rank: 185,915

Visit ErrorHelp.com


"Without sphinx we would struggle to implement a solution with the same robustness, speed of search and full-text ability with SQL alone."
Lee Newell

Alexa Rank: 219,370

Visit Ipatter.com


Product & Service Review
This is a 'web 2.0' project. It is developed on Ruby On Rails. They use 'Thinking Sphinx', a Rails Plugin for sphinx.

Alexa Rank: 309,728

Visit GetTheRating.com

Home Owners Hub

"The problem that Sphinx lets us solve is the efficiency of utilizing server resources which are always in short supply, no matter how much you got. MySQL is very heavy on resources and fulltext search specifically is a slow process compared to other SQL operations. Unfortunately, results of fulltext queries cannot be effectively cached either lest they fill up the allocated memory limit and force the system to constantly update the cache thus defeating the whole purpose of cache. Each of our pages requires about a dozen or so fulltext-type operations and then about three times as many of other, more efficient SQL queries that could be easily cached and stored for a long time and, most importantly, used again multiple times, making cache more efficient.
In addition, we are leveraging MySQL speed by caching table
indexes as much as possible but if we tried to cache fultext ones, we'd run out of memory very fast.

So we delegate fulltext searches to Sphinx (and those searches are also much better configurable than SQL) and end up executing more tasks in parallel without having to start too many very heavy MySQL threads and open too many large temp tables. None of our fulltext SQL searches would fit into memory, no matter how small, so we're getting some speed improvement by eliminating unnecessary disk operations, too!

Oh, did I mention that we also use Sphinx for actual search? LOL!"

Alexa Rank: 323,283

Visit Home Owners Hub


Pravorub.ru is a free and open community of Russian and foreign lawyers/legal advisers who publish articles, document their legal practice, answer community questions, and give legal advice to visitors from Russia and abroad. The decided to use Sphinx 2.0.1-beta because of its superior performance, flexibility and ease of use.

Alexa Rank: 375,311

Visit Pravorub.ru


"We use it to index the worlds largest database of hotel opinions. Sphinx is super fast and works great with Ruby. We are indexing about a 1 million records against MySQL. Searches are in the milliseconds."
Philip Vaughn

Alexa Rank: 447,061

Visit Raveable.com


Guzzle is a topic-based single page news aggregator. It's a web application.

Alexa Rank: 451,415

Visit Guzzle.it


Provides a blogging network combined with free blog hosting on a customized platform. Features include search engine optimization and social sharing.

Alexa Rank: 465,864

Visit blogReaction.com

Fisheye Analytics

When a traditional way of doing analytics with a DBMS didnt offer good performance for our large loads, we looked to Sphinx, a full text search engine to do analytics, something which Sphinx is not intended to be used for. We experimented. We married MySQL with Sphinx to offer great performance in analytics crunching hundreds of millions of client data records. http://engineering.fisheyeanalytics.com/2010/12/experiment-that-worked.html

Alexa Rank: 564,631

Visit Fisheye Analytics


Doktus, a new Web 2.0 startup from Germany, replaced Lucene with Sphinx to search through the millions of full text documents that its users share.

Alexa Rank: 594,514

Visit Doktus.de

Hijack Bristol

"We had a need for very fast free text search within forum posts. We now use Sphinx to power search on our forum and are happy to be added to the powered by section." Ritesh Patel

Alexa Rank: 788,127

Visit Hijack Bristol


Infegy possess one of the largest known Sphinx instances... 30 billion docs, about 12 TB of data! They use Sphinx for their Social Radar, here is a description below:

"Social Radar has been collecting billions of messages and articles 24/7 from millions of sources all over the Internet, providing historical content spanning back through 2007. Our proprietary crawler collects social content from people who are sharing thoughts, opinions, reviews, and information. These sources can be anything from blogs and news outlets to forums and social networks."
Justin Graves

Alexa Rank: 942,514

Visit Infegy

Club Scion

"Estimated daily searches are around 10,000, which mostly come from our forums (includes user searches and related content searches). Load averages have been significantly reduced since moving from Solr/Lucene."
Michael Squires

Alexa Rank: 1,116,988

Visit Club Scion


Xltronic.com is powered by Sphinx to search through over 2 million forum posts. A tagcloud for frequently used search strings is generated from Sphinx logs.

Alexa Rank: 1,595,521

Visit Xltronic.com


Woomark the community where you can share your favorite places into groups of interest.

"We are currently using Sphinx as our primary search engine over java alternatives like Lucene. It works very fast and we need very fast index rebuilding."
Kim di Centa

Alexa Rank: 1,737,100

Visit Woomark.com


Previously used Lucene but moved to Sphinx because...
"after some testing we ended up realizing it was SUPER SLOW!!! and really cpu/memory intensive, although cpluv.com only has (as of today) 34,082 posts to be indexed. We chose Sphinx because it is really easy to use/configre/index data plus the fact that it is easy to scale. And finally, the community around Sphinx is really great."
Xavier Martin

Alexa Rank: 1,894,400

Visit Computerlove

Technology South-West

A technology blog.

Alexa Rank: 2,208,499

Visit Technology South-West


mentby.com is a social media enabler aimed for unstructured user-generated content, providing a data source that is easily accessible from facebook, twitter, friendfeed, blog/profile widgets, RSS readers, etc.

Alexa Rank: 2,278,139

Visit Mentby.com


Twitter Application Site.

Alexa Rank: 2,734,272

Visit Favorious.com


Digital Expressions with 1,500,000 documents in a 8-gig database.

Alexa Rank: 2,936,161

Visit Digitalexpressions.nu


Hey! Nielsen, a site for posting opinions about TV, movies, music, etc... is using Sphinx to search content created on the site (400,000 records and growing) as well as a subset of the seeding Wikipedia subset.

Alexa Rank: 6,032,560

Visit Heynielsen.com


Answer.se, a new and quickly growing social Q'n'A search engine in Swedish, did its own testing on search systems and chose Sphinx becuse of the speed and compatibility. It's used for search and listings for both the Web and mobile versions.

Alexa Rank: 6,137,135

Visit Answer.se


Spanish political/politician review site.

"We are Sphinx happy users."
Sergio Viteri

Alexa Rank: 8,875,310

Visit Voota.es


"Currently searching / indexing 10 million objects (only a month old, hoping to hit 100 million by a year old). Couldn't have built it without Sphinx. Thanks so much! We saw a 25 to 50 fold speed increase in moving search to Sphinx."
Jonathan Ruff

Alexa Rank: 12,204,959

Visit Tweetcepts.com


QuoteDepot.net is social network oriented collection well-known quotes and proverbs.

Alexa Rank: 13,459,060

Visit QuoteDepot


blogoat.com (and its Swedish bloggz.se brother) are blog search engines, with about 11 GB indexed text.

Alexa Rank: 20,680,172

Visit Blogoat.com


Review site that focuses on letting users find quickly what is best for them, WikiPik features customizable grid views showing ranked ratings, specs and user contributed performance data. It's open licensed, multilingual, ad free. And searchable.

Alexa Rank: 24,858,200

Visit Wikipik.org

Module23 Werbeagentur Koblenz

work still in progress an testing on apache on debian.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Module23 Werbeagentur Koblenz

GiverHub, Inc.

Giverhub is "the easiest (and funnest) way to donate
and keep track of your donations, period."

Sphinx is fast, well documented and open source. It improved our search speed and search accuracy.

OS: Linux
Amazon ec2 micro instances
~2 million records / <10ms

Alexa Rank:

Visit GiverHub, Inc.


Sphinx is the powerol database optimizer which helps us to optimize our site

Alexa Rank:

Visit Expertini

Facebook Uk

Great tool .....

Alexa Rank:

Visit Facebook Uk


index size=5.4Gb

Alexa Rank:

Visit hdimagelib


We use Sphinxsearch on eveosblog.de to replace the standard Wordpress search with a faster, finer granulated search for better results. You can filter articles and sort them. Thank you for this great piece of open source software!

Alexa Rank:

Visit eveosblog

Ona trazi njega


Alexa Rank:

Visit Ona trazi njega

SAAS, Hosting »


yuku.com uses sphinxsearch for 3 years now - Offers free and paid discussion board hosting. The free version is ad-supported.

Alexa Rank: 2,930

Visit Yuku.com


IPS Hosting is a forum hosting service from the creators of the popular Invision Power Board forum software.

Alexa Rank: 7,136

Visit invisionpower.com

Vanilla Forums Inc

Vanilla Forums is a community forums platform, with theming control and a plugin system. Here's what they had to say: "Sphinx changed everything about our search offering. We are able to do auto suggestions and username autocomplete thanks entirely to Sphinx. Searches no longer cripple the database, and we make use of both full and delta indexes, and index merges to maintain index currency."

Alexa Rank: 16182

Visit Vanilla Forums Inc


EffortlessHR provides comprehensive and affordable online HR software. They chose Sphinx because of the ease of installation and indexing/search performance. They state that Sphinx has, "greatly improved the speed of our searching system and also provides weighted results which are appreciated by all."

Alexa Rank: 369,890

Visit EffortlessHR


"Sphinx has allowed us to easily keep a near real time index that is searchable by the worlds leading creative professionals. Since we launched the lookbooks marketplace in August 2012, we have had a very low TCO - everything just works."

Alexa Rank: 579,760

Visit Lookbooks.com


"We use sphinx to provide blazing fast search of nearly a million documents in various formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc."
Ben Timby

Alexa Rank: 668,516

Visit SmartFile


Plancake.com is an online task manager and GTD (get things done) software allowing users to capture, organize and keep under control all their ideas, projects, appointments, todos and commitments.

"Sphinx allowed us to ship a great search facilities for our users in one day.We chose Sphinx because of its simple deploy and we kept it because the it is very quick at building its index"

Daniele - CEO

Alexa Rank: 811,710

Visit Plancake.com


Injoos team-ware organizes both content and collaboration technologies around team-based goals and enables contextual use of these technologies.

Alexa Rank: 1,174,609

Visit Injoos.com


"We have developed our own CMS which we'll sell to our customers and our website is also based on it. We have integrated Sphinx in our CMS so visitors can search in our website."
Olivier Wahrenberger

Alexa Rank: 4,315,350

Visit O2-Graphics


"Thank you for your work. Since the 1.10-beta news we are generating our massive daily statistics DB, using all the new features (filter range, RT index, ...), in less than 10 seconds! Your engine rocks!!!"
ATS Support Team

Alexa Rank: 8,507,846

Visit AdTracking-Solutions


Loud Feed, a start up SAAS company, provides tools for independent artists, labels and promotors to sell, promote and license their music. Migrating from direct MySQL queries to Sphinx helped to noticeably reduce search query times.

Alexa Rank: 10,068,521

Visit Loudfeed.com


A free SAAS CMS for the Hispanic market that jumps several unnecessary steps in publishing and sharing content.

Alexa Rank: 14,141,597

Visit Cuquo.com


We're using Sphinx to power our search in the community and knowledge base components of our application.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Helprace

Filemobile Inc

- Mix of cloud and bare metal.
- 10M+ records
- SphinxSE plugin, GeoDist queries, MVA usage.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Filemobile Inc


Sphinx is being used in our helpdesk ticketing system to search among existing tickets AND the knowledge-base articles. Highly recommended.

Alexa Rank:

Visit Jitbit


UptimePal is a website monitoring service that offers 1-minute website monitoring to check server uptime and availability. Sphinx is used for constructing some SQL database libraries.

Alexa Rank:

Visit UptimePal

Download »

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay uses Sphinx to provide search to very many users.

Alexa Rank: 91

Visit The Pirate Bay


Torrent Site

Alexa Rank: 298

Visit ExtraTorrent.com


filestube.com is a FTP/HTTP search engine aimed at files, with over 500,000,000 links to downloadable content currently in its database. Sphinx-powered search latency (measured in milliseconds now) is the most visible advantage, but other nice features (such as grouping) did not go unnoticed too. May 2008 update: FilesTube's newly launched video search service that scouts 20,000,000 videos is Sphinx powered too!

Alexa Rank: 632

Visit Filestube.com


"I just wanted to let you know that we have used Sphinx for 2 months now and we are REALLY happy with it! We linked back to you on our about us page. Keep up with the great work!"
Jack Smith

Alexa Rank: 1,450

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With 3M posts Boerse.bz is the largest german filesharing forum.

"The regular MySQL Fulltext Search slowed down everything. Since we use Sphinx 2.0.1 + Axivo Searchlight our site flies and the search is much more functional."

Peter - CEO

Alexa Rank: 2,217

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"We use Sphinx for default category listing as it was faster than mysql's order by clause without any query. Server load with 2.5M records is down about 90%."

Alexa Rank: 2,850

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"I am the owner of btscene.com which has used Sphinx for almost 3 years now. Sphinx Search was a great step for my site and i really want to give a big thanks to you! Thanks for your effort given to this project. We had to replace MySQL search functions with a fast and low system resources alternative. After we found Sphinx we did some PHP side work and ended up having an excellent search engine for our users."

Alexa Rank: 3,747

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Tam Indir

Sphinx gives us the fastest search performance under heavy loads. Our index size is small but 1.500.000 queries per day is a big deal when we need to give the best browsing experience possible. At this point, Sphinx is the best solution.

Alexa Rank: 4,582

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Soft32.com is using Sphinx on AWS to power their website search (PHP) and for Soft32 Updater's matching algorithm(.NET).

"We choose Sphinx because of it's easy to work with, maintain and is extremely fast."

Alexa Rank: 5,288

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FileTram.com is a search engine that was created to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites.

"We have chosen Sphinx because it's far more better than any other similar technology available considering the indexation speed, the index size, the amount of the operating memory, the search speed... well, everything!"
Carson - Head of PR

Alexa Rank: 11,994

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YourBittorrent is a search engine that was started in 2003. Some time in 2007 we were barely able to handle the 60.000 visitors a day due to the heavy load on our MySQL server. We were using FULLTEXT-searches on our search page which basically lead to 1-5 second page load times. After we switched to Sphinx, we were able to cut the load times to about 0.01 seconds ;). We love Sphinx and for us Sphinx has been one of the best pieces of software we have used across our websites.
(Yes, we use it on all types of sites now, ranging from torrent sites to wordpress blogs. Anything that has a search function, we use Sphinx for.)

Alexa Rank: 14,201

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Linux. Hosting - VDS. Sphinx is using for search through the free icons catalog. After installing Sphinx, speed of search was extremely increased.

Alexa Rank: 15,542

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FileDir.com is a software distribution website specializing in thousands of high-quality applications, games, drivers, fonts.

"We love Sphinxsearch! And use it on all our websites."

Mark - FileDir.com Team

Alexa Rank: 16,125

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"Your search is really powerful. After 2 years of site operation I wanted to express my respect for your outstanding product."

Alexa Rank: 17,307

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Mininova, popular BitTorrent search engine, serves 3-5 million searches daily. Take a look at these statistics.

Alexa Rank: 18,635

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A torrent site that uses:
+ sphinx-0.9.9 w/ sphinx se
+ OS: slackware linux
+ DB: Percona
+ Hardware: 2 * 4 Intel Xeon E5405, 4Gb RAM
+ Searching through: 25M records

Alexa Rank: 22,517

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Shareware and freeware archive.

Alexa Rank: 23,726

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Subtitlesbank.com is the largest multilanguage movie subtitles collection on the web and they use Sphinx!

Alexa Rank: 24,904

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SumoTorrent is one of the many happy users of Sphinx: with more than 700,000 torrents to search through and an estimated 500,000 daily searches, Sphinx helped to provide accurate results without killing MySQL server.

Alexa Rank: 43,343

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"My site is a file sharing search engine (www.general-search.com) which uses Sphinx technology happily."

Alexa Rank: 89,037

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Open source search engine that indexes files on the eDonkey, Gnutella, BitTorrent peer-to-peer networks as well as on FTP or Web servers.

Alexa Rank: 166,754

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over 1,200,000 UU daily

Alexa Rank: 288,506

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Dimitech is a website that features IT news and downloads. They are also happily using Sphinx!

Alexa Rank: 592,160

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Case uses sphinx to index around 500.000 links / webpages daily. Their index size is around 90G. They report: "relevance (ranking) was the feature that made us choose Sphinx".

Alexa Rank: 1,107,665

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Their database grew quickly and became hard to search. They tried several improvements and optimizations on their own but after using Sphinx were very impressed by its speedy indexing and response time. They announce: "Sphinx is simply the best!"

Alexa Rank: 3,686,040

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Sharaget.com provides quality file search on both FTP servers and HTTP resources. At present, there are more than 80,000,000 direct download links and over 2,000,000 new links are added to search index. The decided to use Sphinx (2.0.1-beta) because of its great usability and instant search results delivered in less than a second.

Alexa Rank: 6,458,829

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FileSonic.com Search Engine

File-Sonic.com is an unofficial search engine for Filesonic.com

Alexa Rank: 7,893,110

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"We are using Sphinx at Zigg.com.br (top downloads sites in Brazil), with 8 million unique accesses for each month."
Andre Alencar

Alexa Rank: No Data

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Rapidfiles UAB

Separate 4Core 4GB RAM SSD CentOS 6 x64 to run MySQL and Sphinx.
Our index currently consists of ~25 million docs, and is ~3.2 GB size.
We chose Sphinx because it's fantastically easy to use, yet very powerful!

Alexa Rank:

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Filespr.com file search engine allows to search & download shared files from popular uploading sites like Uploaded, Letitbit, Bitshare, 2shared, etc.

Alexa Rank:

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We use sphinx cause it's very powerful and allow us to create right search results due to users search queries.

Alexa Rank:

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Typing Inc

With Spinx We could implement Search feature easily.

Alexa Rank:

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zapak IT support and solutions


free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 129158 17602 111555 0 187 6174
-/+ buffers/cache: 11240 117917
Swap: 8326 0 8326

processor : 23
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 45
model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 0 @ 2.50GHz

As you can see on search.wawa-mania.ec, I'm on the way to totally convert my old fluxBB forum to sphinxsearch coding my own CMS, with the codename "NinjaCms" some of the sources will be release this week.

The goal of the CMS will be to to host our actual community on one server only, after running several test (multiple indexing) I will be able to do that.

I'm currently very active on the project (see http://forum.wawa-mania.ec/viewtopic.php?id=2161438, french only)

I have decide to do that because displaying advertising is not a solution anymore : Full of malware, craps or fake and do not pay well. You get pay when the user get infected, this is not a serious business model.

As the world copyright do not allow us to receive donate from our members, with their own money, the only solution left was to totally optimize our forum for get the best performance and host it for cheap. I was at the first only interested by the search function and well, after weeks of geek on your documentation, I was able to discover that sphinxsearch is more than a search tool, it's a real gift that can handle almost everything needed in SQL. SphinxSearch will save our community. (9 years online for now)

We got actually between 150 K et 200 K search a day, it's all the time fast, no error, everybody are happy on that.

I will write several doc on how to use sphinxsearch when our first code will be release (part of our database will be release too)

You guys, are just awesome, it should be forbidden the not use of Sphinx !


Alexa Rank:

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Education »


We experimented with Solr before shifting to sphinx. We were looking for full text search offering tighter integration with MySQL database. We have close 1 million entries in our index and found that Sphinx is best available solution for our needs.

Alexa Rank: 122,548

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Using sphinx 2.0.2-dev with PHP Sphinx API connector + MySQL on Solaris. Index is about 200 million rows of data with a 6GB index. Some queries take 500ms but most are under 100ms.

Alexa Rank: 4,953

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Study Mode, LLC.

StudyMode empowers students by providing a network of practical online education tools that allow them to learn at their own pace. And, here's what the Study Mode team has to say about Sphinx: "Easy management coupled with high performance and scalability. What's not to like?"

Alexa Rank: 4,993

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philpapers.org has been happily running on Sphinx for about six months (using SphinxSE). That's the leading search engine for philosophical research.

"We're very happy with Sphinx's performance and the quality of search results. Keep up the good work!"
David Bourget

Alexa Rank: 134,035

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An SAAS solution for school districts.

Alexa Rank: 174,737

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A happy Sphinx customer from FlashcardExchange.com reports,
"Our company owns several businesses and we have used your consulting services for one of them in the past. Thank you again."

Alexa Rank: 207,095

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BeeDictionary.com is an Online American English Dictionary with intuitive browsing interface. They are using Sphinx for generating suggestions.

Alexa Rank: 233,815

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CourseForMe is a worldwide courses and training portal.

"We choose Sphinx because it's fast and works like magic!"
Giuseppe - Co-Founder

Alexa Rank: 1,648,686

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Rhea is a website that enables members of the Purdue community to help each other learn. The core feature of Rhea is a "wiki" (like wikipedia) used to create/share/discuss education-related material. Anybody with a Purdue career account can login to Rhea and contribute content.

Alexa Rank: 4,410,921

Visit projectrhea.org


Russian educational portal.

Alexa Rank: 5,746,913

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Zhisou.org is an expert finding system aggregating over 100K academic scholar's homepages and it's powered by Sphinx 0.9.9-release (r2117)/CentOS 5.4.

Alexa Rank: 15,248,041

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Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO) is an essential resource for the study of Britain and its place in the world during the medieval and early modern period (c. 1100-1800).

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO), which is subscribed to by leading universities around the world, has just moved to Sphinx to power its fulltext search.

Alexa Rank: 20,928,301

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UIN Jakarta

I chose Sphinx over Lucene/Solr because Sphinx is easier to connect to PHP & MySQL, and it's C++ based instead of Java. I use Sphinx for my PhD research at QUT on semi-supervised clustering large documents when the number of cluster is also large.Thank you for Sphinx, it helps me with my research.

Alexa Rank: 22,366,352

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OS: debian 7.1 Index size: as of today 5,262,603 docs (although mostly very small ones). Using sphinx because it could handle my requirements. It was able to index utf8mb4 encoded database correctly and it's character tables were editable by hand. Even with sphinx, the character tables are a pain in the ass for specialized variant use in my field of work (East Asian Studies focusing in Chinese medicine, Buddhist and Daoist texts) where I cannot only rely on unicode standard set of variants but need special cases of synonymous expression. Sphinx was the greatest option as it can be used with documents containing chinese, japanese, english and finnish in one document. And it did it with great speed...

Alexa Rank:

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We choose Sphinx because it's fast and works like magic! M. Janssen - Founder

Alexa Rank:

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Sphinx is tied with a local modification of the TemaTres vocabulary server to enable searchers to selectively search for either the exact textword entered or to search using all synonyms by entering any of the many synonyms for the term or any of the narrower terms in the thesaurus hierarchy. SafetyLit is a bibliographic database that contains 500 thousand records. Sphinx indexes the item title and article summaries to facilitate visitor searches. The TemaTres tie is necessary because the database contains publications from authors who work in over 30 different professional disciplines and who commonly use different jargon terms for the same concept.

Alexa Rank:

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educational portal

Alexa Rank:

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The reason we chose for Sphinx instead of a competitor is the easy and fast user-experience Sphinx offers.

Alexa Rank:

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We have more than 700.000 document in our database. and we have been using sphinx search as our main search engine. It incredibly fast and powerful.

Alexa Rank:

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Sphinx has improved our search system considerably. The suggestions it provides are very accurate

Alexa Rank:

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Freecycle USA

Great product and integration is awesome.

Alexa Rank:

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Online Banking Login Inc

Using sphinx 2.0.2-dev with PHP Sphinx API connector + MySQL on Solaris. Index is about 200 million rows of data with a 6GB index. Some queries take 500ms but most are under 100ms.

Alexa Rank:

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Medical »


"Sphinx is used because of its high performance, and ease of implementation and data updates."
Pablo Grass

Alexa Rank: 21,798

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CiteHealth, a site which lists most if not all health centers in the US (hospital, rehab center, dialysis center.. you name it) is succesfully powered by Sphinx - and a natural example of how it can be run under Windows in production, too!

Alexa Rank: 811,354

Visit Citehealth.com


hpn.to is a leading Canadian health and living destination for online shoppers that offers a wide range of products from shampoos to vitamins to everything in between. "We chose Sphinx because of it's great design, search capabilities and intuitive API." George Papayiannis

Alexa Rank: 1,406,076

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QxMD Software is dedicated to creating high quality, point-of-care tools for practicing health care professionals.

"We chose Sphinx as part of our solution to provide better search and discovery of the medical literature."
Daniel - CEO

Alexa Rank: 1,541,353

Visit QxMD

Laramy-K Optical

An optical wholesale lab.

Alexa Rank: 1,561,110

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Best Care Home

"BestCareHome aggregates information from the government regulator of UK care homes and offers a powerful search engine driven by Sphinx. We have over 130,000 large text documents and over 2GB of data indexed and are thrilled by the speed of the 'instant' search." Richard Phillips

Alexa Rank: 2,144,789

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ChemSink uses Sphinx along with OpenBabel's fingerprint search to search through the million compounds currently in the database, with 5-10 names/descriptors each.

Alexa Rank: 7,444,213

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Compare health insurance options and find health care providers in the Netherlands with Sphinx at zorgverzekeringvergelijken2016.nl.

Alexa Rank:

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At Medicijnen.org you can search for all different kinds of medicines. Also you can find the best site to buy medicines online. We chose Sphinx because of it's great design, search capabilities and very intuitive API.

Alexa Rank:

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A South African doctor review and rating site.
We tried all kinds of search options and plugins integrated into Wordpress. Most were slow and did not seem to work well with WordPress sites that have over 100k posts. Sphinx search was easy to configure and customize. It has drastically improved the speed and quality of the search results.


Alexa Rank:

Visit RateMyMd.co.za


Sphinx makes life much easier for us. Our site is still very fast. We are very happy with the 2.2.1 version. We really like that Sphinx is open source because this allows us to solve problems together. Thanks Sphinx team!

Alexa Rank:

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Crackajack Apotheke Online

Crackajack is a german medical comparison website. We are happy using Sphinx for a couple of years now. The reason we chose for Sphinx is that its reliable and really fast. Searches for products and medical accessories on Crackajack are shown in an instance.

Alexa Rank:

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Make it easy to compare health insurance options in the Netherlands. Currently very happy with version 2.2.1

Alexa Rank:

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Make it easy to compare health insurance options in the Netherlands. Currently very happy with version 2.2.1

Alexa Rank:

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CPU Quad 2GHz
One of our partners recommended Sphinx. It improved our experience a lot. Faster and better than it used to be. A lot of happy users.

Alexa Rank:

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Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31230 @ 3.20GHz (8 Cores)
Index size : 16Gb (1.2 million documents in 35 languages) we use 4 local partitions on the dataset to improve load distribution on 4 CPU cores.

In terms of query performance what measurement are you looking at (we are very happy with the performance BTW) ?

We looked at most alternatives (we were using MySQL native fulltext engine before but it could not manage the amount of data we have) and Sphinx worked very nicely for us, fast and quick integration directly into MySQL through php.

By using Sphinx we were able to index not just the medicines names but the whole documents as well so you can now perform complex queries like "natural sore throat remedy with aloe"

Alexa Rank:

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