Democracy? What’s that?

We reported in the post below that it wasn’t until we pointed out the implied endorsement of Jim Moran on the 8th District Democratic Committee website that the committee replaced it with information about the primary. But it looks like that’s not a step in the direction of a fair primary. The Sun Gazette published a story with the headline, “Local Democrats Don’t Envision Debate Between Moran, Challenger”. (Article)

A debate is one of the most basic parts of the primary process. It’s clear that the 8th District Democrats, and Jim Moran by his silence on the whole matter, do not care in the least about the democratic process. They are infuriated that someone would dare challenge their dear leader Jim Moran. Surely there are ethical, fair-minded Democrats in the 8th District, even Moran supporters, so where are they? Why don’t they speak up and demand a fair primary between Moran and Bruce Shuttleworth? The 8th District Democratic Committee and Jim Moran are an insult to our democracy.

  • Anonymous

    If you truly want to rid the 8th district of Jim M0ran, do it on June 12th and vote for Bruce Shuttleworth in the primary. This way there will be a fair and honest campaign moving forward between Shuttleworth and Murray. It may not even the sides in this democratically owned district but it would at least get rid of Moran and we, the 8th distrcit, can start fresh,