8th District Dems’ website still endorses Moran

UPDATE 4/18/2012: Within a day after this was posted, the 8th District Democrats got rid of the circled area in the screenshot below and replaced it with information on the primary.

A week after Petitiongate broke and Moran primary challenger Bruce Shuttleworth was certified for the ballot, the 8th District Democratic Committee still hasn’t changed the implied endorsement of Jim Moran as the Democratic nominee on their website:

It’s clear, at least to the public, that the Democratic establishment here in the 8th District is not going to give fair treatment to Bruce Shuttleworth. You may say that it’s just a website, and that’s true, there may be changes happening within the committee, but as far as the public knows, the Democrat establishment is not even giving Shuttleworth a shot.

  • Steve

    There’s a pro Bradley Manning ad at the Ballston Metro, calling him a hero. Typical of the far left to call a traitor a hero. But I don’t see Jim Moran going to metro to tell them to take the sign down. I wonder why?