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Auto-Collage Feature

The Auto-Collage feature allows you to build collages quickly and effortlessly.

We strived to keep the User Interface easy-to-use while providing many options for customization.

  • Select a collection of photos for your collage
  • Select the Auto Collage Method that is appropriate
  • The Auto-Collage feature will resize/crop the photos to fit optimally.
  • Effects such a tilting, shadows, borders, etc. can be applied

  • The following sample demonstrates how Auto-Collage can pack "uncropped" photos to fit optimally within the collage.   It will rearrange the photos so they fit optimally (without cropping any photos).   A border effect and drop shadow are also being applied in this sample.

    This sample demonstrates the "Photo Edge Blending" method.   In this mode photos have a ragged edge and the edges blend together creating a nice looking collage.

    This sample was created with "Grid Templates." Grid templates contain various geometric layouts that can create a very interesting collage.   In this sample we are using the "Staircase" Grid Template.   Auto-Collage will figure out how to best layout the photos.

    Auto-Collage contains a nice set of border effects that can be applied to photos.   Additionally there is "tilt" option that can also be used.   This sample demonstrates the "tilt" option.

    YouTube Tutorial on Auto-Collage

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