Roger Hammond (1956-2012)


Roger Hammond, the founder of Living Earth Foundation and its Development Director, passed away at his home on 16 September 2012 after a short illness.

Roger was tireless in bringing disparate groups of people together – government officials, oil industry executives and ordinary members of the public – to provide them with the tools and information to help them to solve their environmental and social concerns.

Roger formed Living Earth Foundation in 1987.  It afforded him the platform to pursue his vision of turning ideas into action and making real and lasting changes to people’s lives across the globe.

He will be sadly missed by his wife Sonia and his family, as well as by his many friends, colleagues and Living Earth partners around the world.

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Alberto Franceschi, Venezuela September 17, 2012

The death of Roger is very lamentable. I met him in Carúpano and saw him again in London ….. I had the opportunity of sensing and appreciating his humanity in that brief time.” – Alberto Franceschi

Dorothy September 17, 2012

Our condolences and prayers from the people of the North Slope in Alaska. Roger had a passion for people all across the world and he will be greatly missed. Our words cannot express our condolences but we will pray for strength and comfort at this time.

Mark Bradbury, Kenya September 17, 2012

We knew Roger as a person of great energy and conviction who lived his ideas to the full. We are happy to have known him and saddened at his passing, and feel for you Sonia. Mark, Judith, Zara and Jak.

Roman Shinov, Russia September 17, 2012

I console with you upon the loss of Roger, a friend and colleague. I knew him as an inspiring person, who had energy and passion for what he did. Roger’s answers were always very helpful and his energy encouraging. I will sorely miss him.

Rosa María Serratosa, Venezuela September 18, 2012

Now he is building a better world somewhere… My condolences to his family and friends.

Judy Asuni, Nigeria September 18, 2012

I first met Roger when he was establishing Living Earth in Nigeria- so this goes back a long time! As has been stated above, Roger was tireless in his efforts at addressing environmental and human problems. We who are partners with Living Earth Foundation will continue his legacy while feeling his absence.

Victor Njoh September 18, 2012

When death comes knocking at ur door u can’t run nor hide. Its with deep regrets losing such a wonderful person (ROGER Director LEF), I lack words…. but what I retain the most about this great figure, is the platform of dialogue amongst communities he succeeded in building through the music concert in Lomie.

My sympathy to the entire bereaved family ( close family, LEF family, LEF Uganda family, FCTV family and Nigeria family)

May his soul Rest In Peace.

Helen Cowcher September 18, 2012

I was a “living Earth’ artist sent to Venezuela 20 years ago as part of a British/Venezuelan artist collaboration in aid of environmental education.I was so saddened and shocked to hear of Roger’s passing. He was such a remarkable man with a generous heart and spirit. He will truely be sorely missed by the global community. He made the world a better place.

Condolences to all at Living Earth and Tierra Viva.

Helen Cowcher, London.

Neil Maddison September 18, 2012

Writing this from Cameroon, where Roger first started to blaze a trail for good. He was an inspiring, energetic, passionate and above all a fun-filled guy whose only thought when he came across a blocked door was to work out a way through it. Just a remarkable bloke who actually did something about what he believed in.
We’ll all miss him, and his work will carry on. His family will be justifiably proud of him and I’m sorry for their loss – the world’s a slightly dimmer place now for all of us.

Kevin Rosser September 18, 2012

No one who met Roger could fail to be impressed by his exceptional passion for issues of environment and development, his creativity and his drive to get things done. He was a genuinely remarkable person, and the tributes paid to him here from all over the world are a testament to his influence and achievements. One of the highest compliments you can pay to a person is to say, ‘They changed the way I see the world.’ Roger did that for me and many of my colleagues, and I will always be grateful for the privilege of having known him. My deepest condolences to his family, his colleagues, and to the wider community of people who will feel a deep sense of loss at his passing.

Stephanie Asgill, London September 18, 2012

Roger was an inspiration – no matter how hard anything was to achieve, he remained unwavering and committed to his work and realising his ideas. His compassion touched the lives of many, he was loved dearly for it and will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with his family, LEF and all those who knew and loved Roger.


Judith Hartley September 18, 2012

I only met Roger recently, through my involvement with the Mali Interest Group, but was impressed with his knowledge, commitment and humanity. I am shocked by his sudden passing, and send my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Dorine Bosman September 18, 2012

I have only had a couple of occasions to meet Roger. Each time Roger left a lasting and contagious impression of passion, practicality, tenacity, and a clear willingness to educate and work with all who can contribute. You made a lasting impression. Thank you for having the patience to educate me.

Jon Barnden September 18, 2012

Roger – Once met unforgettable. A truly unique and fascinating man of infectious conviction. His drive to see things for what they really were and make a difference was truly inspirational. We will drink a Star to you in Nigeria. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Anne Hillyer September 18, 2012

I had the privilege of knowing and working with Roger on the Two Towns One World project for a few months, far too few. He was such a warm, open and generous man who inspired people to take action and make a difference. Roger made a difference, each and every day. He touched my life profoundly. He was insightful, passionate and compassionate, with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour. He is sorely missed. My thoughts are with you Sonia and all his family.


Khinjem Awah September 18, 2012

Roger- Your death is a complete shock to all the members of FCTV Cameroon who saw you when you visited Cameroon in July 2012. Talking with you, all I could see was a passionate, engaged and dynamic person with great concern on how to resolve environmental problems. Thanks to you, lots of people around the world have gained knowledge and skills which has brought positive changes in their lives. Rest in peace Roger.

Nick Wood September 18, 2012

It is difficult to know what to say that has not been said. I worked with him on the Niger Delta on and off for more than 15 years and met him first on a flight down to Port Harcourt as he began to apply his mind to some of the problems the region faced. He was one of the few to have made a difference in the delta and built lasting links that helped many there. Indeed he has made similar telling contributions to communities all over the world. He always brought a different voice into the conversation, and always made sense. Great bloke and a privilege to know him and work a little with him. He touched many lives and helped so many people. A life well lived. My condolences to his family.

Kirsty Williams AM for Brecon & Radnor September 18, 2012

So very sorry to learn of Roger’s untimely death. He was an inspirational figure and it was always a privelage to be in his company. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

John Morgan September 18, 2012

Although Ive been involved with the Hay Timbuktu connection since the start, I dont think I actually met Roger but I heard a lot about his involvement. I am very sad to hear of the loss of a good man and I would like to send my respects to his family, Yours John Morgan

Elmehdi Ag Wakina September 18, 2012

C’est avec une grande tristesse que j’ai appris le décès de mon ami Roger. C’est une grande perte pour moi car avec Roger, l’apprentissage est très facile et son humour envoutant. Je suis persuadé que ses amis perpétront les idéaux qu’il a su imprimés. Je présente à Sonia toutes mes condoléances.

(It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of my friend Roger. This is a great loss for me because with Roger, learning is easy and captivates humor. I’m sure his friends perpetuate the ideals he has printed. I offer my condolences to Sonia).

Everest Nwankwo September 18, 2012

I first heard about Roger and his works in 2000. At that point I admired his work, his passion and the fact that he saw himself as owing everyone in every continent of the world, a duty to help them build their capacity to be the best they can be. This sense of duty can be seen from the works of LEF and the team that have kept it together. Having just joined the league of LEF partners across the globe, I and my team had looked forward to finally meeting him and expressing our admiration. Unfortunately death has taken him from us.

ROGER! Let it be known that we are comforted by the good works you have started and the virtues you have left behind. It is a sure foundation upon which many of us and future generations will build upon.

Elmehdi Ag Wakina September 18, 2012

Les mots me manquent pour exprimer notre tristesse suite au décès de notre ami et collègue. Nous savons que AMSS et LEF ont perdu une figure pleine de qualités et qui a su imprimer une vraie dynamique entre nos deux organisations. Nous ferons tout pour perpétrer les valeurs qui a su incarnées. Par cette occasion tout le personnel de l’AMSS par ma voix vous présente à LEF et à la famille du défunt toutes ses condoléances les plus attristées. Que la terre lui soit légère et que son âme repose au paradis. Amen!

(I have no words to express our sadness at the passing of our friend and colleague. We know that AMSS and LEF lost a face full of features and he has printed a real dynamic between our two organizations. We will do everything to carry on the values ​​that he has embodied. At this time, all of the staff at AMSS through me, send to LEF and the deceased’s family all of our deepest condolences. That the land it is slight and may his soul rest in heaven. Amen!)

Tony Attah, VP Corporate Affairs September 18, 2012

On behalf of the Management and staff of The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), I write to express our heartfelt condolences to the entire staff of Living Earth Foundation on the sudden demise of Mr. Roger Hammond, Founder of your organization.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with his family at this time of grief and we pray that they will be comforted. May his soul rest in peace – He will be missed.

Yaya MEME Tombouctou Mali September 18, 2012

Je me joint à tous mes prédécesseurs pour exprimer toute ma tristesse et ma compension pour le deccès de notre ami et collegue Roger. Avec ta disparition, LEF perd un grand homme plein d’humilité et de courage. A ta femme Sonya et tes proches durement éplorés, je vous adresse mes condoléances les plus attristées. Dors en paix Roger

(I join all of my predecessors to express my sadness and deep compassion for our friend and colleague Roger. With your death, LEF has lost a great man full of humility and courage. To your wife Sonya and your family grieving hard, I send you my deepest condolences. Sleep in peace Roger)

Nick Ashton-Jones September 18, 2012

Sad to hear of Roger’s departure from this particular living earth. So much more he could and would have done. Condolences from we who knew him in this corner of Nigeria.

Kenneth Okafor September 18, 2012

His first text to me was “Hi, Kenneth – looks like we will land on time – only hand baggage so hope to get through (customs) quickly Roger”

It was 5:45pm Wednesday, 11 May, 2011. He had flown into Port Harcourt for a meeting at SPDC. I was en route to pick him up from the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa. He arrived 15 minutes earlier than I had anticipated.

“I am about 15 minutes away” I replied. Then there was a car crash followed by a two hour delay. Twenty two texts messages later I arrived the airport.

“Hooray!!!” he texted.

He sat in front of the arrivals lounge, travel weary but relieved to see me.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting” I said

I’m happy you finally turned up.”

It was 7.54pm.

He attended the meeting and returned home a few days later.

I’m very sorry to learn of Roger’s untimely death. He was an inspirational figure and it was a privilege to be in his company.

Kate Hamlyn September 18, 2012

I knew Roger slightly as a teenager – and met him again 2 years ago – I was so excited to hear about what he’d be doing. He seemed to have spent his life so well, I am so sorry it was so relatively short. I hope there will be some comfort in thinking of that well-spent life.

Rachel Caldecott-Thornton September 18, 2012

I have known Roger since I was 7 years old. My mother accidently introduced him at a party as ‘my other son, Roger’. I also had the pleasure of working with him at the beginning of Living Earth. He was inspiring and kind. Motivated and motivational. He also threw great dinner parties! He was a fun-loving bon vivant and the best adopted brother I could have wished for.

I will miss him. Many, many people will miss him. My thoughts go to his family at this time.

If heaven exists you can bet he’ll be organising some sort of inter-faith dialogue (and party) right now.

Susannah Bleakley September 18, 2012

I shall never forget Roger’s sense of fun and enthusiasm for life, his humanity, patience, goodwill and goodness. His creativity; his skill and endless buoyancy in steering others to be good.

Roger was quite simply a remarkable man, a force of nature and a force of good for nature; with a wide network of happy, positive relationships; and who created a wide network of happy, positive relationships between man and nature.

A tragedy that he is lost. Wishing all his family and friends great strength.

Paul Vare September 18, 2012

A clever, kind, creative and above all, a generous friend. Roger touched – and improved – the lives of so many of us. Shocked and saddened as I am at his passing, I will be forever grateful for having known him. Sonia, even at this bewildering time, I hope you can draw strength from the love and the laughter that you shared together. And Roger, you force of nature, you were a force for good and your influence will continue to be felt across our living Earth.

Julian Caldecott September 18, 2012

With Roger’s spirit watching over us, we can do anything.

John Pollock September 18, 2012

The environmental world has lost one of its greatest sons – and the human world – part and parcel of the same thing, as Roger would point out – one of its greatest suns.

I don’t know where to begin to express the extraordinary, visionary, life-affirming and life-enhancing energy that was – and is, though we’d happily disagree about that over a glass or two! – Roger.

I met him first when I was the then Department of the Environment’s first social policy researcher on the environment, and Roger breezed in like an inspiring force of extraordinary energy and perception and long vistas. It was a joy to work with him. So much so, I soon left DoE and volunteered for Living Earth.

I’d like to sit down and do justice with a proper length in memorial to this utterly remarkable man – one of the truly great ones – and can’t quite do that today, when I found out. Soon, Roger, soon!

With enormous love and deepest condolences to the wonderful Sonia, too…

Roger was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration – many times over in my life. I trust I will be blessed with the honour of carrying some of his astonishing, lovely energy forward in my own life.

I shall miss knowing you were out there, at or near the earth’s surface, bringing the full Roger experience to someone, somewhere. Words fail, so I’ll steal some of Hazlitt’s words…

“A despiser of the merely Rich And Great:
A lover of the People, poor or oppressed:
A hater of the Pride and Power of the Few,
As opposed to the happiness of the Many;
A man of true moral courage,
Who sacrificed Profit and present Fame
To Principle,
And a yearning for the good of Human Nature.”

Rest in peace, Roger…

John Pollock September 18, 2012

And because Roger had a wonderful sense of humour, one of my favourite recent lines, when I said he’d been flying around a lot recently:

“I’m trying to offset all the trees I’ve planted.”

Alan Detheridge September 18, 2012

There are few individals in the world who can bridge divides and provide the insight, inspiration and enthusiasm to persuade people to work together, rather than against one another. Roger was a talented member of that rare group and it was a privilege and pleasure to work with him. I mourn his passing and offer my condolences to his family and many friends.

Mitra Ardron September 19, 2012

I’ve known Roger since we shared space at Earthlife in 1987, as both a colleague and later as a friend and one of the few people I kept up with regularly in the UK. It’s so sad to see him go, and my condolences go out to Sonia and all of his friends. Roger – you will be missed, you did so much to make sure you left a hand print bigger than your footprint.

Kelechi Eleanya September 19, 2012

Though I never met Roger Hammond,I had been greatly inspired early in my career through Living Earth materials and works. I am short of words but do hope and pray for the strength and comfort for his wife, family and all friends of LEF across the globe at this time. Also,we should all commit to continuing the good works here while he is gone…..May his soul rest in peace.

Ed Craven September 19, 2012

Many condolences to Sonia and the family on their great loss, so sudden and so devastating. Condolonces too to all staff at LEF and sister organisations throughout the world.

I worked with Roger on and off since 2002. Though he was a fleeting presence somtimes in my work, the inspirational and strategic role he played in LEF’s development was always clear. People like Roger are usually impossible to replace. We will all miss him.

Arikpo Arikpo Board Member, Cross River State Forestry Commission, Calabar, Nigeria September 19, 2012

We are yet to recover from the lose of Professor Emmanuel Obot, the Nigerian Board Chairman of Living Earth Nigeria Foundation Board of Directors. Now to be called and told by DR. Dara Akala about the passing on of Mr. Hammond is to say the least most devastating. As a pioneer staff of living Earth Nigeria Foundation, I met him in 1998. A true professional, articulate, critical and very self driven. What ever i become will be partly attributed to that vision in Nigeria. He was a mentor, a coach and above a friend. He will greatly missed. On behalf of my family, I wish to express my profound sympathy to the staff of Living Earth Foundation UK. Let us continue to enjoy the good memories he left us and appreciate the great work he did all over the world when he was alive. Goodbye our friend.

Linda King September 19, 2012

Several of us from the Mali Development Group had just started working with Roger. We found him very knowledgeable, approachable and happy to share his huge experience with us. We were very sorry to hear of his death and offer his family and colleagues our sympathies

Chris Durbin September 19, 2012

What an enthusiast Roger was – he inspired me as a young teacher to really teach about rainforests in a way that wasn’t hackneyed. I had the privilege of travelling with him and other educators to Cameroon where I learned as much from Cameroonian teachers as they did from me – I always travel with mutual learning in mind. Roger introduced me to Ben, an inspiring teacher and I would love to see him again and reminisce about Roger and other. As a former trustee of Living Earth, I wish everyone well in their celebration of Roger’s impact on the world. Please offer my heartfelt thank you for these opportunities and of knowing Roger as a friend.

Kate Bingley September 19, 2012

Roger was a constant source of ideas, energy and inspiration. It was a real privilege to work with him, and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with you Sonia. Kate & Lawrence.

Sam Nwakohu September 19, 2012

It was most saddening this morning to hear of the untimely death of Mr. Roger Hammond the Development Director of LEF. Our thoughts are with you all in this time of great grief.

Please convey the deepest condolence of the Trustees and Management staff of Living Earth Nigeria Foundation to his family and to your colleagues in LEF.

Tamara Gordon September 19, 2012

oh no…the world needs Roger, I hope we can continue his vision- albeit never with Rogers special touch.

Simon Counsell September 19, 2012

Terribly sad news. Roger was a wonderful man, an inspiration to all he met, a passionate believer in helping the less fortunate on Earth have a greater say in how their environment is used.

Long may his spirit live on!

Tony Whitten September 19, 2012

How very very sad. When I received the news yesterday I couldn’t believe what I was reading. What a solid, committed, visionary, top quality man he was.

Fiona & Peter September 19, 2012

We are saddened by this shocking news. Our thoughts are with Sonia and the family.

Hans EPALE, FCTV board member September 19, 2012

It is always a great sadness that we feel, separated from a person with whom we had human relations in many forms.
I had the opportunity to meet Roger for the first time in 1997, following a job interview for the “Cameroon Environmental Education Support Project.”
With this opportunity to join the staff, I familiarized myself with the issues on the preservation of our environment, and for which I remain a big fan to date.
Although I left LEF / Cameroon for personal reasons, it was with pleasure that I responded positively to the invitation of Roger and Chris to be part of the FCTV Board members.
As such, I had the privilege to see him “for the last time, unfortunately,” during his recent visit here in Yaoundé in July 2012, where we discussed the memories of the past, and chatted about the future of FCTV.
Naturally, it was not the strong man I had known fifteen years before. With the announcement of his death, I wondered if he did not come to say “GOODBYE”, and ask us to “CONTINUE” on the path he traced with his other founding members of LEF / UK.
If this is the case, we will try our best to continue to fight for these environment and sustainable development issues that are still valid.
To Sonia and his whole family, my sincere condolences.

Swithern Tumwine September 19, 2012

Our condolences to Rogers Family and LEF Network.
I met Roger in the Year 2007 when I visited the LEF UK London Office, during my orientation as a new staff at Living Earth Uganda. I found him inspiring, knowledgeable and with lots of ideas which Living Earth Uganda continues to build on for its growth. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death. May his soul rest in peace.

Dakoru Atukpa September 19, 2012

Roger Hammond was a tireless worker, a goal getter and good operator. He did well during his life time to positively influence society. He worked towards his vision in life and was not deterred. He will certainly be missed by many. I specially condole with his family during this moment of grief. May his soul rest in peace.

Amanda September 19, 2012

Roger was a lovely man, generous and kind. May he rest in peace.

Matchum Fanny-Ange September 19, 2012

My sincere condolences to Rogers Family!

I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Roger even during his last trip to Cameroon but I was so saddened to hear that he passed away. I am convinced that he was a charitable man and a visionary who made an impact in this generation through his commitment for development; when I heard he was sick I prayed for him!

Sincere condolences to his family.

Noubissie Marie Louise - Présidente AFHALIDT September 19, 2012

Au Nom de l’Association des Femmes handicpées, j’adresse par laprésente mes sincères condoléances à la famille de Roger Hammond durement éprouvée!
J’ai eu le privilège de recevoir à notre siège Mr Roger, un homme très gentil qui tout de suite nous a fait des promesses tellement ému par notre condition!
Je garde de luile souvenir d’un homme très socialble et pret à agir pour aider.
Les autres membres de mon association manquent de mot pour traduire ce sentiment de tristesse qui nous a envahit quand nous avons appris la nouvelle de son décès.

Toute l’association AFHALIDT lui dit merci encore pour son passage et paix à son ame

(In the Name of the Association of Handicapped Women, I send my sincere condolences to the family of Roger Hammond that have been hit hard.
I had the privilege to meet Roger, a very nice man who immediately made ​​us promises so moved by our condition!
I keep a memory of a man very socialble and ready to do something to help.
The other members of my association lack words to translate this feeling of sadness that invades us when we heard the news of his death.

Any association AFHALIDT said thank you again for meeting us and peace to his soul)

Lydia Richardson September 19, 2012

I have known Roger for many years and remember a few big parties in Dorset. More recently I have been in touch with Roger professionally through the work of Living Earth. He will be sadly missed. I send my best wishes and love to his family.

Caroline Hart September 19, 2012

I only met Roger 6 weeks ago and liked him so much. It was clear he was a very special and talented person with great vision. At Joliba we have been shocked and so sad to hear of his sudden departure. It is a loss for Mali too. Deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.

Caroline and Ian, Joliba Trust

Graham Ranger, Leiden, NL September 19, 2012

I worked with Roger in Cameroon over a five year period in in the early 1990s, on teacher education, based from the bungalow in Buea as well as in the old laundry (Ossington?) buildings, the offices of Living Earth in London. Roger was a visionary for us: a galvanising force of energy, vitality, humour and a can-do attitude. I mourn his premature loss but cherish the memory of an inspirational figure who made things happen for others.

Steve Williams September 19, 2012

Roger was a dear friend who had a wonderful ability to support and nurture people to help them achieve their best. His keen intellect and sense of humour shone wherever he was. Roger was a great supporter of the links between the children and young people of Timbuktu and Hay and both places have benefited enormously from his wisdom and enthusiasm. He will be very sadly missed. Our love goes to Sonia and his family.

Lum Judith Fonchingong September 19, 2012

What a tragic death for the entire staff of LEF and FCTV. The very first time I met Roger was in July when he came to Cameroon. It is sad that he is not here with us. We should not focus on the grief, but instead celebrate his life and his accomplishments. Let’s remember Roger for all his great qualities and appreciate the time we spent with him. Adieu Roger.

Marjorie Sheldon September 19, 2012

I first met Roger when he was a student in training to become a teacher in the 1970′s. He was exceptional then, just as he has always remained. He demonstrated, even then, his special ability to see through the “delusions” as he termed them, when I spoke to him only a few days ago. He strove to get to the truth of what really matters in the world and had the courage to leave the traditional classroom and venture into the REAL learning place-this living earth.
Dear Roger,the world is the poorer for your leaving it, but the richer for your passing through.
My loving thoughts go to Sonia and all the family and friends. Thank you for being with us Roger.

mouna azoumi September 19, 2012

je ne sais quels mots employer pour exprimer la grandeur, la sympatie et le courage que Roger Hammond ne saurai comment le dire sinon avec grand tristesse d’apprendre la disparution du fondateur de LIVING EARTH.par delà je ne rejouis malgre tout d’avoir fait sa connaissance et de lui dire chaque matin good morning quand il arrivait au bureau de FCTV DOUALA CAMEROUN.
Je tiens à présenter particuliérement mes condoléance à SONIA Roger, à sa famille,collégues, connaissances et amis.
Roger Hammond que ton ame repose en paix et tu resteras toujours de notres.

(I do not know what words to use to express the greatness, the sympathy and courage Roger Hammond deposited. I do not know how else to express my great sadness to learn the founder is gone beyond LIVING EARTH, but I rejoice that in spite of all, I have met him and said good morning every morning when he arrived at the office of Douala CAMEROON FCTV.
I would like to express my condolences to SONIA especially, Roger’s family, colleagues, acquaintances and friends.
Roger Hammond as your soul rests in peace, you will always be in ours.)

Mouamfon Mama September 19, 2012

When I learned about the death of Roger, I was shocked and saddened. He lost his life far too soon. He did a very great job concerning environmental education with Living Earth Foundation, especially here in Cameroon since 1987. I missed the opportunity to talk directly with Roger when he came to Cameroon in July for the last time and he appreciated all of the work FCTV (LEF baby), has been doing at the level of the communities. But from our conversation on the phone for about an hour, he gave me a good feed back of what he did in Cameroon. It was the first time that I had talked with him and I realised that Roger was a very wonderful person. It is not easy dealing with the loss of one who had become almost like a family member to us at FCTV. Death is after all, only the side of life that we cannot see from earth’s shores. Who know what God has in store for Roger? We ask God to comfort him and his familly in this time of sorrow.
Adieu Roger! Tes idées vont continuées à être transformer en Action et une attention particuliere à l’engagement des communautés locales.
Mouamfon Mama
FCTV Director

Jane Thornback September 19, 2012

What a shock. How very sad. Roger was such a rare bundle of enthusiasm, pragmatism and vision, infiltrated by boundless humanity.

I recall with fondness the day long, long, ago when I popped into Earthlife in Belgrave Square to have a coffee with Roger, only to find that the organisation had ceased operating that very day. Roger was the education officer. Instead of looking for another orgnisation to join, he instead continued working on his projects in Cameroon and created the Living Earth Foundation. The rest is history. Long live his spirit.

Alice Mutasa September 19, 2012

Roger – thank you for your inspiration, passion and commitment to make this world better – but also for your wicked sense of humour and ability to show us all how to have a Damn Good Time… People like you don’t pass through this world very often, and I feel privileged that our paths crossed in this short life. The world is a sadder and much, much duller place without you. You will be hugely missed.

SUNNY ASOMAKU September 19, 2012

How can we forget your great work and the ideas that have been transformed into actions and many lives have been blessed. While we enjoy the benefit and smile your work has brought to us, the vacuum you left behind has become a great dilema. We love you but God loves you more. Rest in Peace.

Peter A Minang September 19, 2012

It is indeed sad to learn of the passing on of Roger. A tireless, driven and kind individual I met in 1997. We always had interesting intellectual moments but also times when he cared so much about the lives of the people he worked for. My heartfelt condolences to Sonia and the entire family. We will do our best to continue with the vision he had for humanity and for the environment.

Angela Shaw September 19, 2012

Incredibly saddened by the news of Roger’s passing. What a privilege it has been to work with Roger and, more importantly, to call him a friend. The world is a little less bright without his energy, passion, wisdom and sense of fun. We will miss you terribly, Roger – and I will be having that sundowner in KL we discussed in your honour. Much love to Sonia and family, and to the LEF community. 

Hugh Goyder September 20, 2012

Speaking as a Trustee of Living Earth, the best we can do at this sad time is to ensure that all the work Roger started is continued. He had a great love for this work; he had tremendous energy, and a unique ability to build relationships between conflicting interest groups. We can never replace him but his work will go on.

Robert Ndyabarema, Chair of Living Earth Uganda Trustees September 20, 2012

It is indeed sad for the passing on of Roger. Please receive our condolence message and pass it on to the Chairman Board of Trustees LEF.

Alejandro Luy, FTV September 20, 2012

Lamentamos informar que el día de ayer falleció nuestro amigo Roger Hammond, Director de Desarrollo de la Fundación británica Living Earth.
Roger fue el fundador de Living Earth en 1987 y desde allí promovió las acciones que derivaron en la creación de Living Earth Venezuela en 1992 que posteriormente se convirtió en Fundación Tierra Viva en 1996.
En Fundación Tierra Viva siempre estaremos agradecidos por su apoyo y la oportunidad que Roger nos dio para llevar adelante el proyecto que permitió la creación de nuestra institución.
Roger no solo era un excelente profesional, visionario y comprometido con la educación ambiental, sino una gran persona, alegre y conversadora.
Queremos expresar nuestras condolencias a su esposa Sonia Elaine Hammond, a sus familiares, y a sus compañeros de Living Earth y brindarles nuestro apoyo en este momento.
Paz a su alma

Caracas, 17 de septiembre de 2012
Consejo Superior, Junta Directiva y Equipo Operativo de Fundación Tierra Viva

(We are sad to announce that our friend Roger Hammond, Development Director of the British organisation Living Earth Foundation, died yesterday. Roger was founder of Living Earth Foundation in 1987 and from that organisation promoted the actions that determined the creation of Living Earth Venezuela in 1992, which later became Fundación Tierra Viva in 1996.
In Fundación Tierra Viva we will always be grateful for his support and for the opportunity that Roger provided to carry out the project that enabled the creation of our institution.
Roger was not only an excellent professional, visionary and committed to environmental education; he was also a grand and happy human being who enjoyed lively conversation.
We want to express our condolences to his wife Sonia Elaine Hammond, the members of his family and his colleagues at Living Earth Foundation, and to convey our support for them at this time.
Peace to his soul).

Caracas, 17 September 2012
Superior Council, Executive Committee and Operational Team of Fundación Tierra Viva

ape.assistance September 20, 2012

Ape-assistance.npo : Apas.Cam and Apas.Belgique offer their sincere condolences to the crew of Living Earth. We hope you will continue the good work in his remembrance.
Sincerely Yours

NDJETOH Pierre September 20, 2012

C’est avec une vive émotion que j’apprend la mort de M. Roger, avec qui j’ai travaillé dans Living Earth. Je garde de lui le souvenir d’un père de fammille (Living Earth) soucieux du développement de celle-ci. C’est pas un hazard s’il était le Directeur du Développement de cette structure dont était l’un des fondateurs. Le vide qu’il laisse dans cette structure sera difficile à combler. Que la terre de nos ancètres lui soit légère. A dieu Roger!!!!!

(It is with deep sorrow that I learned of the death of Roger, with whom I worked at Living Earth. I keep the memory of his father family (Living Earth) concerned with the development of the latter. The void he leaves in this structure will be difficult to fill. The land of our ancestors has is light. A god Roger!)

Ben Garside - IIED September 20, 2012

I have only known Roger for a few years but my personal engagement with him and his engagement with other colleagues here at IIED has always been animated and stimulating. Roger was always full of great ideas and enthusiastic in his work with a strong belief in real change on the ground. He will be sorely missed.

Darian Stibbe September 20, 2012

Desperately saddened to hear this terrible news. It’s difficult to comprehend the loss of someone with so much life force, spirit and energy.

There’s no doubt that Roger’s life and work will live on in those he has directly helped and those whom he’s inspired. And the programmes he’s created will continue to benefit the world. It’s just a real tragedy that he’s no longer around to see it, and of course we’re denied the results of the next decade of Roger’s tireless efforts.

Mary Fellowes September 20, 2012

I was sadenned to hear of the death of Roger Hammond. I worked with him for several years on the Two Towns One World Project in Hay-on-Wye, he was an unforgetable person and a pleasure to have known.

My condolences go to his friends and family especially to Sonia my – thoughts will be with you.
Mary Fellowes

Clive Wicks September 20, 2012

I was very sorry to hear of Roger’s death at such an early age and send our condolences to his wife and family

I worked with Roger in the Living Earth Foundation back in 1985-86 and I was delighted that he managed to keep up the Education work that was started by the Foundation before it went into liquidation. Like Roger I manged to take other members of the team across to WWF and we all carried on the work we had started in Earthlife. I crossed paths with Roger in a number of countries and admired the work that the Foundation did. Anouther Friend Prof Emmanuel Obot the Chair of Earthlife Nigeria and Executive Director of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), was killed recently in a terrible air crash in Lagos and Living Earth Nigeria has lost two good people. God bless both of them and their families.

Rick Steiner, Anchorage Alaska September 20, 2012

I add my heartfelt sympathies to Roger’s friends and family. I knew Roger for years, from our work in Nigeria and Alaska, and I always respected his keen abilities to bridge cultural and political gaps. His kindness, and determination to assist in social and environmental progress was always front and center with Roger. He will be missed, and I, for one, promise to continue in his footsteps.

Be well my friend.

Anita & Maurice Reyna September 20, 2012

With great sorrow we received the news of Roger’s sudden passing. He was our good and loyal friend and we feel that we have lost an exceptional being, full of optimism, generosity and a great sense of adventure. We first met at the British Ambassador’s residence in Caracas, shortly after our the Ambassador in London suggested he travel to Venezuela to evaluate the possibility of starting an Environmental Education Project, like the one Living Earth had successfully developed in Cameroun. That was the beginning of a fabulous adventure, in which we teamed up: Living Earth Foundation and the newly created Living Earth Venezuela, alongside the European Union, to start a program around the Lake Valencia Basin, which constituted our initial “Presentation Card” and permitted many of us, all professionals of a variety of academic disciplines, to consolidate our group into what later became Fundación Tierra Viva.

Roger’s vision, enthusiasm, drive and an ability to surmount any obstacle, was instrumental in this entire pathway; especially his vast experience and his educator’s heart, which guided us while offering the structure and support that made way for a methodology of action in communities that would promote environmental conservation with a marked imprint of sustainable development. In my personal case, I felt his confidence, encouragement and high regard for my work in directing Fundación Tierra Viva always reminded me of my commitment to excellence and productivity. I will miss his wise and stimulating words.

It is thanks to his permanent support that I was able to reorient my pedagogic career towards the creation and strengthening of groups of professionals who are helping many Venezuelan communities to organize themselves and to have a more harmonious relation between man and nature. Maurice, who has been one of the pillars of the “Fundación”, as a founding member of the Board, and who also had the privilege to share many work related responsibilities as well as moments of mutual interest with Roger: like a tasty gastronomic experiences and, of course, enjoying English humor, phlegm and sarcasm… And like me, profoundly feels that we have lost, so very prematurely, the dear friend that Roger has been to us.

At this difficult time for you Sonia, the Living Earth team, and to honor his memory and cheerful spirit, we wanted to share some of our life’s mutual moments and stories, which have left profound and lasting prints in these faraway lands beyond the seas…
With all our warmth and love,
Anita & Maurice

Peter Scott September 20, 2012

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Roger’s passing. His visits to Alaska have always been colorful, insightful and fun. We will miss him. Condolences and best wishes to his family and colleagues.

Uche Ifukor September 21, 2012

I never met Mr. Roger Hammond but have heard and known about his great work at Living Earth. His death is indeed a great loss to us at AA PeaceWorks and I pray that Almighty God will grant his wife and the family the fortitude to bear.
May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen

Damien Lewis September 21, 2012

A man of infinite courage, fun, wisdom, generosity which knew no bounds, inspiration and light. I would have followed him to the ends of the earth and often did. We will remember him always.

Julia September 21, 2012

It sounded as a bad joke or a mistake – such people as Roger just can’t leave that early! Friendly and cheerfull, full of energy and stories from all over the world, he was a rare combination of qualities and traits valued in any community. I believe he is in a better place now, making friends over there…

Karen L September 21, 2012

Dear Roger,

Are you keeping court somewhere now, surrounded by friends new and old? I expect you are.

No doubt you managed to hand-pick a few controversial people to join you at the dinner party, to add a few fireworks to the conversation, something to keep everyone alert until the salsa and spoon sessions begin. I can almost see you seated at the head of a long pine table, your glass of red wine in hand, taking it all in, thoroughly enjoying the argumentative mayhem you’ve so carefully orchestrated.

You will be missed by children who grew up listening to you, by friends who stayed up late talking about the future, by sisters who admired and loved you, by school-boy brothers who explored the world beside you, by your colleagues who worked to make our world a better place, by the clients you helped achieve greater things, and by loved ones who brought joy to your life.

We are so blessed to have known you and your wry smile. Thank you.

Let’s hope those dreams, good deeds and lively discussions continue to live on through all of us.

Take care.

Taghi Farvar September 21, 2012

A deeply felt message of condolence from Roger’s friends and colleagues in Iran…

Dear Spirit of Roger,

We of CENESTA: Centre for Sustainable Development, Iran are extremely saddened and shocked at the news, but, we know that wherever you are, you are satisfied, since you have contributed to a better world in your rich life more than most of the people one has a chance to know in one’s lifetime. We got to know you in person only very late, but what we know about your past work and the dynamism of your interaction and support to us in the context of the European Union Project for fostering sustainable development in the country, made us respect and love you enormously. We were so looking forward to the series of video conferences you were going to help produce for us and other countries and people in need of your wisdom and experience, and we were so looking forward to inviting you to Iran to visit the wonderful indigenous and traditional communities who are participants in the collaborative management towards sustainable development. Yes, and we know that while many have used the concept of sustainable development only as empty words or mere excuses for continuing to pollute, you and your colleagues at Living Earth Foundation have been trying to do something concrete about showing how it works, and we are proud to have been among your many partners in doing so.
May you rest in peace and help us from yonder through the continued eternal inspiration that you have left in our hearts and lives. We know that your family was very close to you and how they must be missing you so much, and wish them the comfort of sharing beautiful memories of you and the sharing of pride with so many of your friends, colleagues and associates of what enormous achievements you have been able to accumulate in your most productive and inspirational—albeit too short a life on this passing universe.

All the colleagues of CENESTA, with sincere condolences to Roger’s family, colleagues, associates and friends.

Viv & Paul September 21, 2012

We’re truly shocked and very sad. A warm, funny and very wise man, with an incredibly generous soul. Our love and thoughts are with Sonia. x

Justin Mundy September 21, 2012

Roger’s energy was extraordinary and his many enthusiasms infectious. In far too short a life he has affected the lives of thousands of people and by his rigorous approach to education will have ensured that his message will resonate across generations. A great legacy. The world is a much poorer place with his passing, but for those of us who have had the privilege to know him, we are enriched by memories of his intelligence, friendship, laughter but perhaps above all, by his compassion.

Phil Beadle September 21, 2012

One of the most gorgeous geezers it has ever been my privilege to be in the same room as. My family and I all love him very much.

Robbie Bisset September 22, 2012

A man of huge heart and appetite for life. Still hard to believe he has gone. But, some fantastic memories that will live forever!

Peter LLoyd September 22, 2012

I shall miss Roger immensely, his dedicated desire to help those less fortunate in this World has inspired me more than once when things looked bleak in Timbuktu. This desire and his knowledge and leadership laid the foundation for TWO TOWNS ONE WORLD in Hay-on-Wye.
It was a privilege to work with him.
My sincere condolences go to his friends and family especially to Sonia my – thoughts will be with you.

Peter Lloyd Hay-on-Wye

Michael Hancock September 22, 2012

Roger Hammond has died and the world is a poorer place because of it. I was just getting to know Roger and am very sad I will not get to know him any better…. we think we have time and are constantly reminded that we do not.
We were trustees of Grencuisine Trust together and his energy, enthusiasm and passion to raise value were inspirational.

jonathan reid September 22, 2012

I didn’t know Roger in his work context – our encounters were generally in connection with Sonia’s musical work with eurythmy or with the furtherance of good wining and dining. Something Puckish about him and, like Puck, he’s put a girdle round the earth.

Mark Gatter September 22, 2012

Roger could breeze into a room, dripping from the shower, with just a towel wrapped around him – and it wouldn’t have mattered if the Queen had been there, waiting. He treated everyone the same, and was more comfortable in his body than anyone I’ve ever met. Wonderful. And, even more special, he had an aura of harmlessness about him. I can’t imagine Rog ever making someone feel intimidated. I’ll miss him very, very much, and I don’t imagine he’s stopped working for what he believed in, even now, even for a minute.

Bill Knight September 23, 2012

Sonia and friends in Living Earth, please accept my sincere condolences.

Gwen September 23, 2012

Gone, but never forgotten. We weren’t ready for you to go, but you were always several steps ahead of us all. Rest in peace.

Kathe Stepenuck-Johnson September 23, 2012

How amazing that Roger could reach out to so many in the world…hopefully he will help us all to reach to the beauty of thoughts and deeds in his new world…to bring about the changes needed.
And dear Sonia, I know he will be always near you; we will hear this in your warm and beautiful music.

Trish September 23, 2012

Roger, looking at the wonderful messages above, it is obvious that you affected peoples lives for the better, which is a rare and wonderful thing to have achieved. My favourite memories of you are not quite as serious. In fact, last time I saw you, you were dancing with me at your sister’s birthday, you looking and gigging like an Irish leprechaun! A sight I have to say that made people applaud! This will always be the way I remember you and will forever make me smile. Sonia, Lesley and family my deepest sympathy to you all.

Romy Fraser September 23, 2012

Dear Roger, you will be so missed. The greatest loss is for the Earth and all its communities that you devoted yourself to. But for me and my family it is a personal loss, one of inspiration and sense of hope. Thank you for doing what you did, with such intelligence and sense of fun. Much love to you.

Bill Stow September 23, 2012

Amazingly, Roger found time to pursue other interests on top of his fantastic work for Living Earth. He joined the Council of Radnorshire Wildlife Trust around 18 months ago and we realised immediately that we had found someone special when he interviewed us for the role rather than the other way round. He fizzed with ideas, energy and enthusiasm and brought his huge breadth of experience to our work. We will miss him enormously. All of us at RWT send our sympathies to Sonia and family and to all at Living Earth who have lost such an inspiring leader.

Peter and Truus van Vliet September 23, 2012

Only yesterday we heard about the sad and shocking news of Roger’s passing away. Dear Sonia , we can only imagine what this must mean for you and want you to know that we are with you in our deepest and most heartfelt thoughts. With love Peter and Truus van Vliet

ruairidh von stein September 23, 2012

Dear Roger,
So sad it is to hear that have you gone to the spirit. You gave us warmth and compassion. I remember meeting you for a brief time when you came here to Botton on many visits. The work you did was special for all and I hope we can hear from you from the other side; earth and music what a mix you both have. May you live in on our hearts. Thank you.

Chris Jordan September 24, 2012

Whatever chance it was, that led the universe to direct the energy that was Roger into my time here on earth, I feel blessed. As a friend, mentor, co- conspirator, dreamer, symposiarch, in many things he excelled, as his proud girth demonstrated; evidence of a life well lived. Nova only shine for a brief cosmic period but time distorts in their proximity, that is their nature. The light that they emit is eternal, as is love he gave and now receives. My thoughts are with Sonia, who fuelled his joy, and Lesley, sharer of his earliest dreams, but also with all who knew and met him in this flash of time.
Roger will never be gone from my life, he’s sitting next to me, right now, sharing a chortle at my attempts at a eulogy. I think this is true for many others

With love Chris

Professor Mukesh Kapila September 24, 2012

Although regrettably I never knew Roger Hammond personally, I heard about his work from his good friend Damien Lewis, and have come to admire what he did. My sympathies and with that, wishing the strong continuation of his work as I am sure he would have wanted just that as a fitting memorial. With deep respects Mukesh Kapila.

Nigel Tuersley September 24, 2012

Roger had such joie de vivre that it was all too easy to think that he would be around for ever. His warmth, intelligence, humour and positivity will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him, but many, many more will be touched by the vision that said so much about his personal philosophy, and defined his life’s work. Long may this live on.

Viv & Paul September 24, 2012

We’re truly shocked and very, very sad. Funny and wise with an unbelievably generous heart, we’ll always remember Roger with a smile. Sonia, we’re thinking of you every day. All our love

Keith James September 24, 2012

I am truly shocked and have found myself driven into a deep and reflective sadness to hear from Sonia of the death of Roger. He was the most uplifting and inspiring Man that I have ever had the fortune to meet. He has always been the dearest friend to me and I have always found myself in wonder at his energy and huge achievements. He will be honoured by many people and always have a place in hearts all over the world. My long standing love and devotion to Sonia; a great woman and musician with whom I have had the pleasure to know a good deal of my working life. All my love xx

Mark Clarke September 25, 2012

It seems impossible that someone so full of life and humour is now gone. Of everyone I have ever met, he lived life most fully and acutely, and with the most benefit to everything and everyone around him. A dreadful loss, but leaving so many memories, all of them happy.

Farhang Jalali Farahani September 25, 2012

I am sorry to hear such a sad news. I wish god would put peace upon Roger’s soul and his family can take this disaster properly.
I am sure LEF can survive for more time. Organizations like LEF are very important and vital to people on earth for living.

19 September 2012
Farhang Jalali Farahani, Tehran

Esther, The Netherlands September 25, 2012

Such sad news that such an inspiring person as Roger has passed away. He inspired a lot of people within Shell to look differently at their work. I wish his family and friends a lot of strength to deal with this loss.

soleira and erwin September 25, 2012

Dear Roger,
You will be remembered always as such a humble yet hugely inspiring figure, bringing hope and help to so many all over the world, as well as bringing a gentle sparkle and smile! Thank you!
Dear Sonia,
What can one say at such a huge moment but so sorry….and sending you lots of love and strength…. our thoughts are with you.
Love from Soleira and Erwin

Knut Bjerkan September 25, 2012

Knut Bjerkan (Norway) and Odette Mafou (Cameroon)
We are very sad to hear about Roger’s death.
We had some contact by a project between Norway and Cameroon: “Bridges of Prosperity”. We will follow up this work in the memory of Roger and in the spirit of LEF.

Andres Garcia-Negron September 25, 2012

My heart is deeply saddened by our loss of such a caring and generous friend, I am where I am and have done and seen so much in a big part because of you, our thoughts and hearts are with you.

Sonia September 25, 2012

As I walk in and around our beautiful house there are his clothes and the garden that he helped me create. It is as if he is away on a trip and will be back to tell me all about it.
On the 12 th August we climbed the Roman Steps in the Rhinogs together with Jennie and Katie and collected cowrie shells on Shell Island. When I was working in Aberdeen and he was in Cameroon in July I got a text telling me his choice for lunch “Monkey or Porcupine” just as I sat down to watch a fairy tale with the same title performed in eurythmy.
We went to one of the first complete performances of Stockhausen’s Mittwoch aus Licht in Birmingham on his birthday and stroked the camels. The year before we rode them with Lios in Timbuktu.
Our three cats, pult, lyst and tonic miss him too and take me outside to see the hedgehogs at night. The fourth one, catastrophic, went for a walk last December and I dreamed a month or so ago that it was because he sensed that Roger was getting ill.
And the hills, we chose to live here for the nature and the air and the space to be ourselves.
Now it is just myself.

Pritiva Attiken September 25, 2012

Wishing you peace as you reside in the love of God, Roger.

Wishing you the very best in your continuing journey in this life, Sonia. May your strength and beauty continue to shine brightly as ever!


Romilly and Adrian September 26, 2012

Dear Sonia,
We are so sorry to hear the tragic news about Roger. We are all thinking of you during this difficult time.
with much love from Romilly and Adrian

Barnaby Briggs September 26, 2012

I found it hard to write something here. And then I realised that what I had to say was that I feel lucky to have worked a bit with Roger. He was the best thinker, the best company and the best person to sit and make plans with that I have ever known.

Lots of Roger’s plans actually did materialise too – even some of the impossible ones.

SIMEON AKONO September 26, 2012

Même sans l’avoir connu réellement en tant Directeur de LIVING EARTH sa personnalité m’a particulièrement marqué, que sa memoire vive à jamis et que la terre de nos ancetres lui soit légère.

(Even without having really known him as Director of LIVING EARTH, his personality made a particular impression on me. May his memory live on forever and the land of our ancestors be light to him.)

Mike Long September 26, 2012

Roger’s mix of passion, dedication and just good fun was the reciepe for success. A true citizen of the world.
Thankyou for what you brought to all our lives.

Fred Strong September 26, 2012

Such a loss for we terrestrial types, surely offset by heaven’s gain. Get ready stakeholders up there in the hereafter, your common interests will be identified and put to work. Hmmm…maybe even better outcomes back here in Terra Viva or perhaps building a better angel? Celestial pairings? Roger, you leave a mighty pair of shoulders for the rest of us to perch and surely a light to beckon us all to a better eternity. Thank you Roger. We’re still waiting on our next cup of tea to remember our lives. Your old friend, Fred.

Michael September 26, 2012

Dear Roger,

Our paths did not cross so much in the past few years but I treasure the memories of our time together in Wiltshire, London, Florence and at random moments prior to or after a performance. Wishing you much love.

Dear Sonia,

Thinking of you at this time of sudden change and loss. I’m sure you will also continue Roger’s ambassadorial work at bringing disparate visions together in your own artistic fashion.

Love and best wishes,


The Jones's September 27, 2012

To our dear friend Roger,
So many thoughts, so difficult to express, but an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having known you and the firm knowledge that your words and actions will live on through all the people you have touched.
Thank you Roger

Ray Greatorex September 27, 2012

Roger was my nephew, the son of my dear sister Babs.
As I sit here reading the ever increasing number of tributes, I am very moved by the obvious affection and respect in which Roger was and will continue to be held by so many people.

I saw a lot of Roger during his early childhood as I studied in London and lived for many years with my sister. He was a bright young lad with an impish sense of humour.

He decided to train as a teacher and it soon became clear that this is a profession to which he was well suited. He had the ability to engage with his students in a way that not many of us have, a talent that he put to good use in later years. I am sure that he introduced his youngsters to the environmental issues that the world faced in a very practical way Indeed. I seem to recall him working to establish ponds in Birmingham or some similar city!

As the years went by I followed his career with interest, learning of the various projects in which he was involved, normally over a bottle or two of good red wine. However I have to confess that although I admired his passion, I did not realise just how important this work was and the impact it would have on other peoples lives. I should have done of course, if I had thought again about the questions he posed in writing in the chapter entitled ‘Future in the Balance’ in the book ‘The Rainforests’ in 1989.

His death has come as a tremendous shock to all his family especially his sister Lesley, with whom he was very close, and her daughters Charlotte, Georgina and Alex who saw him as very much a father figure. They will miss him terribly as indeed will both my wife Barbara and my daughter Joanna who found him so easy to talk to.

Our thoughts and prayers are of course with Sonia. There were some of us who thought that Roger would never get married. However, he found his soul mate and clearly they were extremely happy together.

Roger died too young and there is no telling just what else he would have achieved if he had lived longer. However, from reading the tributes, and the experiences of the workers, it is clear that the work he started will be taken forward by his friends and colleagues.


Daren September 27, 2012

When i came back from Borneo fired up to understand how business could change, it was Roger who I first met and who started me off on a journey with his titan “lets do it” wiring. We plotted and played over so many years. Great Friend, great ally….great loss.

Charlotte September 27, 2012

To my father and teacher and uncle,

If it be your will that i speak no more, and my voice be still as it was before, i will speak no more, i shall abide until i am spoken for, if it be your will

If it be your will, that a voice be true, from this broken hill, i will sing to you, From this broken hill, all your praises shall sing, if it be your will, to let me sing

If it be your will, if there is a choice, let the rivers fill, the the hills rejoice, let your mercy spill on all those burning hearts in hell, if it be your will, to make us well

And draw us near, oh bide us tight, and your children here, in the rags of light. In our rags of night, all dressed to kill, and end this night, if it be your will

I am blessed to have shared you with so many wonderful people, and we will honour you forever more.

Helen Sullivan September 28, 2012

Roger touched many lives including my own with his genuine passion for people and the environment. He was tireless in his commitment and impressive in his energy!

Sonia, my condolences, you must be very proud of Roger and the life you and he lived. I wish you success and strength as you continue the journey.

Dara Akala September 28, 2012

The news of Roger’s demise is one of the saddest that I received in 2012 to date. And, it is very difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that a man always so full of life and always so positive, is no more! Roger was such an icon and it was a pleasure for me to have known him and worked with him. I will forever cherish the years of my association with Roger. It is my prayer that God grants Sonia and the family he has left behind, the fortitude to bear this loss.

Sarah Nichols September 28, 2012

Roger was astonishingly present. He never seemed to be thinking about something else. He was always immediate; he was always completely alive to what you said, and to what you meant, and to what you hoped, and whatever those things were he took further in the best possible and most optimistic directions. In my experience this is something very very rare; if we could all learn to do it we should build the world he envisioned. No wonder these astonishing tributes have poured in from all over the globe.

Saeed Y. Abdi September 28, 2012

Even though you left us before we realized your dream for Somaliland and for many more, we are as bereaved as those whose lives you enriched and enlightened. Rest in peace Roger, your legacy will live to achieve all your dreams and hopes.
Our thoughts and condolences to Sonia and the Living Earth family. Bless you all.
Saeed Y. Abdi,

Alejandro Garcia Negron September 29, 2012

It is extremely sad to have lost such a great man with a huge heart and sensitivity. He was a great friend of my father and he helped our family every time he could. I feel the world was a better place when he was around. I hope all the people who was close to him can overcome this great lost. My condolences to Sonia and his family.

Janna Huneke September 30, 2012

I’m so sorry to hear this news Sonia. I had no idea. I do feel for you. Lots of love and positive thoughts for the coming weeks and months.

Anthony Chovwen September 30, 2012

Adieu Roger. You did leave behind a great number of disciples to continue the task of safeguarding the earth.

Dragana Vilinac October 1, 2012

In your death we face our own mortals immortality.
You made it all feel so simple, so natural, and the way you carry on to live in us, so beautiful.
You always know how to take the confusion and leave in the mystery even in the death itself.
Your love played the music on the cello with the finest strings of our hearts.
We died to ourselves with you just to become more of the Roger than we ever could have hoped to be.
Sealed by your love, each of us for however long, journey to our own last party hoping that like you, we will be able to make the child sing to lighten the hearts of the ones we will be leaving behind.
As always you only relocate, this time to the different recesses of our souls, only to shine back onto the world.
You were always light. Thank you light for the light we call Roger.

Oleg Bazaleev October 1, 2012

This is very sad news. I console with you upon the loss of Roger. He was the man of great energy and passion for people…I lack words.

Oleg Bazaleev October 2, 2012

I first met Roger several years ago and was greatly impressed with his energy and inspiration. I saw how many people around Roger started to change the way they see the world, and I saw how Roger’s efforts and energy changed the world for the better. I will always be grateful for the privilege of having known him. My thoughts are with you Sonia and all his family.

Macaulay Abiodun Olagoke October 2, 2012

My brief, (just a little over 1 year), but close interaction with Roger has left me with the impression of a man of great depth with a kind heart.

He worked hard to liberate the oppressed of the earth (humans, the environment etc.) across continents and in different settings. He based his actions on the principle of fairness as well as his genuine concern for the earth’s future; travelling far and wide, sometimes under difficult conditions to generate resources to support his passion.

His voice, which will be constantly heard by many around the world through his work and impact, will definitely encourage us to keep his vision alive.

Niall and Elisabeth Marriott October 2, 2012

Goodness, Roger, what on Earth are we going to do without you – your wisdom, your creativity, your wit, your infectious enthusiasm? But what a legacy you left behind you – your ideas and what you did with them, and where you took them, and the people you persuaded to travel with you on the journey and whose lives you touched and brought together on the way. It was a privilege to have walked some of the distance with you – yep, a few steps behind most of the time! – and to have had you as a friend. Our thoughts are with you and your loving wife, Sonia, and your adoring family.

Jermyn Brooks October 3, 2012

So many wonderful people have written their appreciation of Roger that a further tribute seems too slight to be added. I knew Roger from two review Panels of Sustainability reports where his own particular skills in questioning the effectiveness of community outreach, particularly to indigenous peoples, was unique and extremely valuable. Roger was that unusual person, a lateral thinker, and as there are so few of such wonderful minds he will be doubly missed, quite apart from his ebullient character and strong sense of humour. Too soon, for we had too little of you, Roger. May you be a guide to our own way of thinking.

Edgardo and Sandra October 3, 2012

Edgardo and Sandra, London (and Venezuela)
Ever since Roger died we’ve been struggling with words to express our shock, our deep sorrow and our memories of moments shared with him. Attending Roger’s funeral and the wonderful concert in his memory last weekend in Newchurch and Brecon, among old and new friends, has encouraged us to find words to express our emotions to Sonia and to Roger’s very numerous friends. In the knowledge that words are inadequate for this purpose, we want to share our feelings and experiences associated with Roger, who was a very important person for us and for our immediate family.

We first met Roger in Venezuela in 1992, on his first visit to our homeland, and quickly established a healthy friendship based on sharing our experience in sustainable development initiatives similar to the ones Roger and Living Earth were promoting at the time in the UK and elsewhere. As Andrés, our son, expressed in his note, years later our family came to live in the UK in large measure because of Roger. His creative personality, inspiring work with Living Earth Foundation and offer of a job opportunity, contributed to our decision to come to the UK at a time when we were considering an employment offer in Washington. With our children, Alejandro, Andrés and Abril, we enjoyed beautiful days in his company in Wiltshire during our early years in this country, exploring places and traditions new to us and developing friendships.

Roger was always a generous host and friend, a person who celebrated life intensely and encouraged others to explore new ways of seeing and doing things, a curious and adventurous promoter of relationships and new pathways to improve the world, often engaged in stimulating conversations with people of very diverse histories and expectations, and a wonderful chef. In our memories, Roger will always be alive, a brilliant, joyful force of life. We will continue to relive the many happy anecdotes, insights and jokes we were fortunate to share with him, and will greatly miss his physical presence.

Abril Garcia-Negron October 3, 2012

Roger has shown how one person could have such a positive impact on so many people, including my family. I will always remember Roger’s kindness and cherish the fond memories of spending family holidays, including our first Christmas in the UK, with Roger and his family at Wardour. Roger will be greatly missed by the many people he has touched, and I would like to send my deepest condolences to Sonia and his family.

Stephen&Jan Billyard October 4, 2012

I am Rogers 2nd cousin. Being 11years older and living near his family in North London when he was born, I have fond memories of him. Sometimes reading him bedtime stories so the grown ups could have their dinner. Trouble was you could not miss a page as Roger knew the stories by heart. I and the rest of his family are very proud of what he has achieved in such a short life and the impact he has made on others. Goodbye Roger.

Katherine May October 7, 2012

What a shock. Roger had such enthusiasm for life and he always thought outside the box. He taught me a great deal in the 3 years I worked at Living Earth about how to set up and maintain successful development projects and how to work with diverse groups of people and for that I will always be grateful.

kINGSLEY EZE October 9, 2012

I never met Roger in the flesh. We have had many discussions on the phone and I have read many emails about him in the Living Earth archives. All show a vibrant and focused man that was passionate to achieve. Definitely a development icon. Good night Roger.

Don and Beryl Billyard October 9, 2012

Roger was my 2nd cousin, although he was 20 years younger than myself, our families were very close and all lived in North London where he was born. All of the family were very proud of him when he became a student at Dulwich College in South London, and of his Living Earth achievements. We have a lovely memory or spending Christmas Day a few years ago with him and the rest of the family at his apartment in Hampshire, he was such a generous host. It makes us the family so proud that he achieved so much for the benefit of others in his short life.
With loving memory Roger.

Javier Alvarez from Argentina October 10, 2012

Sad news for the organizations and people trying to build a better world.
I worked almost three years at Living Earth Foundation and Roger was an inspiring leader with the right quotas of dreamer, pragmatical and fighter to challenge people to go beyond the handbooks.
Hasta Siempre Roger.

Terzah Tippin Poe October 12, 2012

Roger was a dear friend, mentor and trusted colleague and I was made a better person for having known him and the world a better place for having him in it.

Goodbye Roger and thank you…

Tunde Morakinyo October 13, 2012

Roger Hammond was a very important person in my life. He was one of the people who shared my vision regarding the responsibility of the private sector in sustainable development and environmental conservation. And we both shared a passion of West Africa. He was instrumental in setting me on the path that my career has taken ever since I first met him. I will always remember him as a man of ideas and a man who siezed that day and made his ideas possible. Thank you Roger for inspiring greatness in others.

Julian Caldecott October 19, 2012

Dirge without music

by Edna St Vincent Millay

I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts in the hard ground.
So it is, and so it will be, for so it has been, time out of mind.
Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely.
Crowned with lilies and with laurel they go; but I am not resigned.

Lovers and thinkers, into the earth with you.
Be one with the dull, the indiscriminate dust.
A fragment of what you felt, of what you knew.
A formula, a phrase remains – but the best is lost.
The answers quick and keen, the honest look, the laughter, the love, -

They are gone. They are gone to feed the roses.
Elegant and curled is the blossom. Fragrant is the blossom.
I know. But I do not approve.
More precious was the light in your eyes than all the roses in the world.

Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave.
Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind;
Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.

joanna jacobs October 28, 2012

Oh lovely Roger !
Much love to Sonia and Lesley and all from Joanna

Roger Hammond obituary | WorldNews2GO October 29, 2012

[...] Roger was born in London and attended Dulwich college. He went to teacher training college in Birmingham, and taught science at secondary level until the mid 1980s, when he left to become director of education at the Earthlife Foundation, working on the Korup National Park conservation programme in Cameroon. When Earthlife collapsed in 1987, Roger founded Living Earth Foundation. [...]

Tv Meio Ambiente | Roger Hammond obituary October 29, 2012

[...] Roger was born in London and attended Dulwich college. He went to teacher training college in Birmingham, and taught science at secondary level until the mid 1980s, when he left to become director of education at the Earthlife Foundation, working on the Korup National Park conservation programme in Cameroon. When Earthlife collapsed in 1987, Roger founded Living Earth Foundation. [...]

Lorraine(Harrison) October 31, 2012

I was a student at the school that Roger taught at in Birmingham in the early 80s and was one of the ‘Martyrs’ that went on the expedition to Iceland in 1981 that he co-led with another teacher, Alan Archer.

For a kid from Birmingham he helped open my eyes to the wider.

A huge loss to society as well as the environment and family and friends.

John Harrison October 31, 2012

Roger guided me through a formative stage in my life. A kinder man you would need to travel a long way to find. I am saddened by his departure, but I am blessed to have known him.

Niraj Saraf November 1, 2012

Roger was a man with bold dreams, and such was his charm, intelligence, and conviction that he was able to act on them with remarkable results. Having a drink with Roger was an opportunity to dream aloud about the things we both cared about, and I always came away with the feeling that things could change, that the world could be a better place. I am sorry there weren’t more such occasions, sorrier still that there won’t be any more.

As is clear from all the comments here, there are many corners of this pale blue dot where Roger will be, is being, missed. This small corner of Surrey is amongst them.

Rest in peace.

Judy Kuszewski November 1, 2012

So many people came to know Roger’s wisdom and unique way of seeing the world through his tireless and energetic work on sustainability. He was professional, dedicated and enormously generous – always willing to help others achieve our shared aims. He was also a friendly and sociable spirit who enjoyed life to the full. I regret his loss greatly, but treasure all I learned from him and honor his life, his ideals and his many accomplishments.

Helen (Bacon) Phillips November 10, 2012

I have only just heard the very sad news of Roger’s death. I had the great privilege to travel with Roger to Venezuela in 1992 for the Arte y Ambiente project and the establishment of Living Earth activity in Venezuela. It was a privilege to share such an adventure. I know that Roger has had a truly positive impact on our planet in many ways and will be very sorely missed by many. I send my heartfelt wishes to his family.

Katalin Czippán November 17, 2012

Dear Roger,
I will never forget your friendly hospitality in your country house, the fantastic people I met during our partnership, your challenging ideas and working style. As I told you – when we met and had a drink in front of a fireplace – I was grateful for being able to work with you and your colleagues at Living Earth. I had learned a lot from that relationship and built lifelong friendships. Many thanks for everything.
The “Hungarian Witch”.