Here at HDCLASSICALMUSIC.COM, we believe that classical music is the common heritage of humanity, and therefore everyone in the world should be able to enjoy it and use it for free. In order to achieve this, we are building the world's largest and highest quality platform for releasing classical music under an open copyright license (public domain, creative commons, etc.).

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  • The Marriage of Figaro Overture

If you are a creator (of film, music, video games, apps, etc.):

If you are a classical music creator or performer, that believes that everybody in the world, regardless of where they are born or their social class, should have access to the great works of classical music, we would be more than glad to feature your music on our website! Contact us and send us a sample of your work, and if it meets our quality standards, we will publish it on our website and Youtube channel.

All of this is made possible by the passion and hard work of thousands of people around the world, who have recorded the individual pieces of music, and by a small and dedicated team who has worked hard for over a year and a half to centralize them and bring them to you. We need your support to help us maintain, and develop our project further, so that we can achieve our goal of making classical music truly available to everyone in the world for free! Read about our values and long-term plan in our mission statement, and please consider supporting us by donating or by making a purchase from our classical music merchandise store.

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