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WebCore open source changes
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WebCore open source changes

Dear WebCore Enthusiasts,

As some of you may have heard by now, the Safari and WebKit team is starting to take a richer, more engaged approach to open source. Now that these plans have been announced at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference, I would like to share some of the details.

Here is what we're launching today:

* Full CVS access to WebCore and JavaScriptCore, our frameworks based on khtml and kjs. This includes all past history.

* Open source for WebKit, the Objective-C API on top of WebCore which also includes some of our engine logic and support for Mac OS X technologies.

* A new website for open source development at <http://>.

* A new public bug tracker hosted at opendarwin.

* A new public mailing list, email@hidden, for development discussion of WebKit, WebCore and JavaScriptCore. This list will replace the current webcore-dev (where in any case much of the traffic is about problems using WebCore, not issues of hacking on it). You can subscribe here: < webkit-dev>

* A new public IRC channel - #webkit on

And last but not least, we are going to make much more of an effort to be open in our development and engage with the community. You will be able to find us on IRC and on the mailing list and we're going to be a lot more active than we have been. So here is your chance to jump in and really get involved in WebKit development. You'll be able to build, test and hack on the full rendering engine, and we'll be there to help you out.

For more details on all of these changes, visit <http://>.


Maciej Stachowiak

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