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SageSim™, LLC is a privately held company that uses proprietary simulation technology to develop interactive business and technology models that help optimize return on investment (ROI) and accelerate decision making. Areas of interest include business planning, clean energy, insurance, and new technology sales tools.


SageSim Demo ROI Models

Provided to demonstrate additional capabilities of SageSim in several industries, including businesses, health care, health insurance, and semiconductors.

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 sagesim labs

Provides entrepreneurs and students free model- based resources to demonstrate economic and business fundamentals.

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SageSim-es™ is a patent-pending Energy System Simulator that tackles the complexity of optimizing energy systems by modeling all points of energy consumption, energy efficiency improvements, non-renewable and renewable energy sources, geographic constraints, and economic objectives. SageSim-es users can quickly deliver an optimized energy system strategy for commercial, light industrial and residential structures.

SageSim-es™ Energy System Simulator

Energy Efficiency

Renewable sources
PV solar

Solar heat

Non-renewable sources

High-efficiency HVAC
Smart grid


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New construction

Energy retrofit

Housing development

Office complex


Light industrial