Wipe away the tears.An oppressed person

Dry those eyes.

People can be nasty. Some revel in intimidation, putting you down. Some gossip about you, some steal from you, some control you, some abuse you, some beat you, some rape you, some torture you, and some enslave you.

It is shocking what we are capable of doing to each other. With free will.


And also sad.

Some use words. Ever heard of the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Is that really true?

Far from it.

Words are powerful and can have psychological effects lasting way after any physical bruise or injury has disappeared. Some words are skilfully used to repetitive effect, brainwashing you into believing some perverse affirmation about yourself. They can shatter your soul.

Sometimes your oppressor makes you just want to rage, yell, or just huddle in a corner and cry, your only protection your knees and arms that you shield yourself with. Sometimes they make you question your self-worth, and sometimes they destroy it altogether. Sometimes they steal your sanity. Sometimes they reduce you to objects, and in some cases, even to be bartered and sold. Sometimes they reduce you to wraiths, a pitiful shadow of your former self.

The living dead.

Sometimes they make your life so unbearable that you resort to considering suicide as the only way of escape.

I want you to take a good look at yourself. Do you recognise who you are now? Do you know who is staring back at you?

Where has your joy gone?

Where is that lovely, bubbly upbeat person who looked forward to so much in life?

Where is that person who had ambition and who held so much promise?

Your happiness should not be controlled by others. Yet some revel in playing with your emotions like a yo-yo. They allow you to soar feeling drunk on happiness and make you nosedive into the depths of hell. They make you scared, self-deprecating and timid, trying to exist in a seemingly perpetual nightmare from hour to hour.

But we are not made for existing. We are not born to merely wait (or long) for death. Life is meant to be lived in all its glory.  Its pleasures and experiences are there not just to be sampled but to be devoured. Tastes, sights, smells, sounds, things you can touch and other senses that you have access to.  Each individual has a purpose on this earth and it is not to be oppressed.

You are worth more than that.

You deserve more than that.

Partake of this life gift you have been blessed with and do not permit others to turn this wondrous gift into grief. They should hold no such power over you! Don’t let others lower you into a proverbial wooden box. It is NOT your time. The living dead is not you. You don’t have to remain oppressed or run the risk of becoming an oppressor yourself.  I won’t lie. It may be a herculean task trying to reprogram your mindset after periods of oppression. It may seem that the escape exit is shut. But it is not impossible. It can be done.

Know that you are worthy of being loved and respected and appreciated.

Know that you are more than other people’s warped perceptions about you.

Know that you are more than what others say about you.

Know that you are more than what others do to you.

Know that you are more than another person’s docile, submissive subject.

Know that you are wonderful!

Recognise yourself for what you truly are and for what you can become – a stronger, compassionate and wiser person.

Have courage and have faith in yourself.

Reclaim your power.

Live and be happy.


Credits: Picture by Cindy Van Den Heuvel

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