Window Blind Safety

window blind safety

Metal Venetian Blinds – make them safe!

Safety Devices available from —> for Metal Venetian Blinds

Components Required

2 Cleats
2 screws & 2 wall plugs
3 Plastic Rings (minimum). One per cord required
1 Breakaway Tassel

How to install

Step 1

With the blind fully lowered shorten the pull cords to help keep them out of reach of children and cut the pull cord to remove the continuous loop. Do not discard the cord you have cut.

Please note: The cords for tilting the slats, if present, (normally located on the left hand side of the blind) cannot be cut too short as this will prevent the slats from tilting fully.

Step 2

Attach plastic rings (one to each cord) within 50mm of the head rail.
These act as stops and prevent your child from pulling the cords from between each slat

Step 3

Dismantle the breakaway tassel and feed one pull cord through each hole. Tie a knot at the end of the pull cord but make sure they are the same length. Tie knots at the end of the other lengths of pull cord also.

Step 4

Feed a 150mm to 200mm length of surplus cord that you cut in Step 1 through the bottom hole of the breakaway connector and tie off a knot. Feed the other end of the cord through an acorn.

Step 5

Assemble the breakaway connector. A total of four cords can be inserted.
This will split open when put under strain.

Assembled Breakaway Connector

Step 6 – Fitting Cleat(s)

Locate and mark the position for your cleat(s) as high as possible. At least 1.6m from the floor is the minimum recommended height. Be aware of any furniture near your blinds. Your child can climb this to access the blind.
Drill hole(s) in wall for the cleat(s) and insert the wall plug(s).

Step 7

Screw cleats into wall/window frame
Two cleats are more effective if you have a blind which is very wide or very long

Step 8

Cords can be tied up around the cleats to make the blind safe
It is very important that you that you tie up the cords each time you raise your venetian blind.
Please ensure all safety devices are installed correctly