Ray Liotta appears 'wasted' during British TV segment
'Wasted' Ray Liotta spits out gum, sparks concern over 'waxwork face' during TV appearance 31 minutes ago
It's been 26 years since Ray Liotta shot to fame in 1990's mob flick Goodfellas, so he’s bound to have changed a bit over the decades…but this is just weird.
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The Hunger Games' Jena Malone gives her baby boy a name that's literally an ode to a mountain an hour ago
Welcome to the celeb bub club!
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Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke wants to be the first female James Bond…with Leonardo DiCaprio as her lover 3 hours ago

She's already the fearsome Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones, but there's one powerful role Emilia Clarke has her sights set on: Bond, Jane Bond.

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Amber Heard 'forced' to give statement to police over alleged abuse…as Johnny Depp parties with a brunette 4 hours ago
The fall-out from Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce has taken another turn.
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"Miss u baby @taylorswift13": Katy Perry's Twitter gets hacked, intruder attempts to befriend Taylor Swift 21 hours ago

Katy Perry is already the most followed person on Twitter, but her 89 million-followers-strong account drew even more attention when it started sprouting extremely random Tweets.

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TODAY loves Rockhampton: Karl's trip down memory lane
'I needed to get myself a sugar mama': Karl Stefanovic revisits his past as a $32k-a-year cadet reporter 21 hours ago

TODAY viewers got a blast from Karl Stefanovic's past on this morning's show as the host returned to his hometown of Rockhampton.

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TheFIX chats with Will Arnett and Stephen Amell
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2's Stephen Amell and Will Arnett talk spirit animals, "brekkie" and Men at Work a day ago
The eldest Bluth brother on Arrested Development and DC Comics TV superhero Arrow have teamed up with four teenage reptiles to save New York City...and the world.
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'Begin Again' trailer: Keira Knightley can actually sing!
'This guy is an arrogant s---head': Keira Knightley's past directors shame John Carney over slam a day ago
Keira Knightley has received support from two former directors in the wake of the massive bomb Begin Again's John Carney dropped, where he claimed that she was basically a talentless diva.
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Millionaire Hot Seat contestants stumped by Rove McManus' name
What is the real first name of Rove McManus? The $10k question that stumped Millionaire Hot Seat contestants a day ago

It's the $10,000 question that had two game show contestants, er, roving for answers.

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'Who are you? What are you famous for?': Meghan Trainor baffled by Brooklyn Beckham's existence a day ago
You've gotta love Meghan Trainor's effortless ability to keep it real.
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