Irish Genealogy Summer School 2016: Roots to the Rising

Irish Genealogy Summer School 2016: Roots to the Rising


Ancestral Connections: Roots to the Rising 2016
Irish Genealogy Summer School, University College Cork, June 26 - July 2, 2016

This genealogy summer school offers a complete course in the latest Irish genealogy research for those searching for their Irish roots, as one would expect from a summer school held in UCC, one of the world’s leading universities. All aspects of the subject are covered by a series of presentations and ‘hands on’ workshops given by a selection of Ireland’s leading genealogical lecturers and experts. The latest online and offline sources are described and explained in presentations which will be of great interest to the seeker of Irish roots and family history, whether beginner or expert.

All aspects of the subject are covered by a series of presentations and 'hands on' workshops given by a selection of Ireland's leading genealogical lecturers and experts. We offer a range of different packages to suit your genealogy research needs.

Genealogy sources, and approaches are described and explained in presentations which will be of great interest to the seeker of Irish roots and family history. It is suitable for genealogy enthusiasts.

Thankfully, it is not all work. A number of field trips are offered featuring sites and locations in Cobh, Spike Island, Fota House, Not forgetting, optional evening tours to sites of interest in Cork itself, ‘the Venice of Ireland’, and fieldtrips to the beautiful town of Youghal, Beal na Blath and the beautiful Bride Valley.

We have campus accommodation secured for the school duration at UCC and also a list of accommodation providers on request. Travel details from Dublin airport and Shannon are also available on request. Please email Course Co-ordinator Lorna Moloney with any of your queries at

We welcome international visitors and our registration is now open.

Concession payment details are currently available through bank transfer and please contact Lorna Moloney at for payment details for same or telephone 353-85-8721184


Contact Details UCC:
Ancestral Connections Summer School Co-ordinator: Lorna Moloney at E: or 353-(0)85-8721184 or 353-21-4904702
Lindy Meldon, Executive Assistant. Programme Assistant T: 353 (0)21 4904700. E:


Sunday evening, June 26

6pm: Meet and Greet. Welcome Reception at University College Cork. Opening ACE Director -Dr Séamus ÓTuama
 Lives Lost: the Forgotten Victims of the 1916 Rising.  Eileen Ó Dúill CG

Music by Uilleann Ceoil

Monday, June 27


8.30: Registration
9.00 - 10.15: Introduction to Irish Genealogy: Where Do I Start? Eileen M. Ó Dúill, CG
10.15 - 10.30  Break -  Morning Break
Break – Morning Break
10.30 – 11.45: Researching in Ireland: Planning is the Key To Success. Eileen M. Ó Dúill, CG
12.00- 1.00: Births, Marriages & Deaths - Irish Civil Registration - Eileen M. Ó Dúill, CG

1.00 – 1.45: Lunch


Fieldtrip to Youghal  A.M. Coghlan

2.00 – Bus departure to Youghal from Western Gateway Building UCC
Afternoon Field trip: Exploring Youghal  – Archives & Churches  A.M. Coghlan 

6.00 – 8.00  Sean O'Duill  'Matchmakers & Marriage Customs in 19th century Ireland &  Death & Burial Customs

Evening Dining at the Walter Ralegh Hotel Youghal.

Or  Genealogy Lectures at UCC

2.00 - 3.00  Clans of Ireland - Lorna Moloney
3.15 - 4.15  What genealogical information can be gleaned from tax lists?  Aiden Feerick
4.15-  5.15  The Irish and America; motivation, emigration and assimilation’- Dr Michael Martin
5.15-  6.30  From rags to riches and from riches to rags: searching for your aristocratic ancestors – Dr Dagmar O' Riain-Raedel


Tuesday June 28

9.00-10.00:    "Irish Placenames" - Dr. Paul MacCotter
10.00-10.45:  Mary Beglan - 'In depth exploration of the National Archives'
Break – Morning Break
11.00 - 12.00: English State Papers as a Genealogical Source - Dr Joe Mannion
12.00 – 1.00  How to find our ancestors using Online Maps - Dr Paddy Waldron
1.00 – 2.00: Lunch  or Lunchtime workshop - Christine Deakin - How to preserve your documents and images for family history research
2.00 – 2.45: Irish Rebels - Fiona Fitzsimons
3.00 – 3.45: Tracing who fought in the Irish Revolution 1913 to 1923 - Fiona Fitzsimons
Afternoon Break 2.45-3.00
4.00-5.00: Prosecuting dissent: Police and army records for Irish genealogy 1867 to 1923. Brian Donovan
5.00:6.00  Using Parish Registers Online -  Dr Paddy Waldron
6.00-7.00 Kyle J. Betit - How to use for immigrant research

8.00 - Optional evening entertainment of Irish Culture (Music, Food & textiles)  and Dancing,  - Aiden Feerick with music by Uilleann Ceol

Wednesday June 29

9.00-10.00: Kyle J. Betit Exploring your Irish Ancestry through US Records
10.00-10.45: Aiden Feerick - The ancestral connections of the 7 signatories of The Proclamation
Break – Morning Break
11.00 – 12.00: Jan Gow - Genealogy Hardware and software
12.00-1.00 Steven Smyrl – Heir Hunting

1.30 - Cobh Field trip
Wonderful fieldtrip to Spike Island, Cobh & Fota House 

Christy Keating - Cobh tour at Cobh Heritage Centre

Dr Michael Martin: Spike Island - Spike Island, saints, felons and famine’

* Special lecture with Regina Sexton Culinary Historian UCC at Fota House

"From Escoffier to Bread and Spread: diet, food and cookery in early 20th century Ireland"

Or Lectures and computer workdshops at UCC

Dr Maurice Gleeson - DNA

Dr Mary O'Keeffe - TBA

Thursday June 30

9.00 – 10.00: Sean J. Murphy  'Were our ancestors liars? Differences between the 1901 and 1911 census.
10.15 – 11.00 Dr James G. Ryan - Estate Records
11.00 – 11.15: Break
11.15 –12.00: Irish Newspapers as a source for Genealogical research. Nicola Morris M.A.P.G.I.
12.00- 12.45 : Impact of 1916. Nicola Morris M.A.P.G.I.
12.45 – 2.00: Lunch
2.00-2.45 "Cork - The Real Capital" Jewish Presence - What do you think?--  Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI.  
2.45 -4.00: Where to go once the record trail dries up? Surname and 'clan' history and the y-chromosome. Dr. Paul MacCotter
4.00-4.30: Break
4.30 – 5.45: Surname Workshop Sean Murphy 'Irish Surnames' -
6.00-7.00: Rosaleen Underwood: 'The Do's and Don't of family trees  


7.00: Optional evening walking tour of Cork Inner City 'The Venice of Ireland' with Dr David Butler, featuring stops at St Fin Barre's Cathedral, Elizabeth Fort, City Defenses, Masonic Hall and Huguenot Quarter, followed by group evening meal'.

Friday July 1

9.00 – 10.15: Church Records & Irish Genealogy. Dr Paul MacCotter
10.15-11.00: “James Green Douglas, Quaker and Sinn Fein Party Member” Genealogy and social networks - Noel Jenkins.
10.45- 11.00: Morning Break
11.00 – 12.15: 'Pre-1840 resources for Irish Genealogy  Dr David Butler
12.15-1.00: John Goodman "Tracing Irish soldiers What's available and what we can learn
1.00 -2.00: Lunch
2.00 – 2.45 Hilary McDonagh ‘Sons & Children - Genealogy of Irish Childhood
2.45-3.30 Maeve Mullin ‘Valuation office – A Colourful Gem
3.30 -4.00 David Ryan: 'Using genealogy to interpret memorials & monuments OR

Tour of Honan's Chapel at UCC with James Cronin.
Afternoon Break
4.00 : Certificate Ceremony & Lecture closing – Kenneth Nicholls,

Evening fieldtrip Dr Griffin Murray, Dr Jane Lyons and John Nangle

This evening fieldtrip to the beautiful Bride Valley will see participants visit two of the most significant historic locations in county Cork. We will first visit Béal na Bláth the location where Michael Collins was killed in an ambush during the Civil War in 1922. Following that we will visit the romantic ruins of Kilcrea Friary, a fifteenth-century Franciscan friary built under the patronage of the McCarthys. We will also look at some of the important burial monuments there, including the tomb of Art O'Leary, the famous eighteenth-century outlaw. We will then return to Cork for dinner at 8pm.

Celebratory Dinner  - Ancestral Connections 2016 in honour of Kenneth Nicholls  at 8.00p.m.  Venue TBA

Saturday July 2
Cork Archaeological and Historical Society 1916 Conference

Additional Expert sessions will be available to book with leading genealogists during the school at UCC to faciliate archival trips and there will be a number of breakout workshops during the week with leading genealogists. These will be available to book once your booking of the school is completed.

Sunday July 3 – Departure

To book contact:
Summer School Co-Ordinator: Lorna Moloney,
T: 085-8721184 / 021-4904700

Click the "Submit" button to register and pay online 

7 Days Accommodation and 3 Fieldtrips €1,094.12 [€930 with concession]

5 Days Accommodation and Tuition and 3 Fieldtrips €911.76 [€775 with concession]

6 Days Tuition and Fieldtrips €811.76 [€690 with concession]


5 Day Tuition €670.59 [€570 with concession]

3 Day Tuition €402.35 [€342 with concession]

Daily Rate Day 1  - Monday 27th Jun 2016 €134.12

Daily Rate Day 2  - Tuesday 28th June 2016 €134.12

Daily Rate Day 3  - Wednesday 29th June 2016 €134.12

Daily Rate Day 4  - Thursday 30th June 2016 €134.12

Daily Rate Day 5  - Friday 1st July 2016 €134.12


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