unMonastery Movement and Locations

Katalin Hausel

Photo on 28-06-2015 at 11.50

  • Role: unAbbot, unAbbess
  • Responsibilities: Engine, Facilitator, Scribe, Articulator
  • Twitter: @katihausel

James Lewis

  • Role: Project Collaborator,
  • Responsibilities: Resource Management, Strategy, Technical, Hands on technical

Luisa Lapacciana

  • Role: Psychiatric Warden, Hug Meister, Calibrator
  • Responsibilities: In-House Quality Control, Carer of Wellbeing, Fieldworker, Devotee, The Whip

Lauren Lapidge

  • Role: Instigator, Scout, The Hook
  • Responsibilities: Recruitment, Connector, Scoping, Hunter Gathering, Opportunist

Juliana Van Hemelryck

  • Role: Eco Warrior, Horticulturalist, Keeper of the Empress (kitchen), “The normal one”
  • Responsibilities: Outreach (meeting and matching random strangers), Projects

Penny Travlou

  • Role: Analyst, Reflector, Mirror
  • Responsibilities: Scribe

unMonastery Athens AWAY TEAM

M.K. Jaffer

  • Role: Diagnostics, Funnel, Cartographer
  • Responsibilities: Social Hygiene, Role Keeper, Dictionary/Glossary

Bembo Davies

  • Role: The Cardinal, On Call Shaker
  • Responsibilities: Scribe, Shaking

Kei Kreutler

  • Role: Theoretician, Futurist, Remote Resource
  • Responsibilities: Injecting exploration, Perspective, Speculative Engineering

Ben Vickers


  • Role: Mentor
  • Responsibilities: Mentoring, Fundraising, Avatar of Stakeholders, To serve
  • Twitter: @benvickers_