Welcome to TmSiaB / TM2SB

"Trackmania Server in a Box" / "Trackmania 2 Serverbox" is simply said:

  • A ( near ) idiotproof tool to configure a Dedicated Server.

TmSiaB / TM2SB doesn't even require any knowledge about Filemanipulation, data access rights, PHP, MySQL or all the other funny stuff normally needed to establish a Dedicated Server with Serverplugin. Equipped with "N.I.P" and once it's up and running you will get what you deserve:

  • Nothing but FUN ^^

Features of TM2SB ( BETA )

  • Automatic configuration of Webserver, Dedicated Server and Plugins via the N.I.P.
  • Trackmania 2 Canyon Dedicated Server BETA ( 2011-09-05 )
  • XAseco 2 ( v0.95 )
  • FUFI Widgets ( v2.04BETA )
  • FUFI Menu ( v2.03BETA )
  • FAST4 ( 4.0.0d )
  • FOX Control for TM2 ( 0.4.1 )
  • ManiaLive2 ( r260 )
  • ManiaLive MLEPP ( r1050 )
  • TMGery ( 07/09/2011 )
  • RemoteCP ( Modded for TM2 )
  • USBWeberver v.8 ( updated to PHP5.3.8 )
  • Firefox Portable v6.1
  • Updatefunction for TM2SB

Features of TMSiaB 4 ( BETA )

  • Automatic configuration of Webserver, Dedicated Server and Plugins via the N.I.P.
  • Trackmania United Forever Dedicated Server (2011-02-11)
  • Multipluginmanager ( start another Plugin with a mouseclick )
  • RemoteCP v4.0.3.5 ( for TMUF, TMNF )
  • RemoteCP[LIVE] v4.0.3.5 with Adminmenu v1.5
  • XAseco v1.14
  • FOX Control beta v0.9.2
  • ManiaLive r260
  • Mistral Aseco v8.1
  • FAST v3.2.2m

Available versions

  • TmSiaB III (v3.1.1) - Is the Windowsversion of TmSiaB (approx. 20 MiB including all Servertools and a Webserver - It´s possible to install it to  HDD, Pendrive or even a CDRW). TmSiaB III has been downloaded 12023 times, up to now.
  • TMSiaB IV ( BETA ) - Is a complete redesign of TMSiaB and will be a new stable fundament for upcoming release of TM2SB. This Version only contains Dedicated Server for FOREVER!
  • TM2SB ( BETA ) - Finally its done: The Trackmania2Serverbox ( TM2SB ). It's a complete BETA ( Dedicated Server / Serverplugins are BETA and remoteCP is a modded version suitable for TM2 )... But: It works like a charm ^^


First developed as a personal configurationscript running on a old 733MHz Setop-Box, TmSiaB was integrated into a Linux-Live-CD to test a "Server to go" for a LAN-Party. The first release was approx 650 MiB big and had only the ability to create a Dedicated Server for Trackmania United.

Second release pushed the limit further: The ability to create a Dedicated Server for TMU, TMN, TMO and TMSX both in Internet and LAN-Mode ( still Minorversionnumber 1 ).

Third release has been received versionnumer 2 and was released after a gap year (2009) and has integrated the new "N.I.P"  . Version v2.0.3 has the ability to create a Dedicated Server for every Trackmaniagame including "Forever" and the best available servertools ( now based on Puppy-Linux, approx 140 MiB small) but is outdated due to an old Dedicated Server.

Fourth release (TmSiaB III) is the Windowsversion and has still the skills of the latest Linux-Version, but is a "little bit" smaller: 20 MiB.

Fifth release (TmSiaB IV) is the newest Windowsversion for Forever and has still all included to rule a Dedicated Server.

Sixth release (TM2SB) is the first release for Trackmania2. It includes all relevant Serverplugins!


XR Merlin ( Forever-Login: heatseaker, TM2-Login: rursus )