Massive Day of Demos in France to Preserve Labor Rights


About 25,000 students and concerned citizens took to the streets in several French cities again today, to coincide with the National Assembly considering amendments to the highly contested Labor Bill.

While the nightly occupy style general assemblies in the Place de la Republic in Paris coined the Nuit Debout (night stand) enter their sixth-night people mobilized in Nantes, Toulouse, Rennes and Paris, France.

The police department announced the arrest of 130 people who they kettled (surrounded) during the Paris demo. The security forces used tear gas and charged at the groups of young people several times to try and disperse the demonstration. People most of which were students retaliated by throwing stones, bottles glass and eggs, shouting “police everywhere, justice nowhere” and “everyone hates the police.”

Video of 130 people being kettled and arrested in Paris.


In Nantes, at least 1,600 people, according to police, protested against the labor law. Less than an hour after the start of the event, the first incidents broke out between police and mostly high school protesters. Not allowed to demonstrate the kids threw projectiles at the security forces on the Place Graslin.

VIDEO. Levallois: the blocking of the Leonardo da Vinci school. Video via LeparisienTV

In Rennes, demonstrators occupied the tracks, forcing the shutdown of trains. Several hundred protesters took on the tracks at a bridge located west of the station, pushed by a few dozen members of the security forces with a lot of tear gas.

Eight people were arrested towards the ends of the demo in Rennes and thirteen were arrested during the demo in Nantes.

At time of publishing the Nuit Debout occupation in the Place de la Republique in Paris is being attended by about well over a thousand citizens.

The occupation in Paris released the following statement on Saturday.

Hundreds of people are now holding a Nuit Debout general assembly in Toulouse.


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