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Revolution News is a grassroots collective of independent journalists, photographers, artists, translators and activists reporting on international news with a focus on human rights. Between us, our members speak fifteen languages and are located in several different countries around the world. We love what we do. We think it’s important to publish news about global struggles that don’t get oxygen in corporate media. And that’s why we have been doing this work for three years with very little compensation. With that said, we struggle financially every month just to keep our website online.

We have never accepted money from any corporate sponsors and we intend to maintain our editorial independence in fierce defiance of the standard media business model. The minimal ads we include on our website just barely cover our overhead, which is usually $400 per month. We would not still be here if it weren’t for our faithful readers and fans who share our content. We are so grateful for the support we’ve received thus far. But now we need to humbly ask for financial assistance so that we can continue to do what we do best – report news that the mainstream media won’t touch.


With this fundraiser, we are hoping to raise $5000, which will pay our overhead fees for one year. If our monthly costs were taken care of, we would be able to focus all our energy on publishing great content without constantly having to worry about keeping our heads above water. We could then use any extra revenue we earn to pay our contributors and grow our collective.

Interested in helping support independent media? Please consider making a small donation to help us move our project to the next level.

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