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Content Optimization System

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All the Tools You Need

The Hubspot Content Optimization System (COS) includes tools to create a website, blog, landing page, and email content that fuels your inbound marketing.

Create Content People Love

The COS utilizes Responsive Design and is automatically optimized for mobile, and has SEO optimization built-in for generating organic traffic, and increasing sales.


HubSpot's COS is the first integrated website, blog, landing page, and email system to be optimized for marketers. Create, measure, and analyze all your marketing in one full-funnel system.

So, what makes us different?

Mobile Ready

Using built-in Responsive Design, HubSpot content built-on the COS is automatically optimized for visitors from any device. Some studies show that mobile searches plan to make purchasing decisions within an hour, and with the COS your content is ready and optimized.

Integrated with Every Channel

Content Management Systems are isolated and require technical integration. With HubSpot you get a full-funnel inbound marketing platform right out-of-the-box. So not only are all of the tools you use in one place, your customers get a seamless experience from email to social to web. Brilliant.

Built for Modern Marketing

Social media, mobile, and other social signals have more impact on search ranking than ever before. Yet, many CMSes don’t incorporate this into your content creation. With the HubSpot COS you can optimize for SEO, track keywords related to your business, and see how competitors are performing all in one platform.

Every Marketing Tool You Need

  • Attract visitors with a blog that’s optimized for mobile, search, and social. Automatically share new posts to social media and attract customers.

  • Convert visitors into leads with integrated landing pages. Remove barriers to repeat conversions with forms that shrink over time.

  • Create a website that adapts to individual viewers and devices. Optimize your website for search, with built in SEO. Secure your website with SSL (HTTPS) included at no additional cost.

Blog-Accordion-1-1.png Landing-Pages-Accordion-1-1_S.jpg Website_A1_1_S.jpg

Avella Specialty Pharmacy Increases Online Conversions 38% with HubSpot Content Optimization System.

Tailored Content that Drives Results

Smart Content Built-into the HubSpot COS COSOverview_A2_2_S.jpg COSOverview_A2_3_S.jpg
  • Shouldn’t your loyal customers have a more personalized experience than first-time visitors? We think so. In HubSpot’s Content Optimization System, your content evolves as your customers do, helping you map the right content to the right person, at the right time.

    Smart Content Built-into the HubSpot COS
  • Your company attracts people from a variety of industries, experience levels and with different titles. And you tailor your emails to different audiences -- so why not the rest of your content? With HubSpot, content on your landing pages, website can adapt to show targeted content, images, forms, and CTAs for each audience.

  • Hola! Ciao! Visitors to your website are not necessarily only in one language. With HubSpot Smart Content and the Content Optimization System you can automatically detect their preferred language, and then create content to show them in that respective language.



Onpage Editor

What You See is What You Get with the HubSpot onpage editor. Reduce hassles with formatting, and create beautiful content in your blog, landing pages, email, and website that works.

Smart Content

Tailor content to specific individuals for more relevant conversations, and increasing performance of your website. Personalize content, CTAs, forms, and even HTML to present the best experience for every individual visitor.

First-time Visitor Personalization

Personalize your content from the moment someone sets foot on your website. Tailor your content based on location, source, device, or preferred language.

Smart-List Personalization

Using HubSpot you can build smart lists based on virtually any criteria. For example, make a list of visitors that came to your homepage, and pricing page, and have read a blog post. Use these lists in Smart Content to tailor content for a targeted group and increase conversion rates.

Smart Content Insights

Knowing where to start with personalization can be difficult. With Smart Content Insights you get information about who is visiting your page right as your editing so you can easily tailor content for visitors.

Speed, Security, Uptime

Running your website with HubSpot means you are backed by a HubSpot Content Delivery Network to serve your content all across the globe, in the fastest way possible. HubSpot websites have 99.99% uptime.

Starting at $200 / month. Included with HubSpot Basic, Professional, or Enterprise subscription. The HubSpot Website Platform is an add-on and is not included.

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