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  1. 64 degree turn angle, 0.5 turn start, 60 turn end, 80km height...cheats
  2. [1.1.2] US Probes Pack - Old and New - v0.48 - 5-3-16

    This mod doesn't have an explorer 1.....that is FASA..... I don't know why I have to keep telling people that....
  3. Who told you that FAR was required? That's a lie. I actually balanced the rockets to use specifically WITHOUT FAR...
  4. Soyuz 19 -

    I got that one to do today in my historical, the wiki says  Soyuz 7K-TM and I attempted to use the  Soyuz 7K-T and there were no solar panels?

  5. You are either using the stock subassemblies with RSS/RO, the RSS/RO subassemblies with stock or you installed one or both of those mods with ckan and it didn't install correctly, or all 3 of those things.
  6. UPDATE Soviet Spacecraft v1.3.6 Fix null ref caused by JSI Removed duplicate textures again UPDATE Soviet Rockets v1.9.1 * Fixed fairing textures being screwed up
  7. UPDATE v1.3.5 Fix collider problems Fix craft files for collider fixes Convert iva mbm to dds textures Fix null refs caused by not having raster prop monitor installed when using VA capsule
  8. UPDATE v2.5.5 * Updated craft files for rocket collider fixes
  9. UPDATE v1.9 Fixed fairing colliders and decouple force Added Zenit subassemblies
  10. [1.1.2] RN Misc Parts - v1.0 - 2-15-16

  11. if they aren't in the download then no, only subassemblies
  12. Unsupported Version

    it works just fine, don't know what you are talking about...
  13. I am aware of that and already tried to do it a while ago. It's not possible. You can't have a separate animated part on a part that is animated separately like that. The only way to do it would be to make the panels separate parts and use something like infernal robotics because the nodes have to be animated. I'm not doing that. The station already has that white thermal blanket they planned to add for the reuse on space station freedom, but that's the best you are going to get. Here's an image from last year during my attempt at getting the panels to do that, it caused big bugs with them where the animation would reset and play backwards each time you loaded the craft or just break altogether. It's because ksp can't have multiple animations on the same part that move the same mesh independently at the same time. Like I said you'd need infernal robotics to move the nodes and I don't want a dependency like that.
  14. [1.1.2] US Probes Pack - Old and New - v0.48 - 5-3-16

    pull request on github