Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance


Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
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  1. Game Informer
    There's a certain intensity of action and sense of urgency that only a 2D platformer can deliver. This game is a great way to rediscover that feeling for yourself. [June 2003, p.118]
  2. 90
    Though some of the graphics have been given a downgrade and the soundtrack itself is a bit lacking, the overall quality of the game hasn't changed a bit.
  3. Play Magazine
    The music in Coral Capers remains every bit as magical as it was the first time around, the new mini games are actually fun, you can now save anywhere, and Cranky's still the coolest ape on the planet. [June 2003, p.56]
  4. Cheat Code Central
    Not only is DKC a triumph graphically, but the audio is simply superb, even through the tiny speakers of the GBA (and GBA SP).
  5. Like an Eggo Waffle, this game is just too good to leggo.
  6. As I got more into it, the game hooked me more with deeper, more challenging levels. It also has me coming back trying to find all the bonus levels and scrapbook shots. Another great platformer for the GBA.
  7. While the gameplay is still fairly solid, it just isn’t quite as fun as it used to be. It didn’t blow me away and make me want to play for hour after hour.
  8. Fun though DKC is, it is - as many have said in the past - rather on the short side. Stumbling through the game with a fairly good idea of where everything was, it took us about four hours to get to the final boss and dispatch him, picking up some 70 per cent of the game's secrets along the way.
  9. 80
    The gameplay is perfectly intact and the GBA version even has more stuff to do than the SNES original. But it's just disappointing to see the same environments and character art lose their detail in the move to the handheld.
  10. Worth buying to relive the fun of the original SNES game but don’t expect a whole lot more.
  11. netjak
    Probably my favorite "new" feature is the DK Attack mode. This allows you to pick a level and try to complete it as fast as you can. DKC keeps track of scores of statistics, so it's nice to see if you (or someone else) can beat your time/score.
  12. First-time platform gamers will enjoy this, but veterans expecting a perfect port may feel a little cheated at first.
  13. Pocket Games
    DKC has staying power. Even at nearly 10-years old, it looks like it was made for the GBA. [Fall 2003, p.44]
  14. [Its] overall gameplay is nothing new and even the "extra" modes seem pretty desperate... but the base mechanics look terrific and ultra-smooth on the tiny GBA screen, and both newcomers and old-school fans alike will have something to go ape about.
  15. The complete package has a bit of a sour aftertaste because of the great potential the visuals failed to reach. DKC is a perfect example where gameplay triumphs over graphics, but it's a shame that the capability was there but not taken advantage of.
  16. The major aspect that sets Donkey Kong Country apart from similar games is the amount of variety present in each level.
  17. Nintendo Power
    Monkeys by the barrel, a five-pack of zoo chums, sprawling levels and lotsa minigames - a trip to the Country still packs in tons of gameplay. [June 2003, p.136]
  18. The standards are accounted for: jumping, things to collect, different environment, secrets to find and bosses to defeat. But jumpin’ monkeys is this game hard!
  19. The graphics are technically inferior to the original, the level design and difficulty are very inconsistent, and the attempts to add replay value are downright laughable. Still, the impressive aural elements, delightful personality, and generally fun gameplay make DKC an entertaining video game.
  20. GameNow
    Blasting out of barrels, hopping onto the backs of wild animals, and swinging from vines never gets old. [July 2003, p.52]
  21. A game of this overall technical sheen that can really make you smile and take notice, doesn't come along every day... in fact it comes along every nine years. If you've not sampled it before, now is the time.
  22. 70
    Though not quite a substitute for the SNES version, DKC is still higher quality than 90 percent of the GBA's action lineup right now.
  23. Despite a distinct lack of impressive new features, Donkey Kong Country is nonetheless an enjoyable platform game offering around 10-15 hours of play (expect to devote even more time to get a 101% completion rate) and generally pleasing visuals and sound even if they aren't up to the level of the Super NES version.
  24. While Donkey Kong Country doesn’t have the ageless appeal of say, "Super Mario World," it still holds its own. The game would have scored higher had Nintendo added more new features to the game.
  25. 65
    On GBA, the second verse is the same as the first -- just a little bit smaller and it seems a bit worse.
  26. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Besides the graphics, which still look good, the game has not held up well. [July 2003, p.118]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 49 Ratings

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  1. Aug 23, 2015
    A true classic game got a remake and is still awesome like its original game on the SNES, which was easily one of the best games back then.A true classic game got a remake and is still awesome like its original game on the SNES, which was easily one of the best games back then. With new features like mini-games, better saving mechanism, an extra level and some redesigning makes the gaming experience even better than ever before. And about the game itself? There is not much to say except the outstanding level design which makes every level unique and enjoyable. Apart from that, the great music and funny characters makes the game even more entertaining. Full Review »
  2. Mar 22, 2015
    9/10 .................................................................................................................................................
  3. Jan 29, 2014
    I have this on the SNES; it's just awesome. Story's simple, levels are challenging but fun. Music has its retro charm, and it definitely holdsI have this on the SNES; it's just awesome. Story's simple, levels are challenging but fun. Music has its retro charm, and it definitely holds some sentimental value. Great classic. Full Review »