Alesia Maltz, PhD

Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana

Areas of Expertise

food history and food sovereignty


Excellence can be obtained if you: care more than others think is wise; risk more than others think is safe; dream more than others think is practical; and expect more than others think is possible. Anonymous

Educational Background

  • I learn from my elders.
  • Hampshire College, B.A.  Vertebrate Paleontology and History of Science
  • The University of Illinois, M.A. and Ph.D.  History and Philosophy of Science
  • Harvard School of Public Health  Health Policy and Biostatistics

Areas of Academic Interest

Food, water, environmental health, indigenous environmental issues, history of science, local knowledge, environmental arts, environmental humanities, eco-theology, the relationship between history and policy.