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concept of section of property after divorce.

One of the most common causes for family problem is financial trouble. This is also one of the most volatile forms of family disputes and one of the hardest to resolve internally. When it reaches a stage where legal intervention is required, families should consider our family mediation services rather than jumping straight to the legal option. While we cannot replace legal advice and court proceedings, our mediators can provide a great pre-legal environment to clarify and discuss imperative issues and thus help concerned parties reach a viable verdict internally and enables you to control the decision making at all times.

Disputes over finances can take many forms and our expert mediators are amply qualified to handle all the different types of disputes that may arise. These are a few of the common disputes over finances where mediation can prove to be a huge benefit for all involved:

In the case of a couple separating, vital financial issues may arise such as the division of finances and maintenance of the current lifestyle for both parties (and dependants, if any). A mediator can create a safe and secure environment in which families can settle the present and future financial situation.

In the case of a divorce, a permanent division of assets takes place which can become especially complicated if the divorce is hostile. Even if it is mutual, the financial headaches can often be too much too handle for the couple.

Mediation can help families to clarify the situation, understand individual requirements and agree upon the details of the new allocation of resources, money and property in a way that benefits all involved. This can also include matters such as alimony, child support and support for other dependents (parents and siblings).

Inheritance/Property Settlement
Disputes between siblings and other family members over the division and settlement of inherited assets, properties and investments can be easily and smoothly resolved through family mediation.

Whatever the type of financial issue at hand, a smooth, stress-free environment is essential to resolving it and this is precisely what our mediators provide. The mediation services for disputes over finances are tailored to tackle the delicate issues that often rise when it comes to monetary matters.

Mediators employ a series of logical steps to clarify the essential problems at hand and help the family members come to a mutual agreement. The first step is always to identify the total cache of finances, including all types of properties, bank accounts, possessions and investments. After this, the claims or requirements of each participant are brought to the forefront by the mediator.

Over a span of multiple meetings, some of which may be with individual participants rather than the family as a whole, the mediator will attempt to bridge the gap between the requirements of each individual and the final resolution of the issue at hand through a process of discussion, compromise and agreement.

Finally, the family members come to a unified and unanimous consensus about the allocation of various finances. Mediators aim to provide a consensus that not only resolves present issues but also creates a stable, secure financial future for the family.