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We offer excellent mediation services in Leeds for families dealing with a crisis situation or having an unresolved dispute. Our mediators are well trained in providing calm and focused dispute management for families in a variety of different situations.

Interested parties can get in touch with our Leeds office by filling out a contact form with all the required information. We also have many clients come to us through referral from a solicitor, lawyer or other professional in which case the referral form has to be filled.

For clients who wish to contact lawyers following the mediation sessions, we can also provide referrals to clients from our side for family solicitors in Leeds with whom we have established a relationship.

This can often happen in the case of divorce or property dispute. In such cases, the details of the agreement can be settled upon outside of court but the final step to affirm the decision has to be taken through proper legal channels.

Our teams of highly qualified experts have a lot of experience in dealing with all types of family issues. Listed below are just a few of the family dispute situations where our mediation services in Leeds can be employed:

    1. Separation: This is often a painful time for all involved and the details can be very tricky to work out, even if the separation is mutually agreed upon. Our mediators have a complete understanding of the legal details in such situations and can help provide a useful framework in which to negotiate the changes ahead.
  • Divorce: A divorce is a time of change and upheaval for every member of the family. A sensitive handling of the relevant details is imperative to ensuring a stable, calm future. Mediation is a great way to create an atmosphere in which all the parties can communicate their requirements and come to a mutual agreement about the future.


  • Disputes over Children: These can arise in the case of divorce or separation of partners but can also occur in extra-matrimonial situations. Custody disputes can often be very stressful and long drawn and mediation is a good way to circumvent the unnecessary hostility of the legal environment.


  • Financial Disputes: Whether it is the division of assets post a break up or divorce or dealing with loans and debt management, our expert mediators can help families resolve financial issues in a manner which benefits all involved.


A neutral, third party presence can help create a more conducive environment for discussing delicate and often messy financial matters.

  • Property Division/ Inheritance: Disputes over the division of property, assets, investments and valuable possessions following the death of a relative can also be smoothly handled through mediation.


These kinds of issues often arise in the absence of a clear will and resolving them outside of the court can prove beneficial and cost-effective for everybody.

Besides the broad categories listed above, we can undertake mediation for many other types of family crisis situations, which need not always be legal in their nature or implications.