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I think about how we socialize with/through technology & digital subcultures. Teaches , works out of .

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    I wrote about the Chinese obsession with watching other people eat online for Lucky Peach!

  2. I should have direct deposited my life savings to Beyoncé and gotten front row seats for everyone I love.

  3. That Chloe x Halle song sounds INCREDIBLE in a stadium.

  4. Like Candy Crush, but the micropayments are giving up your sanity & well-being.

  5. Do I have enough calendar notifications for the most important day of 2016 or nah

  6. Leaking top secret material seems less damaging than claimed. He was fined, not jailed -- and his motive was sex.

  7. On the MetaFilter election thread: this comment in response to another, which collectively blew my mind twice over

  8. Sanders campaign: remember how unlikely it was. Last July, Nate Silver thought he'd win Iowa & NH and not much else.

  9. How is this possible in a country where a prominent politician is named REINCE PRIEBUS???

  10. All media friends please contact me anytime you need someone to drag imperialism & shout out ✌🏼

  11. Lilian wrote a difficult thing about cultural appropriation outside of whiteness and interviewed me for it!

  12. LET IT BE RESOLVED that I should really find a reason to go to Eyeo next year.

  13. Aww, look at this adorable sleepy friend. Congrats !

  14. As a omega-level mosquito beacon, the odds of me getting Zika this summer are 100000.7% 👍🏼

  15. Why, yes. There is a pattern to who gets "mugshotted" even when a victim—and who does not even when convicted.

  16. "Fail fast" does NOT mean testing your idea out on real people. it also implies you should contribute your learnings back to the commons.

  17. A truly fitting way to honor is to support local music education thru , just as Prince did:

  18. ICYMI. Sustainable eating - how do New York City’s immigrant communities fit into the picture?

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