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Hi Kelly… I am finally here….WOW, you are famous now!  :)  I have so many questions to ask you…I have a YEAST problem…you know my mom is fanatical about taking care of me…a little overboard at times…LOl..Anyway, my yeast problem is mainly affecting the warm spots of my body ( arm pits, butt and female parts…and the front of my legs and chest…just a small amount in the ears)….I am scratching myself RAW….I am eating a very good grain free dog food from your old stomping grounds…some raw bones…a little goat milk …and of course I stay away from human food!  My mom ( Tammy) has taken me to the vets…they pumped me with Benedryl and send me home….Now mom is not happy with this…She is driving herself crazy cleaning the house up (no fragrances or unhealthy cleaning products)…spraying with eucalyptus (pure essential oil blend she makes herself) to rid the house of dust mites…BUT nothing is helping…here is the problem Kelly….when I stay at the kennel for 15 days I COMPLETELY heal….ALL my food remains the same, she sends me with my own bed (the fancy one she bought from you)…the only thing that I do not get at the kennel is my Raw bones….once I am home for about 3 days…it all comes back…I do stink a little (just like yeast)….Mom has been giving me tea tree oil baths followed with a RAW apple cider vinegar rinse…for a few days I seem to relax a bit…BUT again it all comes back….what to do….Would a nice dog lover lady like you have any suggestions?  The other lady Julie gave me a new holistic doctor to go see…we’re gonna make an appointment…But since you led mom on the right path with my food to begin with…well, we kind of trust you BIG TIME….oh …I’m the really cute American Bulldog with one black eye and one white….I am hard to forget….Big sloppy dog kisses to you…Hope all is well with you…we think about you all the time…I heard you see my friend Valerie too…geez , I miss her!  Stay well….be healthy, happy and beautiful!      –Bindi and Tammy–

Of course I remember that beautiful American Bulldog “Bindi” (your Mom’s kind of cute too!!) and I’m envisioning a lovely picture of you in your pink fleece coat sitting in your Mom’s car!  

Okay Tammy…Hmmmm… interesting scenario you have.  It would appear that there may be something environmental that is causing Bindi’s “allergic” reaction that occurs upon her return home from the kennel based on her getting the exact same diet at both places (except for the raw bones).  I know you have already perused my previous post on “itchy & sensitive dogs” where I laid out many causes of the allergy type symptoms and possible solutions to what Bindi is experiencing.  It certainly can be a daunting task to figure out the cause of Bindi’s itchiness and possible yeast overgrowth, but just be patient and pull out your detective tools.

Oh That Itching & Scratching!! (Source:

Something to Rule Out:   One thing I noted is that Bindi’s area of inflammation and itchiness seems to be where her body comes into contact with the floor and carpeting… I recall a friend with a yellow Labrador Retriever having an itchy dog situation where diet was ruled out as a cause.  It turned out that this dog was highly allergic to the owner’s favorite (mostly) wool area rug… Once the rug was removed from the environment, the itching/scratching stopped…the owner was pretty bummed as she had just gotten the awesome rug from Crate & Barrel and it wasn’t cheap… Darn!!  Thankfully, she was able to determine the actual cause… Give this some thought and take a survey of your house and surfaces Bindi is laying on frequently…

I just had another blog reader from Tampa, Florida advise that he recently had his dog Allergy Tested for, both food and environmental panels, for his dog and discovered his dog is allergic to several grasses and foods.  Dr. Jean Dodds (Hemopet & Nutriscan) offers a patented food allergy Salivary test ( which you can do in the comfort of your own home with a saliva collection kit that you mail back to Nutriscan…it’s super easy!  Once you get the results from this test, you can determine if anything in Bindi’s diet is making her situation worse… FYI:  I’ve been sending my pets’ blood for blood Titer Testing and Thyroid Testing to Hemopet for years as Dr. Dodds is a veterinarian hematologist and one of the leading experts in this field.

The Environmental Allergen Blood Test is the other test that I would suggest Bindi have done… Over the years I have seen many of these test reports and it’s amazing what airborn and environmental allergens plague dogs… including human dander, many grasses, tree saps, bacteria (can be good bacteria probiotics too) and molds…the list is lengthy.  It would be well worth the money to get some real data to work with versus grasping at straws… I recall a conversation with one of my veterinarian friends wherein she described how it is somewhat difficult to figure out certain illness or diseases as there is no real input from the patient…rather, the doctor must begin ruling out certain illnesses or triggers with various tests.  I’m not sure if you’ve already done any of the above allergen testing recently, but it would still be a good idea to have some new information to see what your actually working with…then go from there.  As with humans, new allergies can develop at any age.

NOTE:  Incredibly, I’ve also heard of many high positive allergic reactions to Human Dander!  This is another environmental allergen that Bindi may have… as hard as it is to consider, she may be allergic to your or your husband’s dander… just like many people are allergic to dog or cat dander… Surely she is not exposed to nearly the same amount of human dander in the kennel environment as she would be in a normal home environment… all those hugs, snuggles, etc…just a thought.

Last, I think going to a holistic veterinarian is a great idea as you can use an integrative approach to the problem and get a different perspective on the situation.  As you probably know, I’ve been taking all of my pets (dog and cats) to my holistic veterinarian for over twelve years now… Gus (12.5 yrs) has been going every six to eight weeks and my 16 year old kitty goes about every three months for acupuncture and prescribed Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and/or supplements as needed.  I like to utilize both conventional and holistic medicine for my pets and me!

Good luck and keep me posted…. Above all else…be PATIENT.  :-)

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