Want a Body Like J.Lo's? Trainer Tracy Anderson Tells You How to Get It


Tracy Anderson is a fitness trainer like no other. As the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method, a popular program centered on cardio workouts, strategic muscle training, and a strict diet consisting of whole, unprocessed foods, she’s been the go-to trainer for celebs and athletes for more than a decade.

Among the stars on her impressive client roster is Latina fave J.Lo. “She’s just a wonderful woman,” says Anderson.

At a recent Fiji Water event – Anderson is the brand’s ambassador – we sat down with the fitness dynamo to ask her how she works out J.Lo’s incredible body and what advice she would give to Latinas who want to get fit without losing their curves.

Here’s what Anderson had to say.

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What are some tips for slimming down and getting in shape, but not losing your curvaliciousness?

It's all about balance and proportion. When you're born with curves and you want to keep them or even enhance them, the nice thing is that you probably won’t have to be a slave to dieting. Dieting will make fat go away the fastest, so if you're someone that feels balanced with curves, you can look at exercise from a more strategic, more healthy place, instead of "Oh my god, I have to get this weight off."

Balance is a key word with your method.

It is. I tend to be happiest when I'm on the higher end of my weight swing. I'm like "Oh, my boobs look bigger and my butt looks juicier. I am totally into this." Genetically, I wasn’t really given curves. It’s all by design. So my movements, like in the Glutecentric program, will only enhance. But what you’ll see is that your thighs will get thinner, your butt will become more lifted, your abs will get thinner. The Metamorphisis program, specifically, is not so focused on calorie burning that it causes you to lose curves. It's vital that we keep our muscles awake and we keep them designed because if not, a curvy girl is going to turn sloppy. If you're like, "Oh, I don’t work out because I don't want to lose my curves," you’ll see that as you age, your skin tone declines. There will be cellulite issues and skin tone issues. It becomes a problem. 

Next, hear Tracy's thoughts on J.Lo and what the singer does to keep in shape...

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