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3dXander "Goomiho" Torres

LMS Summer Split primer: who to watch

After the Flash Wolves made it out of the group stages of another international tournament, the LMS is slowly transforming into the region to watch.

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ESPN Esports Top 10 Plays of May

From Pokken to League of Legends and more, there were a ton of incredible plays from May. Here's our Top 10.

Robert Paul
7dJacob Wolf

Flash Metroid joins Team Naventic

Team Naventic has expanded its esports presence beyond Heroes of the Storm, joining the fighting games world with the signing of Peter "Flash Metroid" Susini

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3dWynton "prog" Smith, Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger, Jacob Wolf, Timothy Lee

The best of esports: May 2016

May was full of exceptional performances in esports. This time around we'll look at players from Smash, League of Legends, Street Fighter and CS:GO.

Courtesy Schalke 04
9dAdel Chouadria

The dark horse of the EU LCS: Schalke 04

With the additions they made in the offseason and the uncertainty faced by some of the other teams in the EU LCS summer split, the newly rebranded Schalke 04 could be a playoff contender.

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10dEric Van Allen

The Dota 2 Manila Major groups preview

Eric Van Allen takes a look at the four groups set for the Dota 2 Manila Major and predicts the teams most likely to end up in the upper and lower brackets.

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11dEric Van Allen

Why Moscow deserves a Dota 2 major

Epicenter wasn't just the premiere of high-level competitive 6.87 Dota, it was signalling a change in the winds, a shift that needs to happen.

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16dJacob Wolf

FaZe Clan officially leaves WESA

After much speculation, FaZe Clan has officially announced its departure from the World Esports Organization, citing transparency issues as one of the reasons for leaving.

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Cementing a Dynasty - SK Telecom T1

5x LCK champions. 2x world champions. All-Stars, IEM and MSI champions. No team has displayed more dominance in League of Legends than South Korea's SK Telecom T1.

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19dDaniel Lee

Leffen's return to prominence

With three gods down and one to go, Leffen could see the finish line waiting for him.

Street Fighter V: Stunfest 2016: Tokido and Xiao Hai clash in the Top 8 (1:49)
Street Fighter V: Stunfest 2016: Fuudo looks to knock Momochi into the Losers Bracket (2:16)
LoL MSI Semifinals - Aphromoo's First Blood: Sona Worth it! (0:49)



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  • The unique strategy of Dota 2

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  • Guide to League of Legends

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