17 And A Six Figure Pocket Money

17 And A Six Figure Pocket Money

Name: Viren Mohindra

School: Vasant Valley School

City: New Delhi

Viren Mohindra, a student of Vasant Valley School, Delhi, was bored of his life. He possessed a creative mind, but didn’t know what to do with it.

Enter Angad Luthra, friend and advisor. His proposal for a business venture turned out to be a life changer for the both of them.

“Let’s start a website that creates websites. We will make creative portals for our clients just as they require and even better with our inputs,”
Viren told Tadpoles recalling what Angad had said on a lazy afternoon almost 2 months back.

With the tech bug inside their heads since childhood, www.nukewebbed.com was born.

“Nuked Studios did not receive any client for a few weeks. We started losing hope. I was in Hong Kong when my friend approached and said that he had found us our very first client,” said Viren.


Angad Luthra

Ever since, their lives have become a roller coaster ride.

But as young as 17 and still in school, convincing family members was a herculean task for Viren.

“We come from well off families where money is not an issue. My father couldn’t understand why I wanted to get involved in a business when it was my time to study, in fact he was convinced that I would fail,” he said.

“Things changed, as profits came in, I saw a new confidence in him towards me. I think I have made him proud,” Viren added smiling.

Wesbsite Screenshot

Homepage of Nukewebbed.

What began as a source of pocket money has turned out to be one of Viren’s essentials. His life is jam packed as he likes to call it.

“I barely have time for things. I attend school, and then have meetings and clients to take care off. Then there is homework and of course I need rest, so I sleep. I am a working-student you see,” laughs Viren.

Life to Viren is art. Whenever he gets time, he likes to get involved in film-making, acting. He sees a career in that too.

“Theatre and movie making have always fascinated me, I know that one day they will be a part of my life,” he said.

With just a few months in their business, the boys have made a profit of more than 6 figures.

“Everyday more clients keep coming,” he says.

“The major asset of the company is under Angad’s name. I trust him totally. Not that we don’t have our difference in opinions, but we know our friendship is beyond it. Our compatibility is our strength,” says Viren.

To him, this venture is his independence.

“I have grown in the past few months. I feel more confident, more on my own. Now I understand what people mean when they refer to freedom,” said Viren.


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