Not all friendships are requited.

I hear you on the phone
And I’m sad.
You are laughing and joking,
And making plans.

If only you planned with me!

To make plans with you
Would be perfect bliss!
The things we could do!
But you never have time.

For me.

Once in a blue moon,
You take pity
And we venture out and about
And my spirit soars!

I am flying so high!

But from the look on your face
It’s abundantly clear.
It’s me you don’t want
To be anywhere near.

I don’t understand.

You go out if I’m not going out.
You leave if I arrive.
You make excuses just to get away
And hope I’ll swallow your lies.

I shake my head
And the tears start to flow.
I slink away to somewhere private
So my emotion won’t show.

Why do you take me for granted?

Why do you shun me?
Tell me what I’ve done to
Make you discard me so!
Why can’t my friendship
Be requited?
Why don’t you want to know?

I would take you out.
I would buy you the world
Just to have you as my friend!
But you are happier
Sticking with users and abusers,
Those who lie and pretend.

As ever, the constant Outsider,
On the outside, looking in
To your world,
And to your life.

Years of the same.
Decades of the same.

Will I ever be within?

It hurts so much,
I want to rage!
Forever two steps behind
And never on the same page.

I grieve.

I am too old for this.
I should admit defeat,
I can’t be stuck in before!

I love you still.

But somehow, someway,

I’ll learn to love myself more.

  • Is it dignified to buy someone’s friendship?
  • If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, when should you admit defeat and walk away?
  •  Why do some people prefer the company of toxic people to those who generally love and care about them?

Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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