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Example: John Smith Rockville MD 20852 Bank of USA

Consider the following when performing your searches:

  • For best results, enter the full NMLS ID or State License Number to search for a Company or Individual.

    Note: License numbers vary by state and may contain letters and numbers or only numbers (e.g. BK-3872; ML 52094; or 007634). A portion of a License Number containing at least two characters can be entered as a search term if you do not know the full number.

  • If you do not know the NMLS ID or State License Number, you also may search by Name, City, State, and/or Zip Code. Use multiple search terms (e.g., Company Name and Zip Code) to increase the likelihood the Company or Individual you are searching for will appear on the first page of search results.

    Note: Search results include Companies and Individuals that match on ALL entered search terms. Providing additional search terms will reduce the number of results. For example, use "John Smith New York" or "John Smith 10006" instead of "John Smith".

  • Searches may contain up to 100 characters and no more than 10 search terms. Separate multiple search terms with a space (e.g. Rockville Maryland). Do not use commas or other punctuation to separate search terms.

  • When using words for search terms, the search will only return results including exact matches to City, State, or full words in the Name. For example, searching for "Nation" will not find Companies with "National" in their name; you must specify "National" as one of your search terms.

  • You can filter your search results by Company or Individual and/or regulator by using the filtering criteria options available when viewing the search results.

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