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Going to the Chapel bridal shower theme

Item # PS00-

Going to the Chapel bridal shower theme

party supplies. These

Bridal Shower Party Supplies

are great FOR Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagements AND Anniversary parties. It comes complete with candy wrappers, poem and invitations. Order this

Bridal Shower party theme

for a great party for the Bride to be.










Poem: Stand beside me- In the conviction of our love-For there’s a world full of tomorrows to discover-As we join hands and exchange rings-In a symbol of unity, commitment and unwavering love-Each of us, coming to this moment freely-Without a moment’s hesitation or worry-Knowing full well that what we are feeling today-Will only be enhanced-By our two hearts entwined-On a journey that will encompass-All real and imagined distances-And every so often, endure life’s uncertainties and harsh realities-Alongside a lifetime supply of joy and happiness-Stand beside me-In honesty, Determination, Trust, And faith-Stand boldly beside me-Throughout the course of our lifetime-In the conviction of our love-Forevermore...


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  • Product Details: bridal shower party supplies
  • Unframed Set: 1 unframed poem, 20 invitations and 20 candy wrappers.
  • Deluxe Set: 1 Framed poem(your choice of frame), 20 invitations and 20 Candy wrappers.
  • Super Deluxe Set: 1 Framed poem(your choice of frame), 50 invitations, 50 candy wrappers.



Going to the Chapel bridal shower theme #PS00
Price: $65.00 Unframed Set
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