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bridal shower party supplies Item # PS05-

Bridal Shower Party Supplies

These bride theme bridal shower party supplies include

bridal shower candy wrappers

bridal shower invitations

and poetry

gift FOR bride

.Give the bride to be a bridal shower to remember with these impressive bridal shower party supplies. The hair and skin color of the bride can be changed upon request.

Order these bridal shower party supplies to get the party started





Party set Items are also sold separately as individual items, so if you only need bridal shower invitatios you can order them seperately.








Poem: When two join as one in solemn vow-Before God and loved ones-Love's ultimate promise is fulfilled-As the two lives are joined-In body, mind and soul-The beating of their hearts-Intones itself to a higher quest-A quest for longevity-A journey, which painstakingly-Endures life's daily-Trials and tribulations-With heartfelt devotion-Dreams find building blocks of reassurance-In the eyes of their love-And with faith, love and loyalty-The two remain-In sync with each other-Always knowing what the other needs-As they move one step closer-To their plain of a lifetime...


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  • Product Details:
  • Unframed Set: 1 unframed poem, 20 invitations and 20 candy wrappers.
  • Deluxe Set: 1 Framed poem(your choice of frame), 20 invitations and 20 Candy wrappers.
  • Super Deluxe Set: 1 Framed poem(your choice of frame), 50 invitations, 50 candy wrappers.

Bride theme Bridal Shower Party Supplies #PS05
Price: $65.00 Unframed Set
Unframed, Deluxe or Super Deluxe party set:

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Do you want to personalize these invitations with a photo: the photo will sometimes need to replace the graphic image on invitation if space is limited.

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  • For best results:When scanning photos, scan at 300 dpi, minimum
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