What Do You Need To Do After A Car Accident?

As the immediate shock of an auto accident begins to wear off, you need to act to protect your rights. Are you still uncertain what caused the crash? Are you starting to accumulate a stack of paperwork — maybe an accident report, receipts from a towing company or paperwork from a clinic or hospital? Have you been called by an insurance company?

You need to get answers to your questions from an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Redhair, Studwell & Caine, we have successfully resolved cases for injured clients in Tucson and throughout Arizona. Right away, we can help you obtain appropriate medical care and deal with a wrecked vehicle. Then we will handle the legal issues, so you can focus on your recovery.

Fair Compensation When Negligence Was At Fault

How can negligence play a role in motor vehicle accidents? The scenarios are innumerable, but here are some common ones:

  • The failure to pay attention to the road can cause a car accident.
  • Drowsy driving might be a factor in a truck collision.
  • Motorcycle crashes are often caused when motorists fail to look for them.
  • In collisions between motorized vehicles and bicycles or pedestrians, distraction caused by cell use is unfortunately common.

Impaired driving is another factor that can carry criminal charges in addition to civil remedies. We will complete an investigation — this may include reviewing police records, medical records and interviewing witnesses — because most drivers are savvy enough that they will not admit fault.

Our attorneys care about your recovery and regularly touch base to see how treatment is progressing. Once we have an idea of the damages you have suffered, we will fight for the largest payment to make you whole.

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