A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a person perfected without trials.  

​                                                                                                                    Author Unknown

​Upcoming Events

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June 18, 2016                      Pauline Muth Workshop​            9am-Noon

July 9, 2016 9am-Noon            Make a lightweight stand for your trees​​

August 6, 2016                                Juan Andrade WS 9am-noon

September 11, 2016               Sergio Luciani Workshop​         1PM - 4PM

Recently added to Events: updated international bonsai conventions, and an introductory class in bonsai by a local bonsai supplier. 


BONSAI, both an art form and horticulture...



BBS at the 2016 BSF Convention Members of BBS attended this years' BSF Convention in Orlando; picture below is Carlos with Bjorn Bornholm and Juan Andrade, featured artists.


Thrips: ​An annoying and damaging pest affecting mainly Ficus Benjamin but there are many varieties of thrips that affect both landscape plants and crops. Our bonsai are affected mainly by Cuban Laural Thrips: Gynaikothrips ficorum,  and the Weeping Fig (Benjamin) Thrips: Gynaikothrips Uzeli.  Go to Bonsai Notes for more information.


Broward Bonsai's Annual Exhibit at Flamingo Gardens

was a success.  Displays included suiseki and over 30 trees and their companions, including participation by a member of the Gold Coast Bonsai Society.  Demonstrations were held each day to groups eager to learn.  Our sales table included pre-bonsai, bonsai, and equipment.  Pictures from the exhibit can be seen here.  


​Workshop February 2016: ​​​​​Some reminders from Ed: If you use akadama in your mix, make sure it is a high fired akadama or it will turn to mud; don't bare root and wash all the old soil from your roots as you will get rid of more good than bad; treat a two-trunk tree as one when arranging  your branches (left-right-back); fertilize your trees all year- even a dormant tree has some growth by 11am...​

Photos from the February Ed Trout workshop can be seen here.


Bonsai Tip: Rainy season can bring an unwanted byproduct: fungus.  Check your trees and treat accordingly. 

Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an art form similar to painting, music, and sculpture which provides each of us with an opportunity to demonstrate our creative expression and horticultural techniques. Bonsai, translated literally from Japanese, means “tree in a tray?. It can be considered 50% art form and 50% horticulture.

The Bud Shafer Memorial Bench
at the Jim Smith Bonsai Gallery, Heathcote Botanical Gardens. Bench provided by donations from the Broward & Gold Coast Bonsai Societies.

“The Art of Bonsai? sponsored by Flamingo Gardens:
Class Schedule: ***

April 2, 9, May 14, 21, June 4, 25, 2016

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JUNE - AUGUST Bonsai Care

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