Gift Children Books, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization,
promotes literacy and home libraries for children.

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We believe that children, when exposed to reading at an early age, develop language skills.

We believe that delivering books directly to children positively impacts their lives, their communities, and our world.

We believe that children are entitled to their own home libraries stocked with collections of high quality culturally diverse books and media.

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Nazlah Hassan

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Citizens, civic organizations, and businesses provide a variety of resources to support the annual book fairs.

Build literacy skills
Enhance love of reading
Develop home libraries
Supplement school studies

Hosting Free Children’s Book Fairs in New York and Arizona!

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We serve 2 communities in:

Phoenix, AZ and Harlem, NY


Gift Children Books, Inc.'s mission is to provide free books to children in need that enable them to:

  • build their literacy skills,
  • enhance their love of reading,
  • develop home libraries, and
  • supplement school-based experiences with the whole family.