The INGO Accountability Charter helps civil society organisations (CSOs) lead the way in being transparent, effective and accountable. Signed by most of the globally acting CSOs, it is an effective way in which they monitor, assess and improve their accountability. Membership of the Charter brings tried-and-tested methods and external verification that is trusted by stakeholders. As membership and global collaboration on shared standards increase, our collective voice is strengthened. It’s easy to join. Sign up now!

Accountability Reports

All Members of the INGO Accountability Charter are required to submit an annual accountability report that is reviewed by the Independent Review Panel.

Global Standard

The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is an initiative of eight well-established civil society accountability networks from around the world. The overarching aim is to strengthen the effectiveness of CSOs worldwide by devising a collective accountability standard.

Digital Accountability

Digital connectivity has fundamentally changed people’s expectations on how to engage with institutions. CSO Accountability in the Digital Age needs to shift towards “people-powered” or “supporter-led” strategies capitalising on external people’s skills and knowledge to serve the collective purpose.