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I recently had the chance to chat with a local hometown hero, literally. Meet Ray Fisher. He landed the role of Cyborg in a little film titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice due out in 2016. I’m kidding of course, this film is anything but small with Henry Cavill reprising the role of Superman and Ben Affleck taking over the cape as Batman. With such big names attached and Zack Snyder (300, Man of Steal, Watchmen) Fisher knows this is the role of a lifetime. Primarily known for his theater work, he played Muhammad Ali last year in an off- Broadway play. We have to wonder if this is a dream come true coming from the small town of Lawnside, NJ.. I was sure to tell Fisher that everyone from home is just as excited for him. This is what he had to say about the growing support from Lawnside, Haddon-Heights, Barrington and the rest of South Jersey.

This is very new to me, a whole new world. Everything up to this point has been primarily theater. I didn’t expect anything like this for another 10-15 years. Everything seems to be moving really fast! The out pour has been fantastic especially from our community. It can be lonely when you feel alone.

But right now he’s feeling nothing but “blessed” with this opportunity. He’s grateful that young men like my son who will attend Haddon-Heights High also can look at him as a role model and also that he’s already accomplished so much in his 27 years. So who did he have to beat to get this role? Truthfully, he doesn’t even know who else was up for the part.

Thankfully it doesn’t matter. I was playing Muhammad Ali in the New York Theatre Workshop and attracted my agent and manager from there. The play got good reviews. People were really kind to me in their reviews. From there I was asked to fly to L.A. to meet the casting directors. They told me they were looking for a certain type of character for a certain type of movie. They couldn’t tell me much more just that it was for the upcoming untitled Batman v Superman movie. That was all they had to say. I came back to N.Y. and put something on tape for them to see. From there they flew me to Detroit to test for the film. I am learning something new everyday. Some from the actors but also a lot from the production side. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it’s like Disneyworld for an actor.

He had to admit he was introduced to the character Cyborg like many of us from Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titians”. Because this is the first time Cyborg is being seen in a live-action film there is some pressure to satisfy the comic fans.

Luckily no one has ever seen him in a movie before, but no one has seen me in a movie either. For me it’s about finding what’s unique about Victor Stone/ Cyborg’s story. I understands that people feel strongly about these characters. I’m excited to see them bring more of the comic characters to the forefront and choosing to add some diversity in the genre on screen. Especially black characters and characters of color/minorities.

So being that this is the first time Cyborg is being portrayed by anyone I asked if there were any characters he was drawing from pat or present, hero or villain.

Chris Terrio who is writing the script is very involved with his actors. We have the new 52’s, (a 2011 revamped re-launch by DC comics of it’s monthly books) where Cyborg actually becomes a part of the Justice League when in the past he was just a part of Teen Titians, but things may change for the sake of the film so that it’ll all make sense. So no, I’m really not drawing from anyone in particular. I feel that Cyborg has to be unique, extremely unique.

With Fisher already confirmed in not only being involved in Batman v Superman, The next two Justice League films, and in Cyborg’s on stand alone film in 2020 I had to ask if there was any anxiousness about shooting his character’s story, and most importantly if there was anything her could reveal about Cyborg’s costume or makeup.

Not at all. (he laughs) They have concept art but that may change. I can give you absolutely nothing. Everything is hush-hush in the comic book world. They like to keep it a secret for the fans. Of course I’m ready to tell his story. We live in an age of urgency. But for now I’m using my time wisely preparing for his role. There’s never a such thing s being too prepared for a something like this.

Fisher offered some inspiring words to the young kids growing up in the town of Lawnside following his footsteps.

Hard work is an absolute given, but anything’s possible. I know that I didn’t end up where he is now if it wasn’t for a little luck and being in the right place at the right time, and that the studios definitely could have went another way with bring the comics onscreen. They could have went with the traditional version that included Martian Man or Hawk Girl as well. Things have just aligned themselves in a way where I can go out and do what I love to do.

I would say that the stars are aligning just right for this next shooting star, and for me, local role model. Look for Lawnside’s very own Ray Fisher in the upcoming movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice out 2016, Justice Leagues Part 1& 2 out 2017 & 2019 and already confirmed Cyborg stand alone movie in 2020!

A special thanks goes to Ray Fisher for taking the time to speak with me and also to LamboMan7 for his awesome artwork!


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