Constance Morris House

Pillars’ domestic violence shelter provides a safe haven for people fleeing abusive relationships.

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About Constance Morris House

Constance Morris House is Pillars’ domestic violence shelter, a place for domestic violence survivors to find refuge as they flee abusive relationships. The shelter, which has served the community for more than 30 years, is at an undisclosed location in the western suburbs.

The mission of Constance Morris House is to create a safe environment where domestic violence survivors are encouraged to learn about their options for change and empower themselves to make informed decisions about their future. Constance Morris House also focuses on promoting awareness of domestic violence in the community to drive a unified response.

Features of Constance Morris House include:

  • A fully-equipped exam room for onsite care, to respond to injuries sustained during domestic violence and provide diagnosis/treatment for other conditions (both for adult women and their children)
  • Prenatal care for pregnant battered women, even those who are past their fifth month (one of the few shelters in Illinois that accepts women this late in pregnancy)
  • Access for disabled adults and children
  • Services in English and Spanish
  • Services for literate and non-literate survivors
  • All services provided at NO COST to both residential and non-residential adults and children

Clients who access Constance Morris House may access other domestic violence services from Pillars including legal advocacy, substance abuse counseling, mental health care, the crisis hotline, and more.

Download a printable handout about Pillars’ Domestic Violence Services here.

Find Help for Domestic Violence

Call Pillars’ 24-hour domestic violence crisis hotline at 708.485.5254 for assistance.