Samuel Claiborne’s Genius of Working Things Out on ‘Love, Lust, and Genocide’

Samuel Claiborne: Love, Lust, and Genocide

By R.B. Sloane

claiborneMusic to protest, ponder, take inventory, and screw to. That’s what you’re going to get with Samuel Claiborne’s Love, Lust, and Genocide. It’s not that he didn’t warn you. A decidedly mid-paced record, Love, Lust, and Genocide brims with menace, elation and some serious calling people on their shit skills. The record is raw and personal. No punches are pulled. No fucks are given. Claiborne is not interested in providing comfort unless you are looking for a kindred spirit or an exorcism.

Samuel Claiborne is a man of many talents… poet, essayist, composer, musician, graphic designer, photographer, video artist, and bodyworker. His musical work is also informed by a pretty earth-shattering personal experience. The artist drew heavily from the highs, lows, mind-fucked, frustrating, glorious moments filled with catharsis and gratitude, mostly gratitude. When a human being has an epoch event of the body and spirit, they have access to something most profound. Love, Lust and Genocide captures Claiborne’s epoch moment and shares the wisdom that comes out of such an experience. There’s power in this kind of pain.

“Lion and the Lamb” is one of those powerful tracks. A young gay man on the streets after being rejecting by family and church. The lyrics slice right to the heart of the matter. “Succulence (Blasphemy)” evokes Jim Morrison’s talk-trippy style. Claiborne’s version of “Hurt” is as surrealistic as Johnny Cash’s. It’s scary and satisfying at the same time. The lightness of the melody on “Broken” is anchored down with some really heavy lyrics. “21st Century War” is an excellent fuck off protest song, showcasing Claiborne’s full on writing abilities. “The Heart is a Bomb” gushes with menace and a plea for understanding. One of Claiborne’s angrier anthems is “Say Goodbye to America.” The controlled rage is what sells it.

Clairborne is backed and aided by a close knit group of experienced artists in their own right. Tomás Doncker, James Dellatacoma, Josh David, Mike Faulkner, Mac Gollehon, Sohrab Ladjevardi, Alan Grubner, Mamadou Diaite, Craig Hazen, Steve Gorn, Heather Powell and Marla Mase made Love, Lust, and Genocide special.

Overall, if you want to get the mean reds and embrace some deep things in your life, Love, Lust, and Genocide should be in the top 10 in your rotation. Somehow, you’ll have those emotions lessened, crushed for a moment, validated or catalogued. In short, you’re going to feel some real shit. So maybe you can skip some therapy this week and save that money for whisky and a steak.

Members / Instruments:
Samuel Claiborne: Vocals, guitar
Tomás Doncker: Guitar, bass, vocals
Josh David: Bass
Kevin Jenkins: Bass, vocals
Mike Faulkner: Drums
Mac Gollehon: Horns
Sohrab Ladjevardi: Sax
Alan Grubner: Violin, Cello
Mamadou Diaite: Vocals, guitar
Craig Hazen: Bass on “Hurt”
Steve Gorn: Bansuri flute on “Succulence”
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Back-up Vocals: Heather Powell, Marla Mase

Love, Lust, and Genocide Production:
Tomás Doncker and James Dellatacoma
Samuel Claiborne: co-producer

Love, Lust, and Genocide Tracklisting:
1. Say Goodbye to America
2. Hungering for Strange
3. The Lion and the Lamb
4. Succulence (Blasphemy)
5. Hurt
6. Broken
7. 21st Century War
8. Unbound
9. The Heart is a Bomb

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