AKs vs Popguns


Let’s face it, an AK is so handy at the nightclub, junior school, even supermarket, that everybody should have one, or even better, two. At least, that’s the view of them thar good ol’ boys in Texas, and the unashamed wish of the NRA.

Just about anyone in the US can buy military assault weapons. But, seemingly, not everyone can. It appears that one local gunshop saw a grinning infantile loser coming their way and quickly locked the door.

Undeterred, he slipped into the plumbers shop and his local hairdresser, and simply made his own gun. As we can see, he is rightly proud of his handiwork. So, woe betide any crook who turns up on his doorstep with an AK.

Pop, take that: one spud, right in the eye.

Watch and enjoy:



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