Choosing Reading Glasses Lens Strength-Simple Truths

Posted on January 12, 2014 by Renee Bachner | 0 comments

Truth #3 Ready-Made Readers Are Not Recommended For High Lens Powers

How To Choose Your Reading Glasses Strength

Just a little educational information is required here for a full understanding of why we do not sell ready made readers in above a +3.00 lens power. P.D./ pupillary distance is the measurement your optician takes to make sure that the center of the lens , which is also the point where you have the clearest vision, lines up with the center of your eye. It should be taken for your distance correction and separately for your reading/near correction since your eyes converge when you read. This simple measurement is important and especially important as the lens strength increases. Any lens strength above a +3.00, in ready-made reading glasses whose P.D. is pre-set, may cause some eyestrain as you may not be looking at the point of the lens that is unique to you and that will also give you clearest vision. Ready-made readers are good but not for long periods of reading. For a more detailed explanation read our page What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need.



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