Why PRWeb

Buyers are searching online for you, right now.

Drive Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

Millions of people are searching online for businesses like yours every single day. With PRWeb, the highest-rated press release service, they can find you fast.

Get Found

PRWeb gets your news straight to the search engines that everyone uses, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. PRWeb’s search engine friendly releases mean that people will find your business more easily.

Get Found In More Places

PRWeb gets your story onto major news sites like Google News. We also distribute your news release to more than 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

Get Found More Easily

PRWeb is one of the easiest ways to boost your visibility online because we use search engine-friendly releases. You can include images, videos and attachments in your PRWeb releases, which can make it easier for prospects and customers to find your content online.

Generate Sales

Turn Your News Into Sales

The most socially-shared news release service[3], PRWeb assists in getting your name in more places and in drawing new customers to your business.

Grab The Attention of Millions

If the Internet is the world's biggest shopping mall, PRWeb gives you a store window on every corner. We distribute your news and put your business in front of millions of potential customers searching online for products and services like yours.

Get A Competitive Edge

PRWeb releases give your business's story a platform to earn visibility in the search results. Using PRWeb is also a great complement to any paid promotional or advertising branding campaigns.

Grow And Flourish

Businesses generally see the best results when using PRWeb in conjunction with their other marketing programs. See how our customers—big and small—have used PRWeb to get more leads and more business.

Get Publicity

Generate Publicity Fast

Publicity is a click away with the world’s number one news release service[1], which sends your news to 30,000 journalists, thousands of blogs, and newspapers including the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Reach All The Right Journalists

We send your news to 30,000 journalists and bloggers and hundreds of news sites including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune as well as local news outlets across the USA. PRWeb gets your story where it needs to go.

Get Coverage Without Pitching

When journalists have a story, they research it online. Using the highest-traffic online news service[2] improves your chances of coverage — even if the story didn't originate with you.

Go Viral!

PRWeb is the world’s most socially-shared release service[3] with more than 250,000 subscribers who can distribute your release, write about it, tweet about it and share it on Facebook. Creating an Internet sensation is one click away.

Save Money

Save Money While Increasing Business Potential

Your PRWeb news release can reach millions of people. The most socially-shared[3] press release service, PRWeb gets you huge visibility for a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Make Your Investment Last

Submitting search engine-friendly releases with PRWeb helps ensure your content has staying power. Press releases start at just $99. No other marketing tool can match the cost-effective reach of publicity with PRWeb.

No Added Costs

When you pay for your PRWeb release, that's the final cost. You don't need to budget for pay-per-click fees - because there's no incremental fee when people click-through to read your story.

Incredible Value

There's no other service that guarantees you the eye of a  professional editor and distribution to sites like chron.com and sfgate.com with prices starting at just $259.  There just isn't.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself With PRWeb

You don't need training to get online visibility with the world’s number one news release service[[1]]. PRWeb has all the resources you need.

Easy To Use

Even if you've never written a news or press release before, you'll be able to create a press release and distribute search engine friendly releases in minutes. All you need is something to say about your business—a new store, a holiday sale, a new product, a new employee or a charitable endeavor.

Learn From Your Industry Peers

Get inspired by other PRWeb users in your industry, with a wealth of real-life news release examples that relate to the business you're in.

Just Click For Support

News release distribution from PRWeb is supported with resources to help you through every stage of your news release - and our editors are always on hand to help your release turns out right.

See Real Results

See Real Results

See how many people read your news, where they live, and how many people shared your news using the world’s most-shared news release service[3].

Follow Your Story's Progress

While traditional advertising and PR is difficult to track, PRWeb's advanced reporting capabilities show you the reach of your news - just minutes after your story goes live. Learn how many times your release was viewed or appeared in RSS feeds, was indexed by search engines, and much more.

Track and Analyze Your Success

Track how often your headline is viewed and your release is read, and find out where your readers are. PRWeb even shows you the words people searched for to find your story, and provides reports and analysis to measure the reach of your news.

Watch Your Online Presence Grow

Search engine friendly-releases you send can grow your brand's online visibility footprint. PRWeb works for small and large businesses, organizations, associations and event promoters: take a look at some of the impressive success stories from our customers.

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