House Keeping


There’s a difference between cleaning and caring, and the difference is Taurus.

At Taurus, it’s our job to know the subtle things, like how you want you cushions plumped, what brands of groceries you would prefer to find in your fridge, or what temperature you would like your rooms when you return home. It’s the attention to the small details, that makes our service personal, and it’s why Taurus housekeeping is not outsourced to third parties.

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Property Upkeep

If you’ve never read the book,‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’, don’t bother, that’s why you engaged Taurus.

Time, wind and weather can all take their toll on your home both internally and externally. If you’re looking to get a job done properly, we have gardeners, property, and pool maintenance professionals that you can trust to provide a high standard of work.

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When you’re not there, we are…and when you are here, we’re here to help.

Taurus understands the importance of your time, so from concierge to canapés, business or personal, we are able to provide a high quality professional service to assist you with anything from everyday errands, to party planning or pampering with our luxury wellness treatments, bringing spa services into your home.

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  • Tracey Howarth
    Managing Home Services
    Taurus Founder Tracey Howarth first visited and fell in love with Mallorca in 1984. Originally from Manchester...
  • Lizzy Hearmon
    Managing Lifestyle & Wellness
    Lizzy Hearmon is originally from Oxfordshire England and before moving to Mallorca in 2010, she lived and...
  • Philip Howarth
    Managing Property Upkeep
    Philip Howarth is one of the UKs top golf course Managers with over 30 years experience in...


Home Management Services


When you’re not there, we are…

Whatever type of property you own in Mallorca, it’s essential to make sure that it’s properly looked after when you’re not there.

Taurus provides a range of high quality Home Management services to private homeowners throughout Mallorca. Our dependable service ensures your villa or apartment remains in your stipulated condition while you’re away, and since every property is unique, we have prepared a range of housekeeping, property upkeep, lifestyle and wellness services that can be easily tailored to meet your individual requirements.


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Extra Services


Whether you need help on the night, or for someone to prepare the food in advance, we can organise catering assistance for any occasion.


We can co-ordinate deliveries to your property, if you need something sent to/from you, then let us know the details and we’ll arrange it for you.

page1-pic5Gas Bottles

Always have a spare on hand. We’ll replace your gas bottles for you when required.


Whether for you or someone else, we can arrange for flowers to be delivered.