NoTaxDollarsToIsrael is a project dedicated to ending U.S. tax support to Israel for many reasons:

  • Israel is a wealthy nation.  Its per capita income (GDP) is higher than most of Europe.  It is not a needy country.
  • The U.S. needs the money at home.  Almost any domestic need is of higher priority than sending money to Israel.
  • Israel refuses to act in U.S. interests.  U.S. foreign policy requires Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Gaza.  Israel refuses, but the U.S. continues to send aid.  Does this make sense?
  • Israel has conducted some of the most massive spying operations against the U.S. government, and has killed U.S. citizens, including Rachel Corrie, James Miller, Furkan Dogan, Dr. Khaled Salah, Mohammed Salah and many others.
  • Israel seeks visa waiver privileges in the U.S. but wants to be able to exclude large numbers of U.S. citizens from entry to Israel.
  • Israel deliberately attacked U.S. naval forces in an unprovoked attacked on a lightly armed vessel, the USS Liberty, in international waters on June 8, 1967, with more than 200 American casualties, including 34 deaths, almost sinking the vessel, despite clear U.S. Navy markings, including a large American flag.
  • Israel pushes the U.S. into wars that benefit Israel much more than the U.S., such as Iraq and Libya, at a cost of billions or even trillions of U.S. dollars and thousands of American lives, not to mention more than a million lives in the nations that we attack, leaving a legacy of hatred against the U.S.
  • Israel is committing massive human rights violations, often with the support of U.S. aid.  Israel refuses to allow its non-Jewish citizens (mostly Palestinians) to live in more than 90% of the country, and discriminates in jobs, schools, public services and many other ways.  Why should we support this?
  • Israel promotes war and discrimination in many parts of the world through the use of weapons, spy agencies and mercenary services.

NoTaxDollarsToIsrael posts news and information about this abuse of U.S. taxpayer funds and works to end the use of taxpayer funding to Israel, including tax exemption to projects in Israel that support the abuse of human rights.  We advertise on billboards, mass transit vehicles, newspapers, and other public places, directing viewers to our website for further information on how to help and participate.  Thank you for supporting our work.